Jul 5, 2013

How many people are on welfare?

How do I find out how many people in the city of Sandusky are on welfare? Is a list of these folks available? How much of our taxes cover this as citizens? John on Wayne St.

A June 21 Register story indicated about $9 million has been spent on welfare from 2008 through 2012. The figures came from Erie County Job and Family Services.

Erie County Job and Family Services is mostly funded through state tax money but also receives local taxes for operations as well.

About 250 Erie County residents receive welfare. Department workers are prohibited from indicating exactly who receives welfare or what communities — Erie County's cities, townships and villages — these funds go to.

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Okay pooh, from WHOM?


Re: "Okay pooh, from WHOM?"

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Both parties are corrupt and need to go. Being a public "official" should not be a lifetime job!

he said she said

John on Wayne Street: What do you make in a week? An hour? I don't think that is anyone's business. Those reasons are protected by HIPAA. I also think you need to find another hobby other than being in someone else's business.

Before the attack is launched: I understand that taxes pay for those benefits that people get but I also understand how hard it is to make minimum wage at two jobs and pay out more than you bring in with rent, utilities (not including luxuries like cable or a cell phone), meds and food....something has to go without being paid to get meds or food. If you have never lived like this, then you have no room to speak because you don't know how it is.

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Repubs not only like to deprive poor people, they like to punish them too.


Re: "Repubs not only like to deprive poor people, they like to punish them too."

Democrats want to make EVERYONE a slave to the STATE and make EVERYONE equally poor.

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Repubs want to make EVERYONE a slave to the CORPORATIONS and make the 99% poor.


Re: "Repubs want to make EVERYONE a slave to the CORPORATIONS and make the 99% poor."

And no Democrats manage corps DERPY?

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And no Repubs manage Gov DERPY?


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I can not believe that one IGNORANT FOOL asked a question that should have been thrown in the garbage and all of these intelligent people on here have run with it. IGNORE the stupid s@@t and hope they go away. shame on "JOHN" who probably doesn't exist the SR just did it to get a war going


Oh John exists! Believe that!!!!!!!!!!


The SR could've printed anything and some of you judges on here would still have something to whine about. People do not get rich from a welfare check. Never have! Why is it such a terrible thing to actually be able to pay your bills after working 40 hours or more? The people that may or may not receive some type of assistance are the same people that may have handed you your last Big Mac or bagged your groceries, or handled your last banking transaction, rang up your goodies from wherever, checked you in at your last doctor' appointment, served you that great meal and so on and so on and so on. Do you really think any of those people are banking big bucks? What's so awful about them getting a little help?


you are right. working a job at 7.00 per hr which is more money than a lot of places in Sandusky you take home 200.00. so at the end of the month you have 800.00 your rent is 550.00 you have 250.00 left to pay gas elec food medical no luxuries maybe no food anyone with kids can tell you that 250 at the grocery store for a family for a whole month is ridiculous i don't begrudge anyone help


Re: "People do not get rich from a welfare check. Never have!"

So why are so many receiving health and welfare benefits than at ANY time in the nation's history and the wage scale has been declining?

How is Pres. Obama not a liar and a failure? Yet you slavishly follow him.

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They are receiving it because the fat cats and crooks on Wall St. robbed the American economy. They got a BIG welfare check too! Did you mean "slavishly"?


Re: They got a BIG welfare check too!"

Yea, compliments of the Pelosi and Reid Congress - TARP.

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Amerian Dad

This is not an Obama thing or a democrat or republican issue. This is a lazy issue. Why would anyone expect anyone to work if they get it for free.

I don't see an issue of knowing this information. No one has an issue when the register published all the salaries of law enforcement in Erie County. Everyone said it was their right to know what they make because their tax dollars pay for their wages. Well my tax dollars pay for the lazy ones on welfare, so I too would love to know.


American Dad, this is not a lazy issue. You are part of the problem by thinking that way. I know people who have two jobs and work seven days a week. The problem is jobs don't pay what they used to, and on top of that now people have to pay $100 a week for their health benefits. You try paying rent, groceries, utilities, doctor and dentist appointments, medication, etc. on that.

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The question should be addressed more towards those receiving SSDI. Those receiving cash "welfare" benefits are temporary, but a disability check is your golden "out". If you need it, I don't begrudge you anything, I honestly don't - but seeing an ex-neighbor of mine who's back is too messed up to work, standing in his facebook picture with his 10 point buck that he was able to get his arse out of bed to hunt is just the tip of the iceberg. Many that I've heard of can paint or do yard work for cash money without a problem or are able to cast a fishing line for several hours each day while miraculously having been deemed unable to work and approved for SSDI. Meanwhile, my other neighbor died twice and was brought back from his heart stopping, had approval from his doctor and still had to fight for years for help. There's also an old friend that died of cancer, he fought and was approved for disability 3 weeks before his cancer killed him. Needless to say I blow the whistle on fraud when I can after years of watching the system in action. What to do? It's not fair for those people that truly do need it to have to jump through more hoops just because the con's have the system mastered.


We as a people must turn in those who misuse the system (play the system). If we do nothing the system will end due to the abuse. It's been played out again and again in history.


Let's all be welfare vigilantes! Yeah!


Glad you agree. I turned in a young man who is on permanent disability because of a bad back, but plays golf all summer and snowboards in the winter. Bad back my a$$.


The facts have to be wrong. 250 for all of Erie County seems like there should be more then that. Someone should re-check the figures.


Re. Ok wtf . Couldn't agree more. Think it has to do with picking the right person(s) to help you "get on the draw." Saw some do that & there was nothing wrong with them.