Aug 22, 2013

Who will make lunches at Sandusky's newest school?

Who will prepare lunches for students at the Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies? Will the school hire a cafeteria worker, share a cafeteria worker with another school or receive delivered lucnhes from another school? Michelle in Sandusky

Lunches will be prepared and provided by Sandusky High School's cafeteria staff and then delivered to the Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies, said Julie Lenner McDonald, the district's chief academic officer.

That could change, however, depending on how many students enroll in the new academy.

"As our enrollment grows, we add a cafeteria staff that meets the building's needs," she said.

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God Of Thunder

If this was Gunner's doing, he would be having it catered...


No, he would make them pay a $730 lunch fee and also make them use a vending machine so he could build a new, state of the art cafeteria that serves mediocre food.