Jul 30, 2013

What are the financial particulars of Perkins Schools?

Can you obtain financial information for Perkins Schools? This would help myself and others make an educated decision for the Aug. 6 levy vote. Doug in Perkins Township.

The question sought to answer exactly how much each Perkins Schools official — including teachers, administrators, staff members, and elected school board members — makes in addition to inquiries about the athletics budget.

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the Register with numerous documents detailing this. To view the information, click any one of the files attached.

The district is proposing a 10-year, 6.73 mill emergency levy to taxpayers a week from today. If approved, the levy would generate $2.88 million per year to fund day-to-day operations for Perkins Schools, including employee salaries and benefits.
If approved in a week, the levy will cost the owners of a $100,000 home an additional $206 per year. That same homeowner currently pays $998 a year in school taxes.
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This was in the Norwalk Reflector yesterday......

Many Ohioans didn't realize the state was picking up as much as 12.5 percent of their local property tax bills, one Senate Republican recently said.

Perhaps, added a Democratic colleague, but they’ll certainly notice it when the bill goes up.

After a tradition of some 40 years of subsidizing local taxes, Gov. John Kasich and Republicans in the Ohio House and Senate applied the brakes. Local governments and schools heading for the ballot in November to ask voters to support new or replacement levies will have to tell them that the price tags attached will be higher than they were previously told. The taxpayer will pay the entire tab for any new taxes approved.

So the way I understand it Ohio's been footing 12.5 percent of our real estate taxes now Ohio has cancelled it which means look for MUCH larger real estate taxes folks. Hold on folks it's going to be a bumpy ride.


I was just going to paste this: "Ohio cancels property tax rollback tax" which is found in the Norwalk paper.

The state will continue to pickup 12.5% of existing levies, the way I read it, but not for new levies.

Hopefully the school will put out new valuations and dollar amounts to be collected. It could be shocking!


You are correct as to existing levies and renewals of those levies; the state will continue to reimburse the 12.5% rollback. The state will cease to reimburse for any levies for new money from Nov. forward. The gov. stated that his personal and business income tax cuts being phased in will offset the future canceled rollback reimbursement.


RMyer, I have read about the income tax cuts. But I am wondering about how beneficial it will be regarding low income and the elderly. The 12.5% rollback might be more of a benefit to them. Time will tell!


Doesn't apply to the current Perkins levy. This new law takes effect on new levies beginning in November 2013. If the August levy fails, it will be much more expensive for households next time around due to this law passed by the Republican legislature in Columbus.

Strong Schools ...

This is the last chance for Perkins to get the rollback. We have to pass this levy so we do not have to pay the extra percentage. It is much cheaper and wiser for us to pass this levy now or else we will have to pay he extra taxes in the future.






VOTE "NO" to send a message to Gunner to move on...


Gunner will be gone in a year, the district is here for much longer. Don't hurt one just to hurt another.


Well then come back in a year and ask us to pass a levy! Because as of last count, there are a lot more yards that don't have signs than do! And some of the people with signs are just posting the sign to shut up their Kool-aid drinking neighbors!


It will just be more expensive. Is that worth it for tireless rant against Gunner? If you actually sat down and talked to him, you would find that he has the district and kids at heart.


Then why is he leaving if he has the district and kids at heart. Liar!


Wed, 07/31/2013 - 11:09am

I see the leader of the foil hat brigade has been busy.





Tool Box

I will be voting NO until the board gets rid of Gunnie! You don't move my money around without my permission and get away with it Gunnie! And yes I hold a grudge! As long as he is retained I am voting NO and I encourage the rest of you fence sitters to follow my lead! We need to bring him down from his almighty mountain! VOTE NO UNTIL GUNNER IS OUT!


Tool Box,

I think it is insult to call those who are undecided "fence sitters." The election is on August 6th, and they have until then to decide.

I would encourage them to look past the grudge you hold, and to understand that Dr. Gunner works at the pleasure of the BOE. He did not move the millage, which by the way is all of our money, not just yours. That decision was by vote of the BOE, and it's a decision I support. It was a very smart long-term financial decision. Dr. Gunner is not on any mountain.

I would also encourage those who are undecided to not use this vote on an operating levy to "make a statement" about Dr. Gunner, or the board. That's what the November election will be for. Remember, this will be the last levy we can pass that will qualify for the 12.5% state rollback. The districts financial need is not going to go away. Any levies passed after August will cost taxpayers 12.5% more than this one.


How do you like those wages, Bherrle? Even you had to shake your head a little. Come on now. Just a little bit?


Why does the district pay additional $ for STRS (State Teachers Retirement System) for some admins and not for others?


I do not object to the pay rates for teachers and administrators (even the ones who I do not respect). Teaching is a profession that requires a masters degree now and to expect that people are not going to be compensated for that is ridiculous.

I do question that some of the clerical staff is making as much or more than teachers. I understand that is how the pay structure works with their negotiated contract, but I think it is excessive.


@underthebridge: I think it depends on each individual's contract

I would like to know who paid for the August Pirate News that came in the mail last week. Was it paid for by the district or the levy committee? If by the district, is that legal since it was basically supporting the proposed levy?



The August Pirate News is paid for by the school system. Thus your tax dollars paid for that propaganda piece.










Vote Yes.


A friend of mine that lives on Autumn Ridge Lane called me to let me know that the Superintendent of Perkins (Jim Gunner)will be answering questions about the levy. He will be at Autumn Ridge Lane on Wednesday, July 31 from 6:00 - 8:00. I wonder why he chose such an affluent neighborhood to sell his goods?


GUNNER NEEDS TO GO!! That is the ONLY way we are going to pass a levy!! People of Perkins don't trust him and are not willing to fund his meals anymore!! Once he is out we WILL pass a levy!! GUARANTEED!!