Aug 16, 2013

How much did Perkins Schools spend on levy issue?

How much did the Perkins Schools have to pay for the special August levy vote? Gail in Perkins

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the following answer on how much it cost the district to place a levy issue on August's ballot:

"Since we were the only political subdivision on the ballot, we will have to pay around $13,000. On a regular election, when we have a tax levy on the ballot, we pay around $3,500. You can get all the costs from the board of elections. When we have a board of education members election in November, we are also required to pay fees.

Campaign finance reports, or detailed accounts of how much levy supporters spent on the election, won't be available for a few weeks.

For information about the Perkins Schools August levy, click here.

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No means no! But...hey......let's waste some more taxpayer money and put it on the ballot AGAIN!!!


Can anyone confirm or deny the rumor that one family paid the pay-to-play fees for the entire football team? It would speak a lot as to where priorities are in Perkins if true.

44870 South

Well, I they didn't even make parents pay the full amount. Parents only had to pay a small percentage of the fee, and then IF/WHEN the levy passes, they are refunding that amount? If so, another forced incentive to get the levy passed...What other tricks do they have up their sleeve? When does the dismantling of the district officially start? Voting NO...AGAIN.


Hokey smokey! Seriously? I'm "dun", D-U-N, "DUN"!


What ever happened to bringing enough to share with the entire class. Nevertheless, if true, they can't use that excuse anymore.


I will say this, the treasurer has her act together and has been very cooperative. Feel bad that she's surrounded by incompetence! Nice job, Lisa!


Enough about Perkins Schools already!


Where do you people get your information? Noone paid the fee for the whole team and no they haven't reduced the rate of the fee. I really wish that those of you that are in no way connected to Perkins schools would keep your mouth shut! This crap is taking its toll on our youth and we parents that are standing
our ground are working diligently to pick up the
pieces that these low life board members have scattered. People think well..... it's an easy fix just transfer your kid, that's not easy either in the middle of their high school years, give it a rest and quit giving the BOE more publicity....... several kids have quit football because they can't pay and that's a crying shame. ....I thought when I transferred my son to Perkins several years back that I was doing what was best for him now it's proven this school district cares NOTHING for its youth ONLY ABOUT ITS MONEY. .....So to the board KISS OFF... the SUPERINTENDENT....... WORTHLESS. ....hopefully I'm the mix of open enrollment we can find out which district has the most solid foundation under it in order to assure my son will not be transferred again!

44870 South

@Brainiac, I appreciate your frustration. But, you made a huge mistake by open enrolling your kid at Perkins. You are finding out, like many others, that the grass isn't greener. It is just fertilized with more bull***t!


Yer son will clearly need the best education he can receive from professionals outside of yer family.


I would expect a brainiac to know that No One is TWO words not noone (which would be pronounced noon) .. Where in holy hell did you people learn it was one word??




More important than finding out what was spent on the levy is finding out who funded it. Although there may be certain amounts allocated for the purpose of levies (since the state of Ohio has forced us to fund schools this way), very often that is not where the majority of the money comes from. I know at my district teachers have the option to donate a set amount from every paycheck for this purpose and most teachers do it. Even a dollar from every teacher,, every paycheck can make a big dent in what the school actually has to pay. Also, there are countless volunteers and people who donate items that help keep costs down. Perkins, I empathize with your need to make a statement about the board and super, but please make sure that you are making the best choices for your children and community. Boards get there by your vote, superintendents can be replaced but the damages you are doing to your education system may be permanent. Keep in mind that the state of Ohio has made enormous cuts to public schools.

Licorice Schtick

Yep. The root,cause of all this stress is in Columbus. The party in power would scrap public education altogether if they could get away with it.


How ridiculous !


I guess the only sport that counts is football. How about all the others.


my2- when the money was used for whatever Gunner wants, then we just give more, more ,more? The students will be educated, it will happen, but this tax increase will hurt many that need that money to actually live on. Do you want folks to give up heat, food or gas? You are free to donate to the school, please do. Vote No


Communities as a whole will flourish when the education systems are supported. It’s a shame that more people in Perkins Township do not realize this. Maybe one day an agreement can be reached, until then keep voting for what you believe in. When you do vote make sure you know the true issues and not what you have heard on these blogs


Besides the money they spend on levies, someone really needs to look at how much they spend on lawyers fees. The 7-1-2013 BOE meeting minutes are up and lawyers fees amount to $120,000.


unbelievable , Maybe the lawyer could help out the district by donating some of this cash back to the schools.$10,000 would be nice. Nope, didn't think so , but they could change their mind and donate by charging less in fees. Thanks for helping out.


You all are idiots where in any of this did I say I OPEN ENROLLED my son in Perkins....I live in Perkins! So while you're getting your immature jollies off a grammar error you may want to pay attention to what your reading before making a$$ holish comments because not one of you are all that intelligent either! Have a wonderful day children keep on with your bad selves and keep training the children in our society that this is the Proper behavior!

44870 South

THANK YOU for moving to Perkins.


Your very welcome...... you must be a Sanduskian because for some reason you all have some hatred against people living in Perkins.....Unbelievable the level of immaturity that is portrayed in this blog, I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day and may something happen to remove such bitterness from your heart!

44870 South

Not a "Sanduskian", but thank you for the warm wishes.


For some reason you are to dumb to see Sandusky could care less about Perkins we are not the ones who bash Perkins students like they do ours. You need to change your name to no brain. Perkins is the ones who seem to hate any and everything Sandusky does. They even come on here to bad the academy. So gets your facts right. And if you don't live in Sandusky get out our business.


44870 South...which I'm assuming means Sanduky South, is Perkins. Who gives a crap where who lives? Who gives a crap about sports? You go to school to learn and get educated. Sports aren't a vital part of that.

be for real

wrong post