Aug 21, 2013

Did Beach's Pizza and Pub close?

Why did Beach's Pizza on Warren Street go out of business? They weren't there very long. Jim in Perkins

We don't know why the popular Sandusky restaurant suddenly closed in the past few weeks. We posted the question on the pub's Facebook page but haven't received an answer. 

It's the second pizza place in that location, by CVS Pharmacy, to close in the past 12 months. All-Ways Pizza previously operated out of that location. Beach's Pizza and Pub opened sometime in early 2013.

If anyone knows the reason why they closed, comment down below.

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The Don

Easy answer. The food was nasty!


And the owners were not smart business people.


Was this the one that was on Venice Rd earlier when they opened.


they went out of business due to not paying landlord rent for the entire time they were there, they are moving to Columbus area to try and re open. it probably didn't help that they did not open until 5pm and closed at 10 daily. I live in the area the landlord locked them out when they were evicted and they broke in the windows and trashed the place police were called now he has been here everyday for the last 2 or 3 weeks cleaning it. they were the place on Venice rd.


Probably does not help that they were not open hours when people need to eat. I thought they were more expensive then the rest of the sub and pizza places.


sounds like another case of idiots thinking they can just open up a restaurant without knowing what is involved. Happens all the time.


Exactly - no mystery here - half of all new restaurants fail in the first year


Is the pizza place down the street where the crunchie pickle was still there. I heard they had very good pizza.

The Answer Person

Uh...why not GO there and try it so they don't go out of business too?


It is very hard to start a business today. This one should of stopped on Venice Rd. Bad management, as well as bad employees. Moving to a new location doesn't solve any problems. Even gave the landlords a heads up through mutual friends. Good luck in Columbus!