Aug 14, 2013

What's up with the old CiCi's Pizza building?

I see work is being done at the old CiCi's Pizza location on Milan Road. What is moving in? Sue in Sandusky

On Tuesday night, Perkins Township's chief building official John Curtis said Verizon Wireless is expanding into the now-vacant building, owned by Hoty Enterprises located by Meijer.

Prior to Tuesday, John Hoty, the company's president, said his builders are remodeling the storefront for prospective tenants. Among the ongiong work: Crews are ripping out the former pizza shop's counters and kitchen.

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Oh wow .....big deal


CiCi's was nasty food, it was some of the worst pizza I have ever tasted, good riddance!


I saw a Restore Pro team heading in....mold growth?


Mold was one of the ingredients of the pizzas.

Just Sayin IMHO

Just what we need... ANOTHER cell phone place... cuz we just don't seem to quite have enough of them.



Licorice Schtick

Right. Too bad it couldn't remain a pizza spot.

seriously 1137

Cell phone places mostly Verizon stores are
Like starbucks in big cities there's one on every corner