Jul 23, 2013

Why did Big O's close?

In early spring, or shortly after the shooting at the car wash behind what used to be Big O's, Big O's suddently closed and it is now the Orioles Club. What happened to cause this sudden change? Did it have anything to do with all the fights and police calls? Sue in Sandusky

We had trouble pinpointing exactly why Big O's, a former restaurant located across from Kroger, unexpectedly closed. Sandusky native and NFL All-Pro offensive lineman Orlando Pace owned the bar.

Crime could've contributed to the restaurant closing. A shooting incident did occur around the premises in March.

But there's been little to no problems ever since the Sandusky Orioles Club vacated its Milan Road headquarters and moved into the West Perkins Avenue building.

In fact, membership spiked from about 300 before moving to almost 1,000 people today.

"The location is much better," bar manager Tonya Vassallo said. "This is basically a place for members to eat and drink without worrying about any kind of fights."

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Sandusky Ohio wins the award for one of Northern Ohio's most racially divided cities in the state. Congratulations.