Aug 15, 2013

What's next for Perkins Schools?

After a majority of voters rejected the Perkins Schools levy last week, what will the district do now? Jenna in Perkins Township

For the third time this year, Perkins Schools will try to secure new funding from township taxpayers in November. 

A fall ballot issue directly results from district residents rejecting an issue asking for a larger chunk of property taxes earlier this month. Soon after this, school board members agreed to place a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot.

If approved in November, the levy will generate about $2.8 million a year, stabilizing the district's deficit budget and possibly restoring some of $2 million in cuts implemented this summer. 

The owner of a $100,000 home would end up paying an additional $236 a year, or a total annual payment of $1,234, up from the $998 this person currently pays.

The district is poised to spend all of its reserve cash at the end of the upcoming school year, with a deficit of about $2.2 million and a budget of about $23 million going into the following school year.

Among the fallout from the levy's failure: Students must now pay $730 to play one sport.

Read Friday's Mailbag to find out how much Perkins Schools spent on putting an issue on the August ballot.

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You cannot compare the Clyde cancer cluster to anything going on in the schools, that is ridiculous. You should be ashamed relating any of these issues to the horrific conditions of the people in Clyde who have had to deal with cancer... What people won't say to get what they want!!! DISGUSTING.

Common Sense

The comparison was in reference to the time it took to realize that the victims of the Clyde cancer cluster were subjected trough their exposure to the park just as many people do not experience symptoms of asbestos poisoning until later. It had nothing to do with saying that the children and teachers will get sick. It was that, in the future, we may experience something similar.
I am not ashamed to relate the school exposure matter to what has happened in Clyde. Maybe you should look beyond the immediate and you might not find this so disgusting.


Asbestos was used everywhere years ago and I believe the Margaretta schools hired a contractor to remove it...a lot less expensive than building a new school.


Common Sense -

So by passing this levy, you're saying the districts finances are set for the next ten years to include a new school, operations, salaries and raises, etc... That's it. Vote this one in and we're set for the next decade?

Common Sense

I can not say this for sure. The state could finally find a "constitutional" method of school funding (as is in our State constitution). Unfunded mandates (both state and feds are known for this tactic)are also know to cost each and every school district. I am not saying this will cover everything. Keep in mind that the option of enrollment kept us off the ballot for five years.
Side note: Both Huron and Perkins were one of the last schools in the area to accept open enrollment. When Perkins opened their doors, Dr. Gunner was the only superintendent to state that this was for income. Many were angry, but a student that is openly enrolled in a school system brings in the same amount of money as a student living in the system in a $750,000 home. That student not only brought in mmoney, but allowed us to ustilize classrooms that were not at full capacity.

True Blue

Heard thru the grapevine a family in Perkins will foot the bill for all football players. Why don't they donate their money to Perkins Schools??


If that's true, then it is truly a testament to where the priorities in Perkins lie. If one family is going to pay the fee for all the football players, then I might as well keep voting NO!

44870 South


44870 South

Well, for one they aren't making anyone pay the full amount up front, only a small percentage. So whoever was so generous, didn't have to cough up the full amount for each player.


Perkins 2011-2012 Report Card:

"California blows $100 million building one new school, but doesn’t have enough money to open it"
"This Brand New $105 Million High School In Riverside, California Is Too Broke To Hold Any Classes"
"New Construction vs. Renovation for Older School Facilities"


Vermillion starts new building, Willard new Building, Bellevue new building, Port Clinton major upgrades, Sandusky begins discussion on new facilities.I guess Perkins is totally different. If you ignore the obvious you will end up gettin bit somewhere you don't like.


"I guess Perkins is totally different. If you ignore the obvious you will end up gettin bit somewhere you don't like."

There is nothing wrong with being different. As for ignoring the obvious, I don't. It is very obvious that the Erie County (Ohio) Auditor's office is not being fair to many taxpayers in the Perkins Local SD and all of Erie County.

Many of the pro-levy people get deep discounts in taxes due to very low property valuations. I can give examples if you want to see some property values. In one case, a person didn't get deeper discounts from the county board of revision so he filed an appeal with the Ohio Tax Department.

One letter to the editor pro-levy writer (Sandusky Register) had her valuation drop over 25% from 2006 to present.

I can start posting these "obvious" undervalued properties if you wish oldpirate. The county auditor's online site has a "Pictometry" tab that shows an aerial view of a property from several directions and from different years. In some views, I will see improvements to the property from previous years but the improvements are not being assessed for taxes.

