Jul 30, 2013

What are the financial particulars of Perkins Schools?

Can you obtain financial information for Perkins Schools? This would help myself and others make an educated decision for the Aug. 6 levy vote. Doug in Perkins Township.

The question sought to answer exactly how much each Perkins Schools official — including teachers, administrators, staff members, and elected school board members — makes in addition to inquiries about the athletics budget.

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the Register with numerous documents detailing this. To view the information, click any one of the files attached.

The district is proposing a 10-year, 6.73 mill emergency levy to taxpayers a week from today. If approved, the levy would generate $2.88 million per year to fund day-to-day operations for Perkins Schools, including employee salaries and benefits.
If approved in a week, the levy will cost the owners of a $100,000 home an additional $206 per year. That same homeowner currently pays $998 a year in school taxes.
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We are parsing words. You stated in your last sentence in your first response "Why would you say "answering a question means nothing" ??"

I said "Our speed in answering a question means nothing." I realize, I left open to being misunderstood.

My point was only that we are not on here 24 hours a day. Some folks may not be on every day. Some folks don't look back thru pages worth of comments to see if a question was asked, or any updates made. That is a problem with the format of this blog.

I understand that people want answers, and that answering those questions days from now will do no good. However a lot of these questions have already been asked and answers have already been provided. Many are on the levy website, which would be a much faster place for a person to get an answer.

There is nothing to beware of here. You know who we are.


It seems that the people for the levy have been evading questions or tap dancing around them. As time permits me, I will be posting links to various information. You know, things that the pro-levy people want to hide from you.




Share anything you like. We are not trying to hide anything. We only want the facts, and all the facts, the whole picture, out there. NOt just pieces, not just parts. Not conclusions that are drawn based something thinking they know what someone else will do, or what thier motives are. Your last sentence causes divisiveness by nature. Let's accuse of them of hiding info, automatic cause for alarm.

I have to hand it to you, you are pretty good. You are obviously an intelligent person, and understand how to find information. You post an awful lot of it. You also ask a lot of questions that I'm sure you already know the answers too, or could easily find yourself, as RMyer has already pointed out.

During WWII, the Germans called it a "Blitzkrieg" - Lightning Warfare. Overwhelm them with tanks - because we can. To anyone who was in or had family in WWII, I mean no offense by this comparison. I had a Great Uncle who served in the Pacific Theater that I was very close too. Also, my father was a Marine in Vietnam. I make no light of warfare.

Fast forward to 2013 Perkins Township. Replace tanks with questions, information, and inuendo. Keep them busy answering the same questions over and over. Flood the blogs with information, and let anyone who wishes take pieces of it and spin it negativley do so. Overwhelm them.

To those who are reading and not posting, who are trying to decide your vote: Understand this tactic for what it is - it is much easier to create doubt and negativity than it is to show support of something and remain positive, especially on an anoynomous blog.

Go back thru the various blogs and articles. The comments and facts presented by those who support the levy have remained consistent, and have largely presented facts, with some opinion, and unfortunately some emotion at times. Now look at the bulk of negative side. It's all over the place, and at some times they attack personally and make rude comments very quickly. Supporters dispell an incorrect negative comment, and the topic immediately switches to something else.
There are a few who have remained consistent and remained cordial. Donutshopguy is an example. I may not agree with him, but he has kept the conversation civil. Centauri has also remained civil, however I question his motives.

There are at least two supporters who have openly put thier names behind/on what they are saying, me and Rmyer. Unless I missed it, perhaps only one no vote has put his name out there, bobshumway92, and his comments have been the least factual, and some of the rudest. Also, donutshopguy met with Rmyer and I for some civil, in person, conversation. Some may already know who he is, but that is not for Rmyer or I to divulge.

Ask yourself of those who continue to do nothing but criticize, make nasty comments in some cases, ask the same questions over and over again, and continue to change the subject. Why won't they put thier name on it? Do you trust that?

The list of levy supporters/volunteers is published on the levy website. Whether it is by name on this blog, or from that list, you know who we are. If we are lying to you, or hiding something, you can always track us down. You can't do the same of virtually all of those who are trying to convince you to Vote No.

Vote Yes this Tuesday, August 6th.


You get an A+ for your efforts in posting comments. I like your passion. The reason why I post many comments is because I am the voice of many. I find you to be a very intelligent person. Keep on posting your comments. If a job in your field shows up with good pay near Sandusky, Ohio, you will be contacted

Keep your comments coming because I follow your comments.

We can agree to disagree can we not?

I am only looking for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To hold back on the truth is a lie.


Yes, we can Centauri. We are both looking for the same thing, and I agree that the truth should not be held back.

I appreciate your comments also, and thank you for the compliments.

I'm glad you are speaking for many, and seeking answers. Let's keep sharing them as we find them.


What's with all the drama, Bherrle? It's simple, not enough money to go around. Nasty comments? I was called "uneducated" for my vote no comment. "Stupid questions"? There are no stupid questions. You cannot win this battle with a post like this. Your elitist attitude is nauseating.


