Jul 16, 2013

How much money does Perkins super make?

The word on the street is that Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner recently received a substanial raise. In light of recent staff cuts, it would be interesting to know if this is true. Is it? Tom on Woodlawn Avenue

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner has not received a salary increase since Jan. 1, 2011, according to district treasurer Lisa Crescimano.

Here are his recent salaries.

• July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010: $106,390

• July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011: $112,993

• July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012: $117,200

• July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012: $117,200

Gunner stands to receive $117,200 from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

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$117,200!!!!????? For ineptness?

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For a quality school system. A shame more folks don't see that. And he is not the highest paid super around.


but over paid none the less


Just say NO.


No thank you, I'll Vote YES.


Vote NO, stop begging for yes votes, let a few years go by,then try again.


Thirteen years have gone by. Waiting will result in higher millage/tax amounts in the future.


Nope, voting YES!

Tsu Dho Nimh

I know the folks in Perkins don't care for the super and probably have good reason. However, his salary is actually lower than other supers in the area.

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Well, when you look at what he has done you can see why he is the lowest paid!

44870 South

hahaha! For real!


There are those who don't care for Dr. Gunner. Some have developed that feeling over time. I fear that many who don't care for him have developed their opinion not knowing all the facts, or based on limited information and interaction with him.

There are also those of us who support him and are glad to have him. Hopefully, voter turnout will be better than 40% in August, and November, so that one can truly gauge the public opinion.

I for one have gotten to know the man, and find him to be credible, honest, and dedicated to this community, whether he lives here or not.


I love the Vote NO for Perkins Schools signs in the yards on Bogart Road near Route 4!!! I want one!


I love all the Vote YES for Perkins Schools signs that are all over my neighborhood!!!! I want one! Oh, wait, I already have one!!


It looks handmade. Get some spray paint, etc...


PLUS 10% for his "pick up" which you the taxpayer fronts for another $11,720 into his retirement account. Also the "treasurer" receives 10% of your money for her retirement, maybe $8,000 and some change!

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Plus all the dinners and lunches he gets to expense. From the looks of it that could be about $200 a day!


Very nice Tool Box. Personal attacks solve a lot of problems - said no one ever.

Hope you made yourself feel better, because the value of your opinion just made a downward move.


Why are there so many articles about Twinkies and Perkins Schools lately on this site?

Really are you ...

Pretty soon twinkies will be all they have on the menu for the kids to eat at Perkins Schools. Kids won't gain weight because the twinkies are smaller portions now.



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How is a NO Vote "for Perkins Schools?" A NO vote will clearly weaken our school district, and community.

Vote YES!!


How many import kids are on free lunches compared to home district kids? Who pays for the free lunches? Will those on free lunches have to pay the pay to play fees? If not, who will pay those fees?


ALL participants will pay the fees to participate-the state only requires waiving or reducing fees for free and reduced lunch program students when those fees are related to academics. This was announced a few weeks ago. I believe the free lunches are subsidized by the Federal Government's Free and Reduced Meal Program for school children.


What is the ratio of import students versus district resident students?


You would have to contact the board office for that info. I don't have it. Why do you ask?


Do you want names, d.o.b. ss# and proof of income?! Just vote no then mind your own business!


Did I ask for that info? Are you offended that someone asks if more open enrolled kids are on assistance? Too bad. Don't you live in Sandusky anyway? Maybe that's why you're offended.


I'm not offended, but I question why that info even matters?? Free and reduced lunch students still have to pay the PTP fees.


I personally do not know any open enrolled kids on assistance. All the ones I know come from affluent families in Sandusky or are such good students that Perkins should be happy they are bringing the test score averages up. Do you know any on assistance?

Pirate Mom

There are many open enrolled kids whose families rely on assistance. It doesn't matter.


BTW, you wouldn't happen to be a Saint Mary's parent or board member would you? It seems they all want this levy to fail so they can get all their students back...


GET A LIFE. Mind your business.

Keep Focused

I have had a lot of contact with Dr. Jim Gunner. He is very good at his job. He does know what he is doing. He is someone who can figure out how to do things that to many seems impossible.

To understand his ideas and to have confidence that his ideas will work, requires more than a casual observation and requires more than looking at things in a traditional way.

The school board asks Dr. Gunner to use his excellent background to put these "big idea" plans together. To many people, these ideas seem to be beyond our grasp and as a result he is criticized.

I feel a robust dialogue of these ideas is good to have. I will also say that Dr. Gunner is doing the job for which he has been hired, to figure out the best educational opportunity for our students.


