Aug 15, 2013

What's next for Perkins Schools?

After a majority of voters rejected the Perkins Schools levy last week, what will the district do now? Jenna in Perkins Township

For the third time this year, Perkins Schools will try to secure new funding from township taxpayers in November. 

A fall ballot issue directly results from district residents rejecting an issue asking for a larger chunk of property taxes earlier this month. Soon after this, school board members agreed to place a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot.

If approved in November, the levy will generate about $2.8 million a year, stabilizing the district's deficit budget and possibly restoring some of $2 million in cuts implemented this summer. 

The owner of a $100,000 home would end up paying an additional $236 a year, or a total annual payment of $1,234, up from the $998 this person currently pays.

The district is poised to spend all of its reserve cash at the end of the upcoming school year, with a deficit of about $2.2 million and a budget of about $23 million going into the following school year.

Among the fallout from the levy's failure: Students must now pay $730 to play one sport.

Read Friday's Mailbag to find out how much Perkins Schools spent on putting an issue on the August ballot.

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I still say if all the parents of all the children who want to play sports say no to paying the $750, they school will change the pay to play amount. The school board certainly doesn't want to look foolish sitting there with their shiny new stadium and no team to play in it. It would just take ALL the parents to say no.


Happened in Medina, OH and it worked. They dropped the fees down to a reasonable amount after a 36% drop in sports and club enrollment.


Yeah, so that then all the Vote NO'ers could accuse the parents of holding our kids hostage, like they claim the administration is!

Why is it that those same people can boast proudly that they are moving their kids out of the district, but they are not using their kids as pawns? I've found this to be an interesting double standard.


In answer to your question, I think it has to do with the intention of their decision which is something neither you or I can ascertain. If a parent decides to move their child from the district to prove a point or keep their child in the district to prove a point, I think they might be using their children as pawns. Some parents may honestly believe it is in their child's best interest and the family's best financial interest to move their child from the district. I don't see it as a double standard at all.



I totally agree with you. My comments were directed at those who opposed the levy, and within 24 hours of election/the levy failing, were saying they were pulling their students.

They won the election, got what they wanted, and immediately started threatening to pull their kids.

That is what I am referring to.

What you describe is very valid.


Did Gunner move here yet?


Lissa..this is a good thought!


Yeah ,has Gunner found a home yet? Who's paying to move him here? When we vote NO in NOvember[ good one voteno] will it be on the ballot again in Spring 2014?

local man

Pay to Play should be changed to pay to get a uniform, perkins had kids riding the bench on the freshman and jv teams, I can't imagine parents paying the fee to have the kid ride the bench on the varsity.

God Of Thunder

Maybe the school board will pay for Gunner's move here.

This whole situation is very upsetting.. Gunner, who no one can trust, keeps pushing this levy, and moving funds, and still doesn't live here to pay the taxes he wants to raise.

A school board who has strings attached to themselves so Gunner can play Geppetto with them and make them think what he thinks...

We need a clean sweep of the nitwits who run our school system before I ever agree to voluntarily give up another penny to run their scam..



Yet, amazingly GOT, only one name of someone who I would consider opposed the levy appears on the ballot for the November BOE elections.

All of this criticism and complaining, and only one person who opposed the levy is running??

How do any of you expect anything to change?


Two wouldn't have been enough, anyway. One at a time if it takes years!!! Hey, what happened to Printy? Why did he leave at such a difficult time for the district...or does he know something?

God Of Thunder

I expect to change things by continuing to vote NO in every election that they want to spend money on until Gunner and his puppets are gone.. They have done nothing but drag our school system down and divide the community... If that's what you call role models, then I feel bad for you.


How many teachers don't live in the district? Good point G.O.T.








According to the property tax estimator included on the Erie County Auditor web site, an owner of a $100,000 residential property would pay an additional $212 property tax per year (the SR says $236; this figure appears to be associated with $100,000 commercial property). The owner of a $200,000, $300,000, and $400,000 residential property would pay an additional $424, $636, and $848, respectively.

I am tired of the game of attempting to trivialize the requested tax increase. Some folks out in taxpayer land are working hard to survive financially and/or are trying to save for future financial burdens such as helping finance a child’s college education. What would be the effect of the requested tax increase in terms of future value? Here is one way to look at it. The tax increase would decrease taxpayer savings available in 10 years. What is the bite? Not pocket change in my mind! Suppose the forgone investments over the 10 years could have earned 6% per year. Savings decline by taxpayer home value:

Home Value/ Savings decrease
$100,000/ $2,794
$200,000/ $5,589
$300,000/ $8,383
$400,000/ $11,177


Now these figures are more realistic. I'm tired of hearing the same $100,000 figure being used. Thanks.


Then become a writer for the SR 15th.


How many teachers don't live in the district, Bherrle?



I don't know, and I don't see the relevance of how many teachers live in the district. Why would you want to limit the talent pool to only those who live inside the district?

If that is a statistic that interests you, please feel free to research it. I would suggest not just looking at Perkins, but districts across the state. I think you'll find that there are many teachers who don't live in the district in which they teach.


Not sure why I even bother at this point, but here's how it is folks.
This levy will be on the ballot every November, February, May, and August FOREVER until one finally passes whether Gunner and the board is still here or not. Eventually they will enter fiscal emergency like Huron did about eight years ago, the state will take over, probably get rid of all sports/extracurriculars altogether, and demand the community pass a levy or consolidate the district into Sandusky, at which time we will all pay Sandusky millage and as a result all our property taxes will skyrocket. Huron finally passed their levy under state duress, will Perkins let it get that far as well, or will sanity prevail. I'm not optimistic based on the track record of prior levy attempts, but sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realize all that was lost. We're not there yet, but we are well on our way to becoming a shadow of what Perkins used to be.


When the State took over Huron, did they get rid of all sports/extracurriculars? I don't remember that happening. We've had enough of the scare tactics. The voters see through that garbage. Hopefully the state does come in and take over. Clean house and move the inside millage money back. Then this false fiscal emergency garbage will go away with Gunner and his board!




No it won't, tribester. They don't need to keep going back to the polls. They're able to pay the bills now. If not, cut some more free laptops! Perkins already is a shadow of itself. Look at the deteriorating test scores and ratings. Quit using the word "probably" in reference to what the state will do.


The state did not completely take over Huron---it would have had they not passed a levy. However, so many things were cut that they have never bounced back to what they were before. Had it not passed, everything would have been cut to the bare minimum, which was the next step. Most of this happpened because of a mistaken projection, nothing near the controversy Perkins is experiencing.


According to Gunner, our district will be dismantled if the levy failed in August. I'm still waiting for that to happen.


...and their test scores and state ranking are still much better than far, informed! Kudos to them for making it work with less! Now it's our turn. Hey, what's the condition of their school buildings?


Well, first of all, Huron's taxes are higher, so the schools get more money than in Perkins. Secondly, while it's true on the surface that test scores and state rankings are good, they could be so much better if so many of the things that were cut were brought back. People in this area seem satisfied with mediocrity.


They don't get that much more and their property values are higher....and their schools are just as old. Also, the mediocrity in scores and ratings at Perkins began well before the cuts! The cuts wouldn't have been necessary had the funds for those programs and teachers been used for what they were intended for.