It's called passion Sugar. When I take up a cause, when I believe in something, I am passionate about it. Perhaps that scares you or makes you uncomfortable.

I have never called anyone uneducated, and I have never said "stupid questions." From where are you pulling this? What was your Vote NO comment?

I far from an elitist.


Too far back to go back to, but an "impassioned" pro tax hike comrade posted that. I see a lot of anger from your side, but that's pretty typical from those who want to take away others property to use for themselves but are told NO. Like spoiled children they will defend their right to the death to take what is not theirs.


Since the Register has such an antiquated forum where you aren't able to quote another post and your post show at the end I will copy StrongSchools' various lies he/she tried to state earlier today:

I will correct your lies line by line:

Lie #1
"Mr. Gunner has taken a pay freeze for three years and has agreed to a pay freeze for a forth year like all administrators in the district"

False. Per State of Ohio Treasurer's website Gunner's 2010 salary was $106,391. 2011 salary was $108,000. 2012 salary is $117,200

Lie #2
"Dr. Gunner has done a great jog helping our district financially"

False. He has taken Perkins Schools from making a profit of over $1 million annually for almost the past decade to a $1 million plus annual loss. Net income has plummeted 170% in the last 5 years under Gunner's leadership, while income has increased 13%.

Lie #3
"Could you pay your bills today on what you made 13 years ago...I didn't think so. The economy has changed, inflation occurs, and the state has cut funding."

False. Perkins Schools do not pay their bills on what they made 13 years ago. In just the past 5 years, revenue has increased 13%. That's an average of 2.6% increase in revenue per year.

Lie #4.
"I think all of us have moved money form our savings account to our checking account to pay the bills. "
While that may be true, Jim Gunner did the exact OPPOSITE with taxpayer money. He moved money out of the "checking" account (operations of the district). He determined new buildings and facilities were more important than maintaining the educational opportunities of the students.

Lie #5
"This levy is about the students"
False. This levy is about Gunner and the Board getting their new buildings and facilities that have been voted down overwhelmingly multiple times. This tax increase is about constructing new buildings and facilities.


Where did the athletic boosters get $1.7 million? Was it borrowed?



I believe it was through donations, fund raisers, etc. Firelands Regional Medical Center paid a chunk to name the field after them. You can't walk two feet without running into a sponsor sign of some sort, the Kasper Press box and the band boosters threw in some bucks. The board agreed to match the contributions. Had they waited another year, the boosters easily could have raised the entire amount.


Thank you for the information.


Is it true that the team Dr. was chosen by FRMC? Money donated usually comes with a string attached.


Per the 12/23/11 Special BOE meeting to approve final agreement with FRMC on naming rights of the stadium the district received $225,000 up front. Two addendums: FRMC to provide athletic training for 5 years at no cost, 1 physician on site for all home games at no cost, up to $5,000 provided for equipment in the training room and provide a trainer from 2:30-5:30.


I really hope Perkins goes broke. Sandusky has a High School with an enrollment of about 8-900? When I went to school there it was around 2,000. Obviously there is plenty of room for Perkins and it's less than a mile away. One major factor that supporters are eluding for their posts is the declining number of graduating student. We have went from over 300 in the mid 70's, 280's in the 80's, 260 in the 90's, and down to like 230 now. Please feel free to correct Me as I don't have the exact numbers but I do know there has been a drastic decline. On line schooling which some predict will reach 50% by the year 2020 and You will probably be looking at a huge new school (Like Sandusky) that is half occupied. For all practical purposes, General Motors as we have known it is gone. Connecticut workers transferring to Sandusky drove up property values in Perkins Township and we are not getting an influx of new taxpayers that were making top wages and could afford to support projects of this magnitude. The top wage earners now are government employees thus it has divided the two sides. Remember, I Do, that most of you school supporters were constantly complained about the auto workers with little schooling recieving top wages while they were paying into the schools. Well, most are retired now living on smaller incomes and they still remember all the foreign cars you drive. You've killed the goose that was laying the golden eggs. Our kids are raised and a lot have left the area, we may soon follow.





You hope Perkins goes broke? When you went to school (at Sandusky) enrollment was much higher there than it is now? What is your real motivation behind wanting Perkins to go broke?

Again, no one is trying to hide anything. It is public knowledge that student population has been declining. I have just posted a question on the levy website regarding how future student pop projections are being used in plans for either renovation or new construction, and will post that response here when it is given.

As far as the golden egg, if anyone was complaining about what the auto workers made while those jobs were here, then they should have gone after those jobs. Same thing I say about those who complain about what teachers make. Become a teacher, do what it takes to earn that living. with regards to why those auto jobs aren't here anymore, that's a national & global economy issue. Local folks who drive foreign cars had very little impact on why those jobs aren't here.

John Seeds

Re: Rollback Tax - The August levy still receives the 12.5% reduction for the duration of the levy AND any renewals. Also, any current local property tax levies receive this 12.5% reduction.
All new levies beginning in November'13 will cost taxpayers an add'l 12.5%.


