Jul 26, 2013

When will Perkins Township Hall's parking lot get paved?

I'm wondering when someone is going to resurface the entranceway leading into Township Hall. Will that happen soon? Cheryl on Pennsylvania Avenue

Perkins officials plan to smooth out the bumpy road leading into Township Hall by this fall, township trustee Jeff Ferrell said.

Officials first estimated the resurfacing project, pegged at $120,000 would begin in August and end in October.

But two main reasons are causing a delay:

• The project engineer has yet to submit drawings.

• Officials believe they can obtain a better price if they wait longer.

The paving project represents the township's costliest infrastructure improvement job specifically funded by Perkins taxpayers in 2013.

"When we bought this property, we knew that this would have to be done," township trustee Mike Printy said.

Township Hall is a $3.3 million complex. Debuting in March, the facility on 2610 Columbus Ave. facility is the headquarters for various township services, including police and highway operations.

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Shouldn't that have been included in the original cost? It looks like crap!! Is there ANYONE in that township that can manage money?????


it'd be nice if they could find the funds to fix Hinde Ave it was on the list years ago and never done when they ran over budget on other street projects.

getit right be4...

The current trustees are not worried about your roads, parks or the removal of snow from your streets. They are worried about landscaping and paving there over priced Township Hall.

It's not like the money they are using belongs to the people of the township.


I smell a levy.


Between the school board and these yahoos, I don't know who is worse.