I have to wonder how many of the pro-levy people would vote yes if their properties were valued at the true values. If a property sells for much more than the property was valued for taxes, it tells be that the county auditor had the property values set too low.

You can compare many of the Erie County (Ohio) properties that have been sold year-to-date. Note the sales (market value) and the valuations set by the county auditor. Also note the valuations from prior years to the present. Use that Pictometry tab for aerial views for prior years. Perkins Local SD year-to-date sales (380, 340) Perkins Township year-to-date sales (277, 312) Erie County year-to-date sales (2472, 2148)



Are you suggesting that there are only properties that are owned by levy supporters that are "undervalued?"


Does anyone remember how the Super said re: facilities that there are 3 options: 1) Keep the buildings as they are; 2) Renovate; and 3) Build New.

I think that a majority of the voting public (as evidenced by the most recent and previous levy failures) still does not buy that the buildings can't be kept as they are (with proper maintenance).




I will be starting an official "No" organization. I will go register and do all the legal mumble jumble.
My group will be called GUNNER Get United, No Needless Excessive Requests
I was going to call my group Bherrle, for Better Helping Education (by) Refusing Repeated Luxurious Expenditures but apparently this acronym was already taken by a group on the other side of the fence. Bozos Helping Educators Relentlessly Requesting Large Expenditures.

True Blue

There are kids who will be eligible to join the National Honor Society. To join you must pay $150.00. This stinks! These kids have worked hard to achieve their grades. Mr. Gunner and his followers want things their way. They didn't get it, so they moved milage which wasn't ethical. Don't blame the voters for the mistakes of Mr. Gunner and his followers and stop taking it out on the kids for your MISTAKES!!


as an fyi, the millage CAN be moved back, they just wont get the full amount for a couple years. the needed levy would be much smaller, but no new school building.


I was at the football scrimmage last night. Overheard a heated discussion about all the special teachers that were let go due to the levy failure are being rehired.

So was this reduction in force just a ploy by the school to get the levy passed?

Can anyone confirm what is transpiring?

True Blue

You probably heard right. They will do and say whatever they feel will work to get their way.

Common Sense

No, it was not a ploy to get the levy passed. Dr. Gunner is working to balance a budget that had a percentage of its state funding cut by John Kasich and its Congress.
It is not only the special education teachers that experienced a "reduction in force". Two art teachers, health teachers/P.E., Music, and Computer instruction. One High School art teacher relocated to Maryland and is replaced with the art teacher from the primary building. One art teacher is without a position. The assistant band director is being requested to "volunteer" and the band boosters will work tirelessly to give him a stipend for his work (bought a house and have a brand new baby). Science teacher from the high school is without a job. Math teacher at the middle school is without a job. Special education teachers were told they would be given temporary assignments until the school could determine how many they could afford. A secretary in the administration office is no longer employed and the communication director is now a principal with a beginning wage.
The statements made prior to the levy's failure were not "threats"..they were promises.


Explain something to me? Why in God's green earth did Gunner and his band of BOE brothers vote to spend 1.7 million on a stadium when everyone even remotely tied to education knew that Kasich's cuts were coming? Gunner created the budget mess. He is no hero for trying to fix it.


Kasich's cuts came about approximately one year after the renovation of the stadium. The new budget, which supported the heavy cuts, came THIS year, and it was to the surprise of many school districts whose superintendents are now scrambling to find money in the same way Gunner is in trying to keep their operational costs constant.

Common Sense

"Everyone even remotely"??????
Then, why are other area superintendents also making cuts and placing levies on the ballots in November? This district has not passed (or needed to pass a levy) in 13 years.
True story: Back in the 1950's, NDH was moving some of their workforce into the Sandusky area. After living in a rental with three children and one on the way, a worker had a beautiful home built. He and his family lived there for 6 months before they were returned to the Bristol plant. Do you think that worker would have built that house just to sell it in six months?


We heard the cuts from Kasich were coming years ago. Other educators told us that they were likely.


Can we get a listing of teacher's names and their positions that were terminated? Just for the record.

44870 South

Over half the teachers "laid off" have already been called back. LIES, LIES, LIES. They must really think we are all a bunch of idiots.


"Volunteer" my a**!!!! So now the band boosters are in the business of employing people, i.e. band directors, giving them a "stipend"? The IRS know this? Are Federal, State and local taxes being taken out? Workers Comp, General Liability. Who does the director work for? Utter joke!

44870 South

You are correct. Over half the teachers "let go", have already been "brought back". It was a ploy. LIES! They think the people of Perkins are a bunch of minions that can be bullied into paying for the districts greedy and unethical fiscal decisions.