Jul 18, 2013

Can someone clean the Hayes Avenue underpass sidewalks?

My friend walks along Hayes Avenue often and has found the sidewalk at the underpass to be extremely muddy. Would the city consider regularly cleaning up that sidewalk so that people can use it without getting their shoes stuck in the mud and tracking it all the way home? Carla from Sandusky

The Register alerted city officials about the mud problem at the Hayes Avenue underpass, located by North Depot Street, around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Two hours later, new city engineer Aaron Klein responded and seemingly helped fully address the issue.

"I just spoke with the superintendent of the street division," Klein said. "He said that he would get over there to take care of it."

With several other projects on Sandusky's radar, it'll be unlikely this area will be fully clear of mud 100 percent of the time. But at least now city officials realize this area does have a mud problem.

Klein provided an explanation as to how the mud problem started:

"There is a gap between the bottom of the railroad track base and the top of concrete from our project, which was also the top of the allowable project limits because it was on railroad property," he said. "We are looking into our options and discussing how to handle this because of the logistics of dealing with the railroad tracks. Due to the various entities involved, this may take awhile to handle. We'll maintain it to the best of our ability in the meantime."

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First, of course, they have to fix the leak that's causing the mud problem. Some in Port Clinton also. Please don't hold your breath.

The Answer Person

Grab a shovel and go for it buddy.


How about you let us know, without giving away your identity, when your street is about to be paved or rebuilt. We can contact the City and let them know you will take charge of the project at your expense.


Maybe if you take care of the problem yourself with a flat shovel and be told to stop by LE....you can become commissioner and ex official mayor! Just saying!




I've got a question for the Mailbag. Why is it that Norwalk Youth Baseball is covered in the Reflector, but Sandusky Youth Baseball isn't covered in the Register?!!!? http://www.fandy.com/article/bas...


Damn! Good question.

Mr. D

How about the kids who "aint got nuthin to do" help with keeping it clean. . ,


How about putting some of these welfare people to work for a change ?

sandtown born a...

Let them earn the free ride


What about the seniors who've enjoyed a lifetime of the social safety net?

Truth or Dare

How about instead of 3 city workers standing around the same Campbell St. manhole, just looking at it, chatting and talking on cell phones for well over an hour, maybe at least 2 of them could go a few blocks west and spend some time shoveling the mud off of the sidewalks? Now I understand better why those that are runners are running ON Hayes Ave., to avoid the mud on the City sidewalk.