LOL vary good at his job indeed, Tried to get the tax payers a few years ago to build a HUGE new school with the a one time offer from the state and tax payers said NO. So he moved money out of the operating. Then he got the BOE to approve I nice new stadium. Then the high school was not safe to be in, but that was proven not true. Now after 2 tries to scam the tax payers they cant offered to run the school that just last year was unsafe. but they still had over a million of tax payers money to put in the new stadium. He still dose not live here and pay taxes. Yep a good job indeed.


November 2010 - 4.98 mills:

1) would have taken advantage of gov't bond financing (which is no longer available) that would have made the project much less costly for taxpayers. Current millage asked for is 6.73 and will continue to rise with continued delay (it's the nature of school funding in Ohio)
2) would have located all students in one area; that would have resulted in logistic, maintenance, and transportation savings among others.
3) would have allowed for Meadowlawn property to be sold and developed commercially; in my opinion, that will need to happen someday. Strub Road corridor is not an ideal place for a school. Furry property might have been sold for residential development or expanded green space.
4) would have solved traffic issues at Furry and Meadowlawn
and so on.

The Health Dept. inspection didn't address infrastructure issues or long term building viability issues. The HD report stated that it didn't address most of the issues raised by the other three inspections.

I'm curious; if the HD report indicated an immediate issue or issues, would you then be supporting renovation/replacement?

The BOE members live here; they have final decision making authority. We need a long term facility plan; we have one at the lowest cost to taxpayers.

Keep Focused

Perkins Schools offers free pizza, levy discussion
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JUL 16, 2013

Citizens for Perkins Schools will host a question-and-answer session with Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner at Chet and Matt's Pizza at 6 p.m. tonight.

Anyone can come and ask the group questions about the upcoming August levy vote or general questions about the district.

Chet and Matt's Pizza will provide free pizza and drinks.

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In the style of Jeopardy. "How much is too much"?

Keep Focused

To: Goodtime

Please review you point of view for a minute. Big ideas "huge new school" is not automatically a bad idea and "moving operating money" just might be the least costly and most successful way to finance new or remodeled facilities. Also the new stadium gave us a great new educational facility at 1/2 the cost. This idea (plan) brought over one million dollars of private money into the system. A good result.

I understand you will not Change your opinion just because of my comments here but I ask that you try to accept good news when it shows up..


KEEP FOCUSED, thank you for your respectful response. Although I still don't agree with some of your comments, it is nice to see a discussion without getting nasty to one another.


30 comments and not one mention of the people who hired Gunner. If you don't like Gunner don't dump on him - fire the school board, they are approving everything he does. BTW - I think the board is doing a good job. I'll be voting YES.


Glad to see facts like this. I've long espoused that ALL leadership in America should have their pay & benefits shown. Our leadership works for US.


This is in response to the socio-economic status of students within the district changing in the last few years. Typically, a school district measures the number of students who are living at or below poverty by the number who get free and reduced lunches. This has changed for the district in the last few years. I'm not sure if it is a result of the economy or the result of those who are from other districts open-enrolling, but it is interesting info from a May 2010 article.


"We have seen an increase ... due to people losing their jobs and the economic hard times everyone has experienced," said Perkins food services director Linda Miller.

Of the 2,179 students enrolled in Perkins in February 2005, 288 received free and reduced lunch approval. In contrast, this last February, with almost the same number of students, there were 383 students on the program. "


My point exactly.


Every district in the area has open enrollment. Why is Perkins criticized because it apparently happens to be the one with the largest waiting list? Open enrollment has enabled the district to continue on a strong path even with a new infusion of funds only once in the last 18 years (2.9 mils), but even that is falling short, especially with the need for upgraded facilities (the middle school has had "temporary" trailers for over a decade). Even so, this levy is not about facilities, or even about Dr. Gunner. It is a levy for operations only. You will have an opportunity to vote for a new board (and superintendent) before new/repaired facility discussions are done. Although I believe Gunner is trying his best for the students of Perkins, even I don't agree with everything he has done. However, he will be gone long before this district and community recovers if yet another levy fails.


Rmyer - How much money did PSD spend on having the district go wireless in the last few years? Will they be able to re-use any of that in the new building?


I have no idea. Perhaps, you could direct your question to the technology department director. I don't know much about technology hardware but would assume that hardware can be relocated whether in a renovated or new building some time down the road.


After serious thought, it's time to merge with Sandusky. We can get rid of all the duplicate positions. One A.D. One superintendant, etc. Let's keep Sanders and fire Gunner! Merge now!


Merge and save millions!