Jul 3, 2013

Did Roly Poly close?

Did the restaurant in the BP gas station at the corner of Hayes and Perkins avenues close? Alissa on Fifth Street

The dine-in joint — serving wrap-style sandwiches, salads and soups — unexpectedly closed within the past couple weeks. The shop opened about two years ago.

Register business reporter Melissa Topey made repeated attempts to pinpoint when and exactly why the restaurant closed.

Executives, however, provided a brief and vague answer.

"Unfortunately the store has closed," according to a statement.

If anyone has information about the store's closing, comment below.

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It is easy to tell why the place closed, did you ever see anyone eat there?

The Answer Person

Uh...yeah...I saw many people eating there when I WENT THERE and BOUGHT their food. You have to GO and SUPPORT businesses folks if you want them to survive.

Tool Box

I didn't go there because I thought I was another smoke shop. Didn't know it was a restaurant!


Thank you for assuming that I do not support local businesses... As for me, I never witnessed anyone in there. Just stating a fact from my observations, no need to bust out the CAPS.


I didn't enjoy their food, so I only ate there twice. Sad to see a place close though. Don't worry I'm sure they can open a subway there


The employees at that BP are a little, uh, neck tattoo? Yeah, that's about right. Why do neck tattoo and slow checkouts correlate so closely?


i know plenty of people with neck tattoos that are great workers, and i know plenty of people without neck tattoos that are lazy P.O.S.


Notice I didn't say they have neck tattoos, that's just how I'd describe the whole vibe.


I have eaten there more than once. I liked the food. The only thing I didn't like was the getting in and out of the place.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

In an age when coffee stores in big cities are seemingly on every street corner so you don't "HAVE to cross the street" for a cup of coffee (we in the store call these first-world problems), accessibility is a huge issue. The business model may not have been appropriate for the location either as gas stations are high traffic areas and on a busy corner it can be congested. When people just want to get in and out for the majority of their business, having a place like that just didn't seem to fit apparently.

It is sad to see a business go, but perhaps they can find something else to do that will be profitable!

On another note, while I haven't timed it personally, I think those BP pumps are slower to force you to watch the commercials at them. They feel like they are slower, anyway. All the same and as it is a case where perception is reality, I avoid that place if for only that reason. It is a novel idea and I can see what they are trying to do with it, but I have no interest in sports scores nor entertainment news so why should I wait longer to be subjected to it?


Agreed! The food wasn't great but it was not horrible either. I too think the business model was lacking. Location and demographics are very important when planning.


What does neck tattoo's have to do with anything. It is a form of expression and may I remind you that it is 2013 and people need to get over this. I have a neck tattoo and I work more than 90hrs. bi-weekly and I do a very good job and I do not slack at all. It is art and again as I stated above a "form of expressing ones self". It is a lotus and it has meaning. You cannot judge a person by their "art'. My physician is a wonderful man and you would not know until he tells you that he has sleeves. Should I walk out of his office because of this? Nope. Get over yourself and what others express on their own person


I loved roly poly! Me and my co-workers got lunch their often and my family and I picked food up on the go alot


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A new restaurant concept needs to be on target. A near-miss won't do. Interesting concept, probably missed on the details. And the name was cute, but to make it evoke thoughts of something delicious would have taken more marketing.


No product recognition on the outside of the building! Didn't know what it was! The next place to fold will be a place that is not even open yet, Mikey's. No product recognition on the sign facing Perkins Ave. Mark my words and don't shoot the messenger.