Jul 30, 2013

What are the financial particulars of Perkins Schools?

Can you obtain financial information for Perkins Schools? This would help myself and others make an educated decision for the Aug. 6 levy vote. Doug in Perkins Township.

The question sought to answer exactly how much each Perkins Schools official — including teachers, administrators, staff members, and elected school board members — makes in addition to inquiries about the athletics budget.

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the Register with numerous documents detailing this. To view the information, click any one of the files attached.

The district is proposing a 10-year, 6.73 mill emergency levy to taxpayers a week from today. If approved, the levy would generate $2.88 million per year to fund day-to-day operations for Perkins Schools, including employee salaries and benefits.
If approved in a week, the levy will cost the owners of a $100,000 home an additional $206 per year. That same homeowner currently pays $998 a year in school taxes.
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Some people are WORKING, to pay all their obligations.



Yep it answered the question. It was an error by the SR.



Thank you for posting that.


Saw a group of non property tax paying kids going around the Township today asking folks to vote for the levy. How disgusting.


Surely you saw Gunner in the mix? I saw the group walking down Marshall Ave. with their tshirts on.

Please remind people to vote Tuesday. Remind them (and I'll keep it simple):

1. Though these levy groups are saying the operating levy is not for a new school (and it is true), they wouldn't be in this mess if they didn't move inside millage from "operating" to permanent improvement for their grand campus. This levy is to replace what they stole from operating.

2. The tax rate is lower in Perkins than Sandusky as they say, but there is a direct correlation between property values and tax rates. Property values are higher in Perkins, thus tax rates are lower...property values are lower in Sandusky, thus tax rates are higher...to collect the same amount of money. Get it?

3. Perkins hasn't had to ask for new money in some time, true. However, it is because of growth in the township and open enrollment money, not because of the school being fiscally responsible with our tax dollars.

4. Perkins reports their schools were not safe. Our local health department disagrees.

5. The stadium was half funded by our tax dollars. The Sandusky Register reported yesterday that it was funded 100% all donations. Not true school officials!

6. Money previously used to "operate" the school is now being used to pay off a $3.5 million dollar loan for the new school's architect.

7. They will build a school as soon as this is passed. Gunner continues to meet with architects. They don't care the majority voted against it, they will do what they want.

8. They promise to wait to make this decision until after November's election of 2 new board members. Who cares, they already have 3 that support it.

9. Funny how some parents are all about "pride" and "it's for the kids" now that they have to "pay to play". While it may be cheaper for them now to pass a levy, in the long run it won't. They will want this levy to be renewed or replaced after 10 years...show me one school that doesn't. These selfish parents don't care about their neighbor or the senior citizen that this may be a hardship for.

10. This is just one levy they will be asking for. Remember they will be on the ballot again as their facility needs change (i.e. new buildings for all the schools). They do not need new buildings!

11. No one wants staff members to lose their jobs, but don't blame the voters for it. Look to Gunner at the board for their poor decisions. They have split a community.

Anyone wish to add talking points?


The Catholic schools are in buildings built in the 19th century and manage to turn out educated, well rounded students.



How were those buildings constructed in the 19th century, compared to how they are constructed today? What construction materials were used and still exist in those buildings? How much money is put into upkeep & maintenance on those buildings compared to buildings built in the 1930's thru 1970's?

Let's make sure we are comparing apples to apples.


Are you serious? How much money & maintenance is put into those buildings? St. Marys vs. Perkins? You are truly out of touch, man with the area. I thought you said you've visited other local schools. I too take back everything I've said about you. What a joke!!!


I said nothing about ST. Mary's schools 15th. And I'm asking Sugar to back up the statement with fact. Me visiting a school does not tell me how much money they spend.

Sugar referenced Catholic schools built in the 1800's (19th Century). I had no idea what schools he/she was talking about. I simply asked to have the statement backed up with facts.


LMAO, what schools? There is only one Catholic campus. Money? They have virtually NO money yet somehow they make the best of it. Let's see a little belt tightening, a little make do spirit from the public sector. Always with their hands out. Or should I say a gun to the head of the taxpayer?


I have a problem with people who avoid questions.

Earlier, I asked how much money do ticket sales to sporting events bring into the Perkins Local Schools District.

Nobody answered.