What a mess!


The only thing I'll say to elaborate on those three words is, "If this mess weren't true, It would be a laughable joke".

Edwin Ison

It's really simple,

Vote yes if you want a new school building, and numerous future levies to fund the projects.

Vote yes if you want to write a new Erie County school funding playbook that includes fear and intimidation as the engine to drive passage.

Vote yes if you wish to reward bad behavior.

Vote no if you are against the above.

It's that simple.

My name is Edwin Ison and I approve this message :)



It is not nearly that simple at all.

1. The BOE has already stated they will wait until after the November election to make a decision on buildings, and they have also defined what financial stability means, as it relates to moving forward on buildings, in any direction.

2. There is no playbook being written. I understand that you and numerous other Vote No bloggers want people to feel afraid, you want them to be skeptical, you want to create doubt, you want them to feel intimidated. That's how you win elections - Tell em' what to be afraid of, and tell em' whose to blame for it. It's easier to do that than to offer real, tangible, fact based solutions. That comes from an old playbook, by the way.

3. There has been no "bad behavior". There has been a dedicated Superintendent, Board of Education, and staff who are trying to do what's best for the entire community. At the top of that list is the students, first and foremost. Not everyone is going to agree with them, but disagreement does not mean bad behavior. A lot of No bloggers are trying to create the illusion of bad behavior, simply because the board is not doing what they want them to do.

4. I understand that those who live outside the district, such as you, may be motivated by a vested interest to see our schools & community go downhill. Attract students and families to your community. You don't want your taxes, which are already at higher rates than ours, to go any higher.

5. Give me some facts that show that future levies will be needed to fund the projects. What are the projects? As previously stated, those decisions have not been made final. The Board had a direction that it wanted to go, but it has stepped back and will wait until after the November elections.

6. It is a very complicated matter. Trying to make it "simple" only shows that you don't want folks to know the whole truth. You want to then to quickly decide to Vote No.

My real name is Brad Herrle, I wrote this message, and I'll be Voting Yes on Tuesday, August 6th.

Edwin Ison

1. Fact, they are moving forward with a new building regardless ogf the wishes of the community majority.
Bad behavior.

2. Punitive exorbitant "pay to play" fees to force yes votes on a building levy thereby creating a playbook for other supers and school boards to follow to force an agenda.
Bad behavior.

3. See above.
Bad behavior.

4. I own property in the Perkins district and will be affected. I also do not have the benefit of a vote attached with that property.

5. Common sense Herrle... come on man!

6. Your hero Buddha has complicated the matter by trying to force a new campus on the community.

It's simple, a yes vote is a reward for bad behavior and a vote for a new building.


All of the above is what you want people to believe. That's your spin, that's your take. And I can understand you not wanting your taxes going up on your Perkins Twp property, meanwhile you live elsewhere.

The Vote NO contingent asked for the board to delay decisions on facilities until after the November BOE elections. They have clearly done that, and put it in writing. Your response to that is to continue to state the decisions have already been made.

Common sense and negative spin and two distinctly different things.

Instead of referring to him with any civility at all, you and others have referred to Dr. Gunner as Buddha multiple times. SPeaks directly to the credibility of your position when you can't stick to the facts and have to make personal attacks and insults.

Edwin Ison

Buddha is not a personal attack or insult.... it simply refers to an expensive trip to China that he, Gastier, and Finn took on the taxpayers credit card.

You are too sensitive.


Thank you for making valid and clear points Edwin. It is hard to understand how anyone could trust Gunner and company.


"3. There has been no "bad behavior". There has been a dedicated Superintendent, Board of Education, and staff who are trying to do what's best for the entire community. At the top of that list is the students, first and foremost"

Come on, beherrle. Be honest. Gunner has chosen his new buildings and facilities over the education of students and their programs. The students are a pawn in Gunner's attempt to force the taxpayer's hand after multiple no votes for new buildings. If Gunner really had the students first and foremost would he really move million of dollars in operating funds away from them, cut 14 of their teachers, eliminate multiple academic and arts programs and force them to pay $730 for every sport they want to participate in?

Yea, that sounds like Gunner is putting students first?


I am being honest Citizen. I would ask you to do the same. There were not "multiple no votes for new buildings." The Nov 2010 levy was the only building levy.

Let's do this. What is your position on the buildings? Do you feel they are fine as is for the foreseeable future?




Yes, they are. For the long-term, no. But for the short and medium terms (next 8-10 years, yes).

Will you please admit that your comment about students being the first priority for Gunner is a lie. The following is specific examples of Gunner NOT putting the students first (that you failed to respond to):

Gunner has chosen his new buildings and facilities over the education of students and their programs. The students are a pawn in Gunner's attempt to force the taxpayer's hand after multiple no votes for new buildings. If Gunner really had the students first and foremost would he really move million of dollars in operating funds away from them, cut 14 of their teachers, eliminate multiple academic and arts programs and force them to pay $730 for every sport they want to participate in?