Jul 17, 2013

Can Sandusky receive grants to spruce up veterans' plots at Oakland Cemetery?

Is there a way to fund a refurbishing project for veterans buried at Oakland Cemetery similar to what's occurring at the Ohio Veterans Home? Oakland Cemetery is 164 years old, and I would guess that thousands of headstones need attention. Audrey in Perkins Township.

Note: Audrey's referencing a major rehabilitation project currently ongoing at Ohio Veterans Home in which a federal grant is paying to raze, replace and rehabilitate the headstones.

Oakland Cemetery manager Dan Hedberg provided the following response in seeking grants to clean up veterans memorials at the Sandusky property located off Milan Road:

I didn't know about that. That would be great to have done, but part of our problem is the man hours it would be to do this, and we do not have the manpower for that.

I could talk to the person who is in charge of getting grants.

With the short help of full-time workers, I have to help trim around the headstones, mow grass, etc. Again, if we even did get that grant, it would be the man power that we do not have. I would not want a seasonal (employee) doing that job. A full-time person would have to do that with them, and there is just two of us. I would like very much to have this done. It is the manpower that we don't have, but I will check into it.

In the fall or winter, if the weather isn't too bad, my only full-time person and one seasonal that is there all year will go out for a few days and level headstones. Last year they leveled over 100 in four days.

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