Somebody commented that their friend works for another Ohio county auditor and gave some comments about how property taxes are determined on property. I have already asked twice which Ohio county does that friend work for.

No answer.

Would you trust anybody who avoids the questions?

I have in the past asked questions to candidates running for office.

Who would you trust or elect?

The one who answers the questions or the one that avoids and does not answer the questions?

In a live question and answer session, a person only has seconds to answer. I am asking everybody and am giving hours to answer the questions.

More surprises are coming up for the people of Perkins Township, Ohio.

Stay tuned.


The ticket sales money amount is posted on the Perkins district website. Scroll down through the questions and you will see the charts. It will also shows what the ticket money is used for. Just in case you are wondering, ticket prices are set by the SBC. Schools aren't in a position to unilaterally raise ticket prices.

Perhaps some questions go unanswered due to people taking time away from commenting. Also, most questions posted on here can be answered by looking at the already mentioned website.

Some commenters repost the same question over and over even though an answer may have already been given.


"The ticket sales money amount is posted on the Perkins district website. Scroll down through the questions and you will see the charts. It will also shows what the ticket money is used for. Just in case you are wondering, ticket prices are set by the SBC."

Why not post a link for the Perkins School voters to see and make it easy for them?

Make it easy for the Perkins Voters. Some voters don't have the time to search for answers on the internet.

Be my guest and provide the link and make it easy for the voters to decide.


I sort of suspect you are already aware of the link or where to find the info because you have posted numerous links to other websites in previous posts. It also doesn't take much time to go to the Perkins Local Schools website home page and to scroll through the questions and answers you are looking for-it may even take less time than it takes to post a comment on here. Here it is (I'm off to watch the Tribe):




Not at all a fair correlation, in my opinion. Some people may only look at these blogs once a day, or less. Plus, we are not the BOE, and this is not a live Q&A. Our speed in answering a question means nothing.

The ticket sales revenue amount is already public information, and it has already been shown that that revenue is used to pay for items that are outside of the athletics costs that were used to determine the $730 per sport fee. I believe ticket sales were in the range of $125,000, but don't have time to research it right now. Feel free to look it up.

On the County question, if it were me, I wouldn't answer that question. Too many people (not all) on here who aren't willing to put their name behind what they say, combined with the fact that they do nothing but make negative comments, which aren't true and completely fact based. Again, not all no's, but most of them. I wouldn't provide any more info about where a friend of mine worked to this forum.

It seems the goal of your post was to stir the pot, and stir up distrust.


"On the County question, if it were me, I wouldn't answer that question. Too many people (not all) on here who aren't willing to put their name behind what they say, combined with the fact that they do nothing but make negative comments, which aren't true and completely fact based. Again, not all no's, but most of them. I wouldn't provide any more info about where a friend of mine worked to this forum."

"make negative comments, which aren't true"

Which of my comments are not true, Bherrle? Point them out and I will correct them and apologize to the readers.

Interesting comment. I didn't ask for the name of the friend in the other county. I only asked for the name of the Ohio county so that I could verify if the comment posted was true.

Why hide trying to dig for the truth or verify a posted comment?

Does the name Elsebeth Baumgartner ring a bell? She used her real name on news boards and also tried to expose the truth in corrupt Ohio. NOBODY
investigated her allegations. She lost her law license and was sent to prison. She is still locked up. She was an Ohio political activist.

I have been intimidated because I am a political activist at the national and sometimes international levels. I have received death threats. I also post comments for those who are too afraid, timid or bashful. I can understand why they are afraid.

I know too much. How do you silence a person who will expose the truth?
You kill them and then rule the death a suicide or natural causes.

What is so secret about naming 1 of 88 counties in Ohio?

It sounds to me like the pro levy people want the truth to be buried.

Why did you Perkins Township voters throw out a very honest and capable township fiscal officer? Are you happy with the present one?

Do your research and vote AUGUST 6 which is TUESDAY.


1. I did not say your comments weren't true. However, a number of no voters are putting out false information, or spinning info in a negative light.

2. I know you didn't ask for the name of the friend. I stand behind my statement. Can you help me to understand what it was you were verifying? That conversation was about property values, which the school district doesn't determine. They can question them, but they don't set them. I'm not understanding where you were going with that issue.

3.I haven't heard of her, and will research as I have time. Just read a very little bit of information.

