Jul 23, 2013

Why did Big O's close?

In early spring, or shortly after the shooting at the car wash behind what used to be Big O's, Big O's suddently closed and it is now the Orioles Club. What happened to cause this sudden change? Did it have anything to do with all the fights and police calls? Sue in Sandusky

We had trouble pinpointing exactly why Big O's, a former restaurant located across from Kroger, unexpectedly closed. Sandusky native and NFL All-Pro offensive lineman Orlando Pace owned the bar.

Crime could've contributed to the restaurant closing. A shooting incident did occur around the premises in March.

But there's been little to no problems ever since the Sandusky Orioles Club vacated its Milan Road headquarters and moved into the West Perkins Avenue building.

In fact, membership spiked from about 300 before moving to almost 1,000 people today.

"The location is much better," bar manager Tonya Vassallo said. "This is basically a place for members to eat and drink without worrying about any kind of fights."

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please don't respond to these ridiculous posts. if you boycott them the register will have to withdraw them. it is so sad to see this media used to inflame and hurt people. there is no reason for this.


LOL @ pptrsha! The bar probably closed for the same reason most businesses close. NO PROFIT? The parking lot always looked empty when I would go by there. There probably was no more violence there than other bars in the area.

The Answer Person

duh...the "customers" have to patronize thier own places and spend MONEY there.

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Went in there a couple of times with black friends everything was fine, went in there with white friends only and we had he-- to pay to even get served. There was more cold in there than beer. I guess we were profiled!


LOL! I think you just got some crappy service that day. Money is green and most bartenders are thieves! Jus sayin'!

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oooh paaahleeease!!! I tried! I tried so hard not to pop in here but you & ur 2cents just set me off! I'm willing to bet u don't even have any black friends. With that kind of attitude I'd be surprised to learn u have ANY friends! There, NOW u've been profiles as one of THOSE people. U know - BIGOTS! P.S. I am a white woman who NEVER saw a problem ANYtime I was there & no, all my friends are not black! sheeesh I'd also bet u've used that age old classic before, "Some of my best friends are black." HA! IF u have any black friends, I'm sure they ARE the best! pffft


That place was nothing but a breeding grounds for thugs. Orlando did not want his name associated with it.

Besides you can't buy beer with the Ohio Direction Card, and they didn't accept the SNAP card.


Oh Dick, why must you act like one?


So tell your thug children to stay away. And since more whites are on the system then blacks tell your wife and kids to stop using my tax dollars for beer I'm tired of paying for their habit




fat white girls stopped coming so there was no one left to pay the black man's tab. plus what DickTracey said.


I don't care who you are, that's funny!!


There was plenty of skinny ones there. Maybe that's why you so bitter it seems like the white girls from Huron Norwalk and bellivue love black guys from Sandusky. Maybe your dad should of taught you better



Grammer and spelling,PLEASE!

dorothy gale

Grammar. Just sayin'.


Damn. I've been caught!


Fat white girls need love too!


of course Deertracker is incapable of acknowledging that the clientele of the establishment was capable of any wrongdoing, but the fact is that I often happened to drive past that place between 2AM and 3AM and the parking lot was often packed, not just the high mile JD Byrider specials with flashy rims that one would expect, but every Statie, Sheriff, Perkins and Sandusky cop car would be there sometimes augmented by border patrol and whoever else has police powers anymore. Essentially every available cop would be there trying to contain a herd of losers as they did their mindless shuffle from foot to foot waiting to see if they would pick the moment to escalate their pointless existences into collective civil disorder. As a productive law abiding citizen there was a simple morbid fascination each of the times I witnessed the scene, each time asking myself why law enforcement needs to tolerate this scene. But it is a moveable feast, some nights at Big O's, other nights at DJs, or in front of the Underground, where ever the bulk of thug culture decides to amass on a particular evening. And it is so common that it is not news now.

The Good Doctor

What are you doing every day between 2AM and3AM?


@pyrate, in your description of the parking lot, you forgot to mention bicycles.

That was where Randleman spent his final hours of freedom before taking his infamous ride home with no lights on his bike.

I guess that says all we need to know about the clientele of that place.


Very True..


Your info is incorrect. Randleman was at Ev's Corner, not Big O's! Next!


For someone from Perkins you spend a lot of late nights in Sandusky. Can we say drug habit maybe you and dick tracty's family spend late nights trying to sale his food stamps.


I can't speak to the character or behavior of the patrons because I did not go there. The cops and border patrol were there to catch people leaving the bar drunk and then pulling them over. The place definitely had issues but so does other area bars. If you have such disdain for these places and those that go there, perhaps you should find something else to do between 2 and 3 a.m. Moveable feast? WTH is that! How do you know so much about thug culture? Go back to your lily white world and mind your lily white business!


Used to be Kool Aids & the Shrine club. Now DJ's, Cheap Seats & Daily's are the hot spots for crime. Things have been semi quiet at Lyman Harbor, compared to last summer.



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Nevermind deertracker, we are surrounded by bigots!



As usual!


It was a very racist bar, Orlando let his family run it and they ran it right into the ground.. The manager was even dealing out of there at once. when the police come there with their k-9 and go through the parking lot, I would have to say there's some drug problems.Either way, It's a much better move for the Orioles..


How was it a racist bar with a white bartender. I have been there a couple of times and there was always white people there never did I see any race garbage so quit spreading your lies.


Sandusky Ohio wins the award for one of Northern Ohio's most racially divided cities in the state. Congratulations.