Jul 1, 2013

Do you know who has fireworks this year?

I can't wait to see the fireworks this year. Do you have a list of all the communities blasting fireworks for this Fourth of July? Kristin in Perkins Township

Funcoast! put together a list of when and where to watch fireworks this week. If we left one out, let us know in the comments below. We didn't include Bellevue in this roundup since the fireworks occured this past Friday:

Cedar Point 4th of July Fireworks

WHEN: 10 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: Cedar Point, 1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky


Fremont 4th of July Fireworks

WHEN: 10 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: Walsh Park, 754 Morrison St., Fremont


Lakeside 4th of July Fireworks

WHEN: 9:45 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: 236 Walnut Ave., Lakeside

Norwalk 4th of July Fireworks
WHEN: Dusk Thursday

WHERE: Norwalk’s Fairgrounds, 940 Fair Road, Norwalk


Port Clinton 4th of July Fireworks Celebration

WHEN: Dusk Thursday

WHERE: Waterworks Park, Perry St., Downtown Port Clinton


Put-in-Bay 4th of July Fireworks

WHEN: Dusk Thursday

WHERE: Perry's Monument, 93 Delaware Ave., Put-in-Bay


Willard Festival in the Park

WHEN: 10:30 p.m., Friday

WHERE: Myrtle Avenue, Willard


Huron Red, White and Blue Bang

WHEN: Dusk Saturday

WHERE: Huron Boat Basin, 330 Main St., Huron

Marblehead 4th of July Fireworks

WHEN: Dusk Saturday

WHERE: Marblehead Bay Point, 10948 E. Bayshore Road, Marblehead

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is plumbrook or anyone around town besides cedar point doing it?


Sandusky has always relied on Cedar Point for it's fireworks display. The closest in town display used to be sponsored by the Hills department store that was in the Perkins Plaza.

Everyone will have to take in the "reverse parade" if that is still held at Washinton park to get their 4th of July patriotic fix.

Mr. D

How about Oak Harbor?


Too bad Huron's aren't today. I don't know why they have them twice. Dumb.

Dwight K.

In Huron's schedule of events it says fireworks are during the river fest but doesn't say fireworks on the 6th...so are there really fireworks on the 6th??

Tsu Dho Nimh

It's on the calender on the city's website.