4. Are you suggesting that you fear for your life because of what you know about Perkins Local Schools, it's current board, or Super? What is it that you know that is pertinent to the levy vote that would put your life in danger?

5. We aren't trying to hide anything! What is it that you think we are trying to hide?

6. I have no idea, again must have been before my time here. I can't say it surprises me, as there is a segment who is totally against a very capable Super and BOE. Why would I vote no on the school levy because a township issue?


"Our speed in answering a question means nothing."

For shame Bherrle for shame. Answering a question means a lot.

Why would you say "answering a question means nothing" ??


I didn't say "answering a question means nothing." I said - "Our speed in answering a question means nothing." And I meant it specifically regarding this blog.

Contrary to the opinion of some, we are not paid bloggers.

Why would you twist my words?


You getting tired, Bherrle? It's understandable if so. Centauri has been nothing but informative and classy throughout this whole process.


Nope, not getting tired 15th.

Centauri has been very informative in terms of supplying raw information, but I'm not sure I understand what points he is trying to make at times.


Well for you and your families sake, I welcome Wednesday!


I'll welcome it if the levy passes. If it doesn't pass, I fear that the school district we thought we were moving into will become merely a shell of what we saw it as, and what it has been. And I fear this community will spiral downward with it.

That's not a scare tactic, that's my opinion and prediction.


The community is already spiraling downward from what it once was and there is little that can be done to stop it. Too much has been lost or has already left. Should the levy pass, many, many problems still remain above and beyond that of a school levy. We'll see and take it from there. Much work to be done...either way!

Edwin Ison

Herrle (aka Nostradamus) draws from his TWO years living here to make this bold prediction.

Fear and intimidation is the new way to pass school levies.

Names! I want names!


So only people who have grown up here in North Central Ohio know what the right thing to do is? Is this area so much different from the rest of the country that it has it's own very specific, personalized set of rules?

Wow, the rest of the country might as well as stick their heads between their legs, bend over, and kiss their asses goodbye.

Creating fear and blame, and pointing it at your opposition is a way to win elections. Easier to do that than use facts.

And yeah, I do want names. Being willing to be held accountable for your comments, predictions, and statements by putting your name on it makes them that much more credible. The supporters names are out there, you know who we are. We can't hide from the statements we have been making. You can.

Edwin Ison

So.... if Perkins doesn't build a new campus, the community as a whole will spiral downward?

I live a 55 year old house, it needs some work. I make repairs as I can, prioritizing as I go.

I'd love to build a new house. It is not in the cards right now. I bet a lot of people are in the same boat and cannot understand why schools don't live by the same set of rules.

You seem blinded to reality and have an overwhelming desire to fit in with the Perkins yuppie's.

You struggle to effectively refute opposing views and I can understand how that could be frustrating.

Asking for names is nothing more than harassment and intimidation.
You really think there could be no retaliation against students or parents of the opposition.

You are naive my friend.


I never said they had to build a new campus. However, serious facility issues exist, so the choice is significant renovation, build new, or so combo of both. Would you suggest the building issues be ignored?

The house to public building comparison is not apples to apples, especially a school to a house. I am in the same boat as you as far as the home, 54 year old home.

I don't desire to fit in anywhere, but nice try. And I know going into it that my comments are very unlikely to sway someone who is already posting "Vote No". I don't feel as though I am struggling at all.

Asking for names is nothing more than harassment and intimidation? Really? When my name is already out there, and many other supporters names are as well? You don't think we (supporters) could be subject to the same "retaliation" from No Voters that you say supporters would subject you too?

I am not naive, I just think that is a convenient excuse to be able to say whatever you want, and not be held accountable to it down the road. My opinion.


"Many" supporters' names are on this blog? I know of two...you and the Perkins teacher. Two doesn't qualify as many. Leave it to a supporter to present misinformation. Beware of Joseph "Bherrle" McCarthy and his Red Scare tactics!


I didn't twist your words. I gave ample time (hours or a day) for a response to my question.

Look at your comment. "Our speed in answering a question means nothing."

How much time do you need to answer a question online? I can understand that seconds count in a live session. August 6 is coming up quick and people want answers ASAP. Do you want a week or month to answer a question after the election?

I will be providing more links as time permits. Beware of those who refuse to answer or tap dance around the questions.