Jul 29, 2013

Why is it so bumpy on Venice Road over the railroad tracks?

I'm upset about the west-end overpass construction project. It seems like that the railroad crossing over Venice Road by Tiffin Avenue is rougher now compared to when construction on the bridge began. Why is that? Charles in Sandusky

Christine Myers, a state transportation department spokeswoman, provided the following answer:

"At this point, we cannot speculate as to what may have happened to this area that the residents are referring to.  While the west-end overpass was under construction, the railroad (Norfolk Southern) added an additional spur that may have generated additional train traffic in the area.

"In the area of rail crossings, the maintenance of the roadway within the header ties of the railway are outside of the jurisdiction of (the Ohio Department of Transportation Department) and the city of Sandusky. In addition, when the U.S. 6 project is complete, motorists will be passing over the tracks on the new roadway alignment."

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It is the same old story. We (city,county,state) are not respsonsible for the railroad crossing. The railroad is responsible. We cannot tell them when to repair the crossing. All we can do is tell them the crossing needs repaired.


Check out the grass lot on the Northwest Corner of Huron Avenue where they demo'd the 2 houses. The grass is so tall if MY grass looked like that the city would have someone mow it and CHARGE me!!! It looks awful..........The tracks are terrible, I live on Venice Road so I've been watching this whole project and the one at the Trailer Park unfolding. Also, what is going on at the old Martin's house? They demo'd the bays that were at Martin's Junk yard, then now they have the front left window broken out of his house, they demo'd the garage, they are digging a road or something on the left side of the house and they've now planted hedges down both sides of the property line? Anyone know what is happening??? Just a curious neighbor.......


One of the Ward brothers bought it. Not sure what he is going to do with it though.

Dwight K.

Usually railroad tracks aren't rough if you go normal speed over them but if you slow down to a snail pace they seem rough...just my opinion and observation


The answer is this....it's because of the train cars you are crossing up and over, bumpy indeed!

If you do get a chance to cross those tracks while actually free of a train, you are way ahead of the game....deal with the bumps.



Rationally Speaking

Will someone explain the signage, or lack thereof. Try to get to the animal shelter or the body shop, or Decoproducts. Couldn't go down Tiffin Avenue or Venice Road to George Street. Everything is blocked off. Help the tourists but the heck with the local businesses and industries....


HERE'S A GOOD ONE, just came home from work and there is a new sign by the tracks....reads...UNEVEN TRACKS.. You think??? Also another sign erected today by Hymiler...ROUTE 6 to close for 30 days beginning Aug 6th! HAPPY CONSTRUCTION! Ps to get to animal shelter etc, have to take Venice to Margarittaville and turn left on Bardshar and left on Homegardner then left on Tiffin (101) and left on Superior.....


Norfolk Southern does not give a rats ass for anyone living in any area around their tracks. They are concerned about one thing the almighty dollar and how much of it they can control! So as human beings we are less than dirt to them.


If you think thats bumpy try Venice Hts Blvd