Aug 9, 2013

What happened to Perkins coach Tracey Hiss?

Did the 25-year varsity girls track coach who got suspended for allegedly providing prescription medication to students keep her job? Was she let go for good? Mark in Perkins.

For now, Tracey Hiss no longer works for Perkins Schools.

Administrators cut the former health teacher and track coach in June because of insufficient funds.

But a month prior, officials suspended Hiss when students accused her of providing them with prescription-strength, pain-relief patches containing specific drugs.

Perkins police officers have yet to charge her. The Erie County prosecutor's offices continues to investigate the case.

In the past six months, Perkins Schools officials have cut more than 40 positions to balance its $23 million budget.

On Tuesday, district voters rejected a levy to inject new funds — which also make the cuts affecting Hiss and others permanent.

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Lidocaine patched....lil what a crock of crape. Lol!!!!! And they gave the wresteling coach a warening for distributing vicodin to his kids...I love Perkins but, the school system has turned into a joke. It use to be a district that the parents and students could be proud of and it was a joy to represent, now its about the same as sandusky. Well parents there is still Huron and St Marys. ....go cats. Its crazy . Years ago when Sandusky was an actual athletic contender in div 1 it was a very competive school in athletics and academics, now look at it. It cant put a team together to compete in div 3. No money and thugs have destroyed the entire city, is Perkins going to allow the same thing to happen to a one time excellent school system?


Lidacaine patches, Lol ...


AEversole, where pray tell did you graduate?

You are setting a terrible example of your alma mater with your TERRIBLE spelling, run-on sentences and punctuation errors!

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?


Its horrible I know.... I have my bachelor from bowling green an am currently in law school at Cleveland ST .. most 5th graders can probally spell better and have better grammer, but that's besides the point that Perkins and sandusky have crumbling school districts with a community that is stricken with poverty and economic decay.


I graduated from sandusky and my son was going to Perkins untill this upcoming year. He is moving to northridgeville with his mom and as disapointed as that is, I am glad with all of the financial turmoil that sandusky and Perkins school districts are facing. I want my son yo be able to take art, music, and foreign language classes. I don't want his teacher to have to worry if he or she is going to have a job next year. I think sports and extra carricular activities is a must. I want parents to support their children and give them the beet chance for success in life. They are our future economy and need and deserve the best education possible, and with sandusky graduating just over 50% of its students its a joke... I don't want to see Perkins slip into that same dark whole that the blue and white has


I am using a kindle pad and it auto changes some words....I guess I need to pay closer attention

44870 South

Last time I checked, Sandusky is looking pretty good financially. So, not sure where you are getting your fact that they are "broke". As for competitiveness, they destroyed the NOL 2 years ago. Another year, and they will be back on top. Academically, Sandusky is VERY competitive and has the most programs to offer compared to ANY district in the area, along with top notch teachers. Don't judge the district based on SOME of the clientele. Sandusky is up against a lot more than most districts are, yet their top kids continue to out perform kids in surrounding districts. PLEASE do not compare Perkins to Sandusky. There IS NO COMPARISON.


Sorry. In what area does Sandusky outperform Perkins? Very curious. Top kids would mean what? Academic Challenge team? No. Perkins is the best in the area. Sports? No. Perkins is the best in the area. Scholarships to D1 schools? Perkins is the best in the area. I am really tired of the biased, unsubstantiated garbage on here. The ONLY reason why Sandusky has more to OFFER is because they receive more funding from the local and state government. Perkins is a great district for the same reasons that Sandusky is not......parenting and teachers.

There you go again

Sure, you are an entitled to your own opinion? That's what it is-an opinion.


Sandusky may be doing better but let's not forget they too had some financial issues and let teachers go about 3-4 years ago. No school system is perfect...

44870 South

Seriously? Perkins is the best in the area in ALL those areas?? You are greatly mistaken, in addition to being delusional. REALLY check your facts...I simply was commenting on the person above who is putting Perkins and Sandusky in the same boat, and to do that is laughable. I never claimed that Sandusky was the BEST at anything other than the fact that the district offers far more than any other district in Erie County. And that is the truth. However, I can see your feathers got ruffled...typical Perkins predictable. other thing Sandusky is better at - passing levies...WITHOUT dividing and alienating an entire community! How are grass and crappy bleachers looking about now? Pretty good, huh??


They pass levy's for the same reason the city of Cleveland is able to. In a city where a huge portion of the population lives in rentals and nearly 80% of the kids are eligible for free or reduced lunch, this means only on thing, the parents will not be the ones paying for it. When your rent is being payed by METRO you have nothing to lose as you won't suffer the hit by either higher rent or property taxes. The landlord will pay the higher property taxes and the taxpayers of the state of Ohio will pick up the tab for the increased rent. It is much harder to pass a levy in areas where the vast majority of housing is owner occupied.


The problem with your theory is those same landlords probably don't pay their property taxes after including them in the rent paid by METRO! Most landlords include property taxes in rent when calculating how much to charge. You can't blame the renter for being poor or unable to purchase a home. Stop being bitter for not qualifying for METRO and in the same voice boasting about your wealth!


Game, point, match....winner...44870 South

Common Sense

The situations experienced by the two coaches are not parallel as suggested by some commentors. As I understand it, the wrestling coach either went to the AD with the admission of the drug incident or admitted his error in making the OFFER of the drug to the student. He did not fight his suspension.
Ms. Hiss, on the other hand, was investigated for a full week before she was handed her suspension. Her insistence that the patches were stolen from her office came only after she was informed of the charge. This now makes it a "students say/ the coach says" situation.
Has anyone considered this question: If the drugs were of a prescription variety (and I have been told by health professionals that they are), why were they not under lock and key? Also, it seems as if she was not even aware of their absence from her office until after the charges. How can this be? I have to believe that there is more to this story.


Lidocain.. ... common sence....use it


The scoop may have a lot to offer, but what are its graduation rates, how are its test results????? Horrible horrible horrible... just because you offer a nice vocational department and they still have money for sports rodent make it a good school.......I wouldn't send my son there if It was the last school on earth. And I graduated from there

44870 South

Once again, where are you getting your facts? 50% graduation rate??? Your over 30 percentage points off!! Based on your spelling and grammatical errors, I can't help but wonder if you are among the unfortunate percentage that did not graduate?? Once again, don't hold some of the clientele against the entire district. And if your grammar skills are any reflection of your parenting skills, Sandusky City Schools probably thanks you for sending your child to PERKINS.


@44870: Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is apparent that AEversole did not graduate from Perkins, Sandusky, or any other district in this area. You have spoken loud, with facts, and accuracy and the people of Sandusky and Perkins thank you. To say he graduated with a bachelor's degree and in law school is a J-O-K-E!!! Who's the losers sure isn't Perkins or Sandusky!


I have to AGREE!


Gunner and the Board should all resign!


Fire Gunner now!