Aug 5, 2013

Where can I look up Erie County's online court records?

I'm interested to look up some older cases filed in Erie County and just read how they're now online. I can't find the website. Where can I find this information? Jenny in Sandusky

To view Erie County's court records, click here

For some background: About two weeks ago, Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson unveiled more than 1 million pages of court documents online. 

It means anyone — attorneys, residents, Internet sleuths and anyone else with Internet access — can search Erie County court records in the civil, criminal and domestic relations divisions. It includes cases file from 2000 through February 2013.

Court employees plan to continue adding new and old cases online.

Wilson delivered on a promise former clerk of courts Barb Johnson failed to fulfill.

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Licorice Schtick

Still needs work, of course. But making first and last name required fields, even when filtering for a narrow date range, seriously hinders the usefulness. Hope that gets fixed first.

Julie R.

Why doesn't Jenny do what title companies do when they do title searches? Why doesn't Jenny go to the clerk of court's office and go through the files herself? After all, those files are a matter of public record and that's where the truth can be found. It certainly can't be found in the online records that, once again, are just as false as misleading as the Erie County auditor and recorder's online records are.

Julie R.

Maybe Jenny should look up her own name. As corrupt as Erie County is, she just might find out that dirt-bag attorneys working in collusion with the corrupt courts have filed things on her behalf without her knowledge or consent. She might even check the jurisdiction of other counties ~ especially corrupt Cuyahoga County ~ just to see if any dirt-bag attorneys have ever filed and dismissed any sham bogus lawsuits pertaining to Erie County probate estates on her behalf without her knowledge in the jurisdiction of that stinking corrupt county.

While she's at it, if she has any elderly relatives she might want to check out the Lorain County Recorder asap. That's where attorneys are known to hide forged documents that they falsely state are on file in Erie County.

Stop It

Dammit, you live to hate Erie County and almost all of northern Ohio?

Wa Tu Lo

Julie- keep telling people how bad this corrupt court system is in Erie county. If it hasn't bit you in the butt don't slam someone that it has. Isn't it funny how the two judges recommended the Lorain county attorney to represent Erie Metro parks (Greenway) then the one judge voted in favor of the parks which cost us taxpayers millions. Unethical and corrupt people in office

Julie R.

Unethical and corrupt doesn't even come close to describing it. Had I not seen it for myself, I never would have believed it.