Jul 8, 2013

What's going on with the Mason Road bridge?

What's the status of the bridge replacement project on Mason Road? There doesn't seem to be much progress on it in two months of construction time. Bob in Oxford Township

The Mason Road bridge project — a $190,000 endeavor, located just east of Patten Tract Road — is essentially completed and will be completed on time.

Erie County project engineer Matt Rogers provided the following answer:

The contractor started the Mason Road bridge (project) on May 8 and has until July 22 to complete the project. Ten weeks is a pretty typical timeframe for a replacement such as this one.

The contractor has been working four 10-hour days each weeks since work has begun with the exception of a few recent rain days.

The bridge work itself is essentially completed. Remaining work now consists of some minor drainage items, replacing the pavement, installing a guardrail and then site cleanup.

We don't currently see any reason why the contractor won't be able to finish the project on schedule.

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I'll be glad when this is back open so that poor stressed out dude on the east side of the southern end of Campbell can stop freaking out on people for "driving too fast on HIS road" All his plywood signs, hand signals and screaming are a bit much. I don't think he understands that the speed limit on an unmarked rural road is 55.


Personally, I'm not looking forward to Mason being opened back up. A few of us have had plenty of fun driving up and down OUR roads at 15mph just to slow y'all down.

And, by the way, we all understand what the speed limit is. The speed limit on, for instance, Wood Rd (between Patten Tract and 99) is also 55 - does that mean it's SAFE to take those 90-degree curves at 55? Not quite.

Legal does not always equal safe or intelligent.

If you can't use common sense and realize that PERHAPS it may not be the best idea to drive 55 (or more) (or a semi, or dump truck, or an "Oversized Load" placarded boat trailer, etc - all of which we've seen brought down here) on a one-lane road, then you probably don't belong behind the wheel in the first place.

And speaking of whether or not people "understand" things... Are the arrows on the detour signage beyond YOUR comprehension?


Maybe it's not "his" road but it IS "OUR" neighborhood!!! Would you like me driving past your house in your neighborhood at 55 MPH??? If you can't respect the fact that these roads are 1 lane roads in a very residential neighborhood where young children live and play, TAKE THE POSTED DETOUR!!!


The unmarked rural road you refer to is a one lane road and while it may be legal to drive 55 miles an hour it certainly isn't smart or even considerate of the families that live along it with young children who are not used to the amount of increased traffic. And I applaud the "poor stressed out dude" you refer to who is only concerned for his children. People who live on this NON-detour route have had drivers swear at us, throw trash in our yards, tail-gate us, drive in our yards and be just generally as disrepectful as possible.