Jul 31, 2013

When will the pot holes by the Camp Street underpass get filled?

When is Sandusky going to fix the pot holes that are under the tracks at the Camp Street underpass? The pot holes in the road just get bigger and bigger. Bob on Camp Street

Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein informed the city's street division superintendent about the problem. The superintendent said he'd get over to fix the pot holes.

Camp Street, meanwhile, is set for a major upgrade in the near future.

Improvements to the Camp Street underpass, a six-month project, should start in April 2014.

The $2 million project breaks down with $1.6 million coming from state funds with the remaining $400,000 derived from city taxpayers.

The walls leading into the underpass are deteriorating. Further neglect could lead to erosion at the middle of the underpass, supporting the railroad tracks.

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