Jul 25, 2013

Who cuts messy lawns?

Who takes care of unmowed grass on a property that no one is living on? I currently live on Tiffin Avenue across from the Tea House of the Dancing Lady where there's a vacant lot with extremely high grass. Why can't someone take care of this? Liz on Tiffin Avenue

This is a question frequently asked by residents but nonetheless and important one worth rehashing.

About a month ago, Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci provided answers for a similar question pertaining to Sandusky-based properties:

Q: Who pays to mow lawns on vacant city properties?

A: The city of Sandusky initially pays all costs to cut grass. This cost is billed to the owner of the property, if there is one. If the bank owns the property, they get the bill.

Q: Who pays to mow lawns where there is an actual owner present?

A: It is the owner who is responsible to comply. If the owner allows the height to become 8 inches or higher, a violation notice is issued by city officials to have the violation corrected. If not corrected, the city abates the nuisance and invoices the owners. If the invoice goes unpaid, then the invoiced amount is placed against a homeowner's taxes.

Q: Who cuts these lawns?

A: Currently, the city is under contract with Goodwill Industries for cutting nuisance properties.

Q: How can I get a vacant lawn mowed?

A: Call the city's code enforcement department by dialing 419-627-5913. This could work, say, for that Warren Street property with overgrown weeds infecting the area. Maybe someone could do that in the comment section below.

Q: How much do city officials charge for overgrown areas?

A: The city's laws states "the property owner ... shall pay all costs associated with the cutting and removal of the noxious weeds and grass together with an administrative fee of $100."

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My goodness people MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Why should you care if there is an overgrown lot?! Is it that you are just nosy. Maybe you should think about taking up a hobby to fill your spare time.


overgrown grass and weeds can harbor ticks, fleas, and other disease carrying insects, plus, if you take care of your own lawn , you really don't appreciate neglected yards, after all this is your home neighborhood.


I think Liz should be more worried about the tics, fleas and other disease carrying insects at the Tea House!

That tall grass would be the least of my worries if I lived across the street from that house of ill repute!


@ D. Tracy, my that was funny.