Jul 30, 2013

What are the financial particulars of Perkins Schools?

Can you obtain financial information for Perkins Schools? This would help myself and others make an educated decision for the Aug. 6 levy vote. Doug in Perkins Township.

The question sought to answer exactly how much each Perkins Schools official — including teachers, administrators, staff members, and elected school board members — makes in addition to inquiries about the athletics budget.

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the Register with numerous documents detailing this. To view the information, click any one of the files attached.

The district is proposing a 10-year, 6.73 mill emergency levy to taxpayers a week from today. If approved, the levy would generate $2.88 million per year to fund day-to-day operations for Perkins Schools, including employee salaries and benefits.
If approved in a week, the levy will cost the owners of a $100,000 home an additional $206 per year. That same homeowner currently pays $998 a year in school taxes.
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Strong Schools ...

This is the last time to get the state's 12.5% rollback for this levy & for the duration of the levy AND any renewals. Vote yes now and save a lot of money in the future!


With the state increasing sales tax without a vote and eliminating the homestead reduction without a vote I will be voting "NO" on the school levy.

With the county increasing sales tax without a vote I will be voting "NO" on the school levy.

I only have so much money to distribute to the "public" sector. Sorry schools, the state and county took your share without my vote.

Now you know why I am against giving that power to the school board to build a academy without a public vote. Doesn't feel to good to have your money taken without a vote?


There is a lot of talk about the teachers and how they care for the students, or put in a lot free time for the students. Remember that they went on strike a few years back, walked out on the students encouraged the high school kids to crawl out windows to support them on the line, yelled curs words in front grade school kids, yep its all for the kids.


No, I don't remember anything of the sort. I remember a very short strike with extremely well behaved teachers. Nice try.


The strike at the high school was nuts. I remember!


Kelly you must have been at a different school then. Not sure what year It was but I know there is a pic. in the register of a student crawling out a window, and I believe they did a story on the teachers yelling curs words to the replacements while the grad school kids were walking into school.


After seeing the Perkins' teachers annual salary figures for 2013-14, I compared that information to literature released recently by the District, as well as information on the ODE website, showing OAA test results in specific grade/subject areas. The OAA is one very important measure of what a student should know in a particular subject area by the end of a specific grade year. Unfortunately, 8th grade students--as a whole--have been unable to "pass" the OAA science test in all of the past 6 years. It would be somewhat easier to explain and understand one or two years of non-passing student performance, but 6 straight years of failure? How do teachers keep their jobs under these circumstances? If the same teachers haven't been instructing 8th grade science since 2006-2007, then is the Curriculum Director not doing their job by effectively communicating state science standards? Issues like these cause me to lose faith in the District's ability to solve long-term problems regarding the education of its students. Perhaps if teachers/administrators were truly held accountable for educational failures such as these, and these failures were handled proactively instead of reactively, more community support for the District's levy(ies) would be forthcoming.


You need to learn how to read the test scores - "8th grade students as a whole have been unable to pass the science tests" is not even close to being correct.


Six decades of a yes vote, this has been the most gut wrenching decision. I and my family members will be voting yes. Yet that is not an endorsement for this Super or BOE. I still would like to see a committee of "lifers" formed to oversee/advise Gunner Kingdom. Butcher, Shoff, Johnson, Haggerty, Roshong, Arndt, Pitts, Janintszki, Rectenwald, Norman, and throw in DonutShopGuy as the voice of the community. Gunner has rolled over the BOE, he needs another group of people in the education field to oversee his activities. This is really a moment in time we need to rally for the community (vote yes) but hold Gunner/BOE accountable (November election, formation of advisory committee). Unchecked, no trust in Gunner's decisions. And finally, Dr. Gunner please donate an appropriate amount of $ back to Perkins (tax rate on a $225,000 home over the length of your employment and move INTO Perkins township within 3 months of vote). Be a true LEADER.




AllThe Answers,
Six Decades of Yes Votes??? I don't think it took all that much thought from you on which way you were going to vote. If you did take time to think about it, I hope it was because you finally tabulated how much your taxes have icreased and how much already goes to the schools, 75%?


Doctor of What, Proctology?


The problem is the union and their salary, benefits and health care. It is not sustainable.


In response to the Perkins Board of Education’s article in the July 17 Sandusky Register; that states that the proposed 6.37 mill levy is not for building a new high school, but for operations. This levy is to replace the 5.2 mills moved to permanent improvements. Had they not moved the 5.2 mills, they would have had operating money!

