Jul 22, 2013

Who has the best happy hour in town?

Where are the best place in town for happy hour? Most places I visit have a whopping 25 cents off drinks and barely and appetizer specials. Any suggestions on local places to indulge? Matt from Sandusky

• Annette Algie Guerra: Outback has happy hour everyday from 4-7 p.m., and it's $1 off all tall draft beers, well liquor, house wines and Wallaby Darned drinks.

• Justin Griffith: The Reserve at Kalahari has a locals club called Zuri-Jurani. It's happy hour all the time with the free card. There's also 10 percent off food, plus a free dinner for your birthday.

• Jennifer Schonhardt: Taco Bell has happier hour everyday from 2-5 p.m. There's $1 loaded grilers, whether there is spicy buffalo chicken, loaded potato or beefy nacho.

• Melanie Lowery: The Patio Tavern on Cleveland Road East, just past the Angry Bull Steakhouse, on Tuesday they have $3 burgers and JoJos. On Wednesday's, they have steak dinners for $9 and Thursdays chicken wings for 75 cents each.

Feel free to comment below on what you believe are some of the area's best happy hour specials.

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Taco Bell? Really?? On the "local places to endulge?" The Place, Vogue Lounge and the Peppermint Lounge must be rolling over in their graves.


Really.. I dont think these where the answers that matt was looking for..


Is this a joke?


The Cameo, Sandusky, weekdays 4-7pm. 75. off your beer while sitting in 90 degree heat. Drink your beer fast or it'll be as warm as your pizza in 7 minutes!


whoever accepts and prints the questions for this part of the paper should be fired. I have seen inflammatory posts and just plain stupid on here. good grief, stop it already please you are just insulting the intelligence of your readers.