Jul 30, 2013

What are the financial particulars of Perkins Schools?

Can you obtain financial information for Perkins Schools? This would help myself and others make an educated decision for the Aug. 6 levy vote. Doug in Perkins Township.

The question sought to answer exactly how much each Perkins Schools official — including teachers, administrators, staff members, and elected school board members — makes in addition to inquiries about the athletics budget.

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the Register with numerous documents detailing this. To view the information, click any one of the files attached.

The district is proposing a 10-year, 6.73 mill emergency levy to taxpayers a week from today. If approved, the levy would generate $2.88 million per year to fund day-to-day operations for Perkins Schools, including employee salaries and benefits.
If approved in a week, the levy will cost the owners of a $100,000 home an additional $206 per year. That same homeowner currently pays $998 a year in school taxes.
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Strong Schools ...

You have so many wrong statements that I do not even know where to begin! No one has lied in this campaign. Stop being bitter and do your research. Vote yes and show our youth that we care about their education and future!



Has anyone on the levy committee done a tax analysis of the average household tax burden now compared to...say...30 years ago? Since taxes at the state and federal level keep being cut...and local taxes keep going up proportionally...those might be some enlightening numbers if anyone can compile them.


Pyrkins Pirate,

We know what good education looks like. Finland & Singapore are the best in the world. Teachers in those countries make similar salaries to doctors and lawyers.

You have to decide what kind of country you want to live in, and if you want the next generation to be better than the current one. It appears we are suffering from the "3rd generation syndrome." The first generation pioneered the Perkins Schools, the second generation grew and expanded it; the third generation, who inherited it, don't appreciate the builders or the growers, their monetary sacrifices, or the mission of the organization...hell, it was always there for them for "free"

Well, like the 3rd generation syndrome in business, this 3rd generation is about to lose Perkins Schools due to apathy, neglect, and scapegoating.


You think the lawyers and doctors in Finland agree with the wage structure? Keep in mind that the people entering the education field in Finland are among the highest ability students seeking a very competitive program whereas in the USA teachers are often some of the least capable and intelligent of high school students.


The best and most clear table on the subject:


What are the test scores in Finland and Singapore compared to Perkins "effective" ranking?



"Lose Perkins Schools" You have got to be kidding me.

We as citizens are obligated to provide education for our children. That issue is not in question.

It's the level of education the community believes necessary and the cost of that education is what this is all about.


Donut...it was a metaphor. When you reduce a once-proud institution and community to the bare bones, where the parents of the kids who do the most are punished financially and the kids of the poorer parents are sent home to play video games or find "other" things to occupy their time...you will end up paying for it. Either in your property value, crime, the opportunities of your children to get jobs, your personal freedom, ability to do business, or paying for more cops and firemen.

There is nothing more American than publicly funded education.

“The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it. There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves.” - Founding Father and President John Adams


Well stated kal-el.

Strong Schools ...

I believe that educating our youth should be a top priority. I am willing to pay more for my children and other people's children to have a better future. We live in a district that prides themselves on educating a well rounded students. This includes opportunities in academics, arts, and athetics. The cost of education will go up becaise the state has cut our funding and let's be honest...it is time to pass a levy in our district. We want to create responsible citizens that will be successful and give back to their communtiy. Support the students and vote yes!


"Has anyone on the levy committee done a tax analysis of the average household tax burden now compared to...say...30 years ago?"

How about looking at some of the property valuations in Erie County, Ohio. How do some properties drop in value (land and improvements) from 1991 to present (22 years) while some properties increase over 300%. Some people are being over-charged for property taxes and others get a very deep discount. The school should have looked into that.


The schools don't have much choice in how they seek revenue. How about directing your comments to the folks in Columbus and stop blaming the schools for things they can't control?



The state is in the same boat as the schools. They only operate with revenue from taxation. All public governments and institutions derive their income from the same source...taxpayers.

If you read any of my previous posts I believe the federal, state, county and local institutions, like schools, are out of control.

To me, the whole public service sector is one entity. They are not sustainable without tax dollars.

It's time for them all to curb spending.


"They only operate with revenue from taxation. "


"are out of control."

Please provide actual evidence to support that comment as it relates to public schools in Ohio, and specifically Perkins. They haven't passed a new school levy in how many years? 18? And they're "out of control?"

Strong Schools ...

Why are the schools the blame for everything? We have the lowest millage rate in Erie County...has the community looked at that? Vote Yes!


Pass the levy and you might be paying the same for a cup of coffe here. You are right on the prices. Columbus most expensive, Sandusky next, Bucyrus was the cheapest and Woodville Rd. in Toledo was cheap. You are right about Perkins Schools being "In Business". They are "In Business" to give us "The Business". I'll admit, they have done a real good job in the past of giving us the Business. Teachers, Firemen, Cops, they have some of the highest paid jobs in the township. I'm not jealous but just asking, shouldn't they feel just a little guilty trying to suck more money from people who make less? I doubt that there is a teacher who has taught a couple years that lives in less than a 150,000 dollar home. I know you pay more taxes but we are borderline and every increase pushes us closer to the edge.



I have no issues with people who vote no because they truly can't afford it. My problem is with individuals on here who assign nefarious motives to teachers, name call, stereotype, and generally hate on the people who take care of our children in the face of mountains of mandates and regulations.


