Aug 2, 2013

How much money do firefighters need to fuel up emergency vehicles?

I frequently notice Sandusky firetrucks filling up at gas stations around the city. It must be expensive to fill up those tanks. Do you have any idea how much it costs them? Irene in Sandusky

Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci provided some data pertaining to how much the department's vehicles, including fire trucks and ambulances.

"Under the current fuel management system, the city gets a government rate, less than the consumer," Ricci said. "Instead of driving to one location for fuel, taking emergency vehicles out of their district, essentially burning fuel to get fuel, we can get fuel in our districts thus reducing travel, time and cost associated with fueling.

Here's a look at recent finances:

Year   Gallons dispensed    Money spent  Price per gallon

2012   12,400                          $41,500           $3.34

2011   11,200                          $37,100           $3.31

2010   10,300                          $26,900           $2.61

2009   10,400                          $26,000           $2.50

2008   8,300                            $25,600           $3.08

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Attn. Chief(s) - are chrome needed too? Painted rims cost less. Save the tax $$.


Kurt the reason fire truck have chrome is because it is more durable and doesn't rust also by the time you paint every part of the truck instead of using pre fabbed chrome parts you would be spending 2% more than just using chrome!

The Bizness

You nailed it Zach

These tea baggers are ruining our country by wanting to strip money from every service that does any good.

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May I ask how you associate chrome wheels with a political party? I personally take off my expensive chrome wheels and put on the factory painted chromed plastic wheel covers that look like chrome and wear very well in the winter because the salt in our area will attack the chrome. On the other hand the emergency vehicles are washed almost constantly so why would durability matter anyway. The whole argument here is moot!


It's not a question of stripping money that's actually well spent. It's a question of not spending what doesn't NEED to be spent. What do you do in your own home if you're a little short of disposable income one week or one month? Do you just max out your credit cards? Or do you hold off on going to that fancy restaurant or buying that new outfit until you DO have the extra?

If you behave like the government, the answer is that you max out your credit cards and then add unsustainable payments to your already strained budget. If you're actually a grown-up, though, you save when you need to, and cut down whenever and wherever you can.

That's not a "tea bagger" thing. That's a responsible adult thing.


Uhm would you rather them use horse and buggy?? Maybe they should wait to fill up until they're in their way to a fire...ignorance!


Back to the article...... I wonder why the gallons dispursed jumped so much over 5 years, 8,300 to 12,400 ?

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Kalahari opened : )


Lol, the math works

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Huron, sometimes I am very serious here, other times silly, many times facetious, but most of the time I just try to get people to think!

As for my comment about Kalahari, I was serious : )


I can't imagine kalahari being the reason for that much of an increase.... especially since they were open pre 2008. I do appreciate the Chief being active in the conversation

Paul E. Ricci

Good question. The City of Sandusky Fire Department has experienced an 18% increase in emergency response activity since 2008. We have also experienced a 14% increase in non-emergency activity, such as inspections, public education and community risk reduction. This increase in overall activity directly affects the amount of fuel we consume in a fiscal period. Thank you for your question.

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The Hero Zone

Worth every penny. Thank you for your service and reply here. While I doubt you are otherwise inaccessible, it makes me happy to see community leadership's involvement in these discussion colorful as they get.

You have always come across as both professional and caring since I started to really pay attention to what goes on with the city.


The wheels are probably not chrome plated steel, but are aluminum. It is very common to specify these not only on fire trucks, but also semi trucks, and in some areas even city and school buses have them. The reason is usually not for looks, as aluminum weighs less than steel, which can translate into a significant weight savings when you are talking six wheels or more total. Less weight translates into better MPG.

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I don't think they are using cow saliva to fill the tanks


Why would Kalahari be a cause since they aren't in the city limits?


To some thanks for the sincere answers. Have been called a liberal, now a tea-bagger. Am neither, but this country ALL need to be accountable, most are struggling. Every effort is needed.