Jul 15, 2013

Did Perkins Schools buy software from super's company?

I have heard that the Perkins Schools Board of Education and superintendent Jim Gunner recently bought new computer software for the school and that it was very expensive. I also heard that Mr. Gunner is on the board of the company that sells the software. Can you look into this? Mike in Perkins Township

Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano provided the following answer:

The school district has not purchased any software for several years. Dr. Gunner is not on a board that sells the district software.

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This information has been published on the district's website in the Q & A section. Within the last few years, PSD did not renew their contract with www.noeca.org and instead transferred it to www.treca.org. School districts have financial agreements with these agencies to provide things like payroll, report cards, progress book, etc. NOECA is a locally operated agency that supports schools with their technology and computer needs. TRECA is a similar agency that is located in Marion and Gunner sits on their board. I suspect this is where the rumor started. I would bet that the board position for TRECA is not compensated and that there is no financial conflict of interest. However, moving services outside of the local community is usually met with suspicion especially when there is minimal explanation provided regarding the reasons for that decision.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Several districts have left NOECA due to the quality of service it was providing. At least 4 local districts made the change, including Sandusky.


Is all you do is blog about schools???..Perkins..Huron..Who are you??


Am I correct that Gunner is not compensated for his work as a TRECA board member?


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Is all you do is blog about schools???..Perkins..Huron..Who are you people??


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