Watch out Perkins....you are looking to become a mini Detroit. Teachers are getting yearly pay increases with the built in step...they say that this is not a raise but it is...funny math I guess. You never advertise this and the public does not know about this. The unions are going to hurt you in the long run...when asked about the double salary the swim coach receives because he coaches the boys and girls teams (even though they practice and compete together) the answer was because this is what the unions agreed upon. You talk about the value of the homes going down in Perkins Townships...IT DOESN'T MATTER...YOU HAVE OPEN ENROLLMENT. Why would I live in Perkins Township anyway. This whole deal is going toself destructing this community. You need to stop this or you will all be sorry. We have enough lying and cheating throughout the world. You (the Board and Mr. Gunner) need to stop and wake up. YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW SCHOOL.

Strong Schools ...

The teachers have taken a pay freeze for three years and have paid a lot more into their insurance. They are aware of the financial situation and try to help as much as possible. You can't blame our financial situation on the teachers! The state has cut funding and it is time to pass a levy in our community!


According to the August 2013 Perkins Pirate newsletter (which was paid for by our tax dollars) there are two charts comparing nine area school districts, one about starting salaries for teachers and one about average teacher salaries. Perkins is 2nd highest on the starting salaries chart and 3rd on the average salaries chart.

Strong Schools ...

The district starts the teaching salaries a little higher because the district wants the best teachers in their schools. We have to stay competitive in order to get amazing educators to provide a quality education. We get what we pay for and I am happy Perkins pays a little more to get talent in their schools. Vote Yes!


Show me a job where you get paid extra for taking out the garbage, making the coffee, etc. etc. etc. Why are we paying extra for all of these supplements? I thought that if you were a music teacher, you would get paid to teach music which includes concerts etc. Once again, the unions are in control.

Strong Schools ...

What are you talking about??? Who gets paid to make coffee? Again. you are trying to start drama. Our music teachers do a fantastic job and they put in a lot of extra work without getting paid for it.


Hey Matt,

You have got to admit these Perkins School levy blogs are the top in number of comments. They have always been between 200 to 500 comments each.

They have a higher readership and participation than death, murder and pillage. Who would have thought? I'd have your advertising people increase your rates when a Perkins School story is published.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinions. I can reach more people with this means than attending a controlled school board meeting where my time and content are limited .


Agree DSG.

Strong Schools ...

Hey Matt,

Get your facts straight in the paper so we don't have to fix your mistakes on this blog. I will not thank you until you start publishing factual information and quotes. I do believe you intensionally try to hurt our district and cause problems in our community. People are worried about how much the teachers and administrators get paid but I want to know how much you get paid to mess up every Perkins story you publish?


I have a question about the pro-levy flyer I got in the mail yesterday. It says that I will be paying 12.5% more if the August vote doesn't pass because of Ohio HB 53. This is only if the August levy fails and then passes later on, right? If the levy never passes, I won't be paying 12.5% more, right? I'm just trying to sort out the facts from the half-truths and scare tactics like Bherrle does.


They are telling you the truth but in a way to scare you.
"Local governments and schools heading for the ballot in November to ask voters to support new or replacement levies will have to tell them that the price tags attached will be higher than they were previously told. The taxpayer will pay the entire tab for any new taxes approved."

So you will be paying 12.5% more regardless on your property tax because the state will not be subsidizing that cost anymore. Add onto that any NEW tax millage and you will be paying that much MORE!

Under the rollback program, the state pays the first 10 percent of the tax bill for all property owners plus 2.5 percent for owner-occupied homes. The state will continue to pay the tab on existing levies and their renewals but will no longer subsidize new levies. If Perkins Aug levy fails, trying to get a NEW one passed starting in November will cost more; "taxpayers will pay more than they have in the past. … People will be upset about it."

Local governments and schools heading for the ballot in November to ask voters to support new or replacement levies will have to tell them that the price tags attached will be higher than they were previously told.

The taxpayer will pay the entire tab for any ☼NEW taxes approved. The state will continue to pay the tab on ☼existing levies and their ☼renewals but will NO LONGER subsidize ☼NEW levies.



If I got that wrong or it needs clarified even more, please do! Thats where transparency is helpful. Seems the LESS we are told and understand, the better chance these administrations have of sneaking levies past us!

Strong Schools ...

Perkins will have to pass a levy sometime and it is better to pass it now so we can get the rollback. In the budget bill just passed by the Ohio Legislature and signed by Governor Kasich, both the 10% Rollback and 2.5% Homestead exemption have been eliminated starting with new and/or replacement levies beginning in November 2013. Any new or replacement levy placed on the ballot starting in November 2013, the state of Ohio will no longer reimburse the local government agency or school for the 12.5 percent included in the rollback and homestead listed above. Existing levies that are renewed will continue to see the 12.5% reimbursed by the state. If the Perkins levy does not pass in August, to raise the same amount of money locally will cost the local taxpayers an additional 12.5% for a November levy of the same millage. Pass it now and save money in the future! Support the students!


Another reason to vote no! Retirees in the future will have to pay more in property taxes then those who are already retired, why burden themselves with more. The schools spending party is over.