Jul 10, 2013

What's the story behind the Sandusky Greenhouse's dog statue?

Is there a special story about the dog statue that's outside the city greenhouse? I drive past it almost every day and it always peaks my curiositity. Jake on Rye Beach Road.

Sandusky greenhouse manager Tom Speir provided the following answer:

The iron dog statue was given to the city by George and Ethel Matthes.  Mr. Matthes was President of the Matthes Coal Company.  

The dog was in the back yard of their house on East Washington Street until it was moved to the city greenhouse upon it's donation sometime in the 1970's.  

An Internet researcher verified the approximate age of the dog from an antique garden art dealer.  The dog, a Newfoundland, was cast in the 1860's and it is not, as far as we know, made from melted Civil War cannon balls as local legend implies.

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I love that statue! As a kid my grandfather used to take me there to see it. I didn't know what type of dog it was back then but I learned what breed it is supposed to be a few years ago after I already had Winston, my Newfoundland! I had Winston walking downtown and one of the city workers asked me about him and told me about the statue looking just like Winston. I would love to have statue like that for my yard but I am content to know it is safe at the greenhouse and that I have the real thing with Winston! Newfies are wonderful dogs!


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