Had the Board not changed the inside millage to permanent improvement, they would not have realized a loss of $2.2 million a year in operating funds, 5.2 mills, and therefore averted the crisis in which they find themselves. They took this step for the sole reason to build a new facility without a vote of the public. By reversing that action, they will be able to smooth out the operating funds immediately, Jan. 1, 2014, and only have to ask for a small additional millage to supplement the 5.2 mills, possible 1.5 or so.

My suggestion is to put to rest any talk about new facilities period! Move the 5.2 mills back to operating giving us money to pay staff and all other operational costs. Avoid threats to charge outlandish fees for students to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities.
After doing this, then seek additional operational needs. Is that asking too much? This would go a long way in bringing the community back together.

How bout that

Well said my thoughts exactly. Gunner and the Board were willing to use the students,faculty,staff,and programs as pawns in order to get their new building projects. The operating deficit would not be nearly as big had monies not been moved.

Strong Schools ...

Run for the school board and put your suggestions on the table. The board will not make any further decisions until after the November election. If the public is this upset then they will either run for the board or elect new board members. Don't take this out on our children in August. Vote Yes!


"The board will not make any further decisions until after the November election." That's because they won't get any money from this levy until February 2014 at the earliest.


I would like to see the creation of a volunteer Perkins Schools Advisory Committee. Ideally, this committee would meet with Gunner and the Board on a monthly basis for the purposes of providing input and feedback on issues affecting the school district. In order to be effective, this committee would need to be demographically representative of the District as a whole. Committee members should be comprised of two District employees (one certified and one classified), a male or female tax-paying middle-class minority, a local business owner/executive, a parent of a child who attends Perkins Schools, a senior citizen and a retired superintendent (preferably not a former employee of Perkins Schools). Although I understand the current Board believes they act in the best interests of the school district, they are not truly demographically representative of the residents within the district. Sadly, I think there's a perceived aura of arrogance and superiority surrounding the actions and attitudes of Board members. Perhaps the creation of a Perkins Schools Advisory Committee would serve as a feeder system for those interested in obtaining a seat on the Board. This would help create a Board more representative of the district's residents. I have spoken with people who would like to serve, but are not well known within the district and believe this would compromise their ability to be elected. This Advisory Committee would help ensure opinions more representative of the district's demographics are heard in regard to school district matters.


What you describe is a Board of Education meeting held in public. How and whom will decide the members of the advisory committee? By vote? Isn't this how we decide whom will serve as BOE members.

While I agree that the district's administration does not represent the area's demographics I am not sure about the best way to rectify this problem. Let's flesh out your idea.


Question to all:

Are there any pro school levy signs on school property?


Anything that says "vote yes" or "support our school/students" is considered pro levy....drive past the schools, you will see these on each marquee. This CANNOT be done without a disclaimer from the levy committee. The school allowing pro levy signs on school property also opens the door for anti levy signs....meaning, the school has to allow "vote no" signs on their property as well. Check with the the Board of Elections.

No employee (i.e. Communications Director) can use school time or resources to promote the levy. I heard this is being done.

All the school can do is provide facts. This is even questionable.

Strong Schools ...



There are no pro school levy signs on school property, but I do see "no" signs on Campbell Street. I wonder if the nay sayers have registered with the board of elections. Does anyone know?


Why would the "nay sayers" have to register with the board of elections? If they aren't an organized group collecting money or for profit, they can put out whatever signs they choose as long as they are within zoning criteria.


If there is any money spent, you have to register with the Board of Elections. A hand made sign that you personally made is OK. These signs look like they were printed and I don't think there is a disclaimer, so they have to register with the Board of Elections.


Every political communication or publication or independent expenditure made in support of or opposition to any ballot issue must include a readable disclaimer. A complete disclaimer is comprised of the phrase, “Paid for by,” followed by the name of the committee, the name and title of the campaign committee chairperson, treasurer or secretary and a residence street address or business street address. A disclaimer may use a post office box in addition to, but not in lieu of, a complete street address.


This is false Equity. Check the marquee in front of each school. Support our schools/students is considered pro levy. The school cannot do this nor do I see a disclaimer by a levy committee. Check with your board of elections, you no longer need a treasurer and address listed either, just the "Paid for by" disclaimer.


No, it is not. If you don't believe it check with the Board of Elections 419-627-7601 or check the law Ohio Revised Code 3517.20


DLK is correct. This is a recent change.

Strong Schools ...

They are not telling you how to support. It does not say vote yes! But, you should vote yes!