Jul 5, 2013

How many people are on welfare?

How do I find out how many people in the city of Sandusky are on welfare? Is a list of these folks available? How much of our taxes cover this as citizens? John on Wayne St.

A June 21 Register story indicated about $9 million has been spent on welfare from 2008 through 2012. The figures came from Erie County Job and Family Services.

Erie County Job and Family Services is mostly funded through state tax money but also receives local taxes for operations as well.

About 250 Erie County residents receive welfare. Department workers are prohibited from indicating exactly who receives welfare or what communities — Erie County's cities, townships and villages — these funds go to.

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That's WAY off topic Sam!


(Country Median Wealth per Adult)
(3. Japan $141,410)
(27. United States $ 38,786)

I am curious how you can try and blame these numbers on anyone other that the person doing the saving or the spending?
I know I kept hearing that the government of Japan had their hands full trying to loosen the purse strings of their people after they went through a long protracted recession that started in the 80’s. Their youth were taught by their parents to be savers and it was a problem because they held on to so much that it hurt their economy.

On another note we Americans believe so much in spending what we do not have and living on credit we tend to save a lot less as a nation. I have friends that have or had well-paying union automotive plant jobs and yet they enjoyed a lifestyle beyond their means by working a great deal of overtime, buying and funding things like boats, fancy cars and other things. Unfortunatly when the overtime ended with a recession they still had a payment book that needed fulfilling.

I think this list of numbers does have a meaning but it is not what some here think!


These numbers have more to do with individual savings and investment than income. The numbers you list are sad, but they are more of an indictment of our poor educational system, and lack of values. Many kids are taught from a very young age to work, spend, work, spend. They did away with most personal finance classes in high school so kids are learning poor money management from their over extended parents. Teach a kid to save and be frugal early on and it will become a habit.

Some of us significantly increased their net worth during the recession. It didn't happen by accident, it was due to frugality and sound financial practices.


Re: "Many kids are taught from a very young age to work, spend, work, spend."

Not surprised, 70% of the U.S. economy is based on consumer spending.

The govt. and the Fed Resv. encourage it.

As Robt. Kiyosaki points out in "Rich Dad, Poor Dad": The rich tend to buy assets that appreciate, whereas the poor buy those that depreciate.

Again, not surprising that many poor who win huge lottery payouts end up dead broke - state of mind.

The Big Dog's back

As usual, blame the victims.


If you have NO money how can one save or invest? DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make up your mind! Either you want the next generation to do better or you don't! If you significantly increased your net worth during a recession you took full advantage of someone else's misfortune. Nice try GI Joe!


Don't forget about NAFTA and who signed that great job killer....I'm waiting,who was it????

AJ Oliver

Baloney Mr. Darwin. NOBODY gets more welfare than the 1% - from the gummint which they OWN lock, stock and hedgefund.


I read the article, twice to be sure I was understanding...and I don't understand the math. Nine million (sounds like a lot of money and it IS), paid out over 5 years, paying out to 250 "people" comes to about $600 a month per "person". Okay, they are NOT paying that much to EACH person in a family of 3 or 4; there MUST be more than 250 "people" or even family units in the area we're talking about; WIC and food stamps would all be in the same mix, it's not extra; the value of Metro assistance is usually in addition to food stamps or WIC but I believe there is a system for offsetting or reducing one against the other... So yes nine million dollars is a lot of money but when you break it down to $600 a month it doesn't sound like anyone is getting rich or living on lobster.

Let's not get confused until the information is more clear; maybe we can't get the names on the list but let's not assume they are ALL gaming the system, either. If you know someone who IS gaming the system .. even if they're a friend or shirt-tail relative you should turn them in.


I'll admit that I'm getting assistance due to being on social security disability and to be honest I was making a heck of a lot more when I was working and truth be told I wish I was able to go back to work but my health won't allow it. Plus between doctor's appointments, my leg being completely screwed up, facing another round of surgeries and on what seems like a pharmacy worth of meds no one would even consider it. But if I'm reading what you commented on correctly you've figured that each person received approximately $600 a month. For a very short period of time - before my SSD actually kicked in - I did receive financial assistance from welfare as well as food stamps and the maximum that a single person can receive in monetary assistance is $115 a month and in food stamps is less than $200. So you're right, no one is getting rich off assistance. That $115 really didn't pay much in covering my monthly expenses but at least it was something and I was very grateful. As far as people living off lobster, unfortunately I have seen people using food stamps to purchase extravagant food purchases and it really shocks me. With coupons and sales I try to make sure that I get the most of my assistance that I can because I know how hard it would be to get thru without them. If anyone is asking for my name, I'm sorry I won't give that out, that's my personal business and I think this guy is really gutsy asking what he did, but I get his point in asking. There are people out there that are taking advantage of the system and there are times that it would be nice to know who's on it because you know who's really in need of the assistance and who's just looking for someone to give them something for nothing.


You're right, it WOULD be nice to know, especially since we all know that there are those out there who are gaming the system. People like you — people who are actually experiencing the circumstances for which this kind of assistance was created — should be just as concerned and angry. The more money that's wasted, the less there is for LEGITIMATE claims!

I hope that you won't always need to be on some kind of assistance, but not because I resent people like you sound like you are. I hope you won't always need it because you'll be BETTER! Good luck —

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Maybe you should check and diagnose each person.


I'm not qualified to do so. But then neither, apparently, are too many social services workers!

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And you knowwwwwww they aren't qualified how?


We dont have to provide facts dog, you never do......we just know.


Candleburner is correct. It is not your business who gets what. It is bad enough for some to HAVE to accept help and don't deserve to be ridiculed or judged because of their misfortune.


@Candleburner you are absolutely correct about the amount of assistance a single person gets. I know people who have paid into it for years and through an illness or injury they have to have it. I know a person who had their SNAP dropped from $ 77 per month to about $32 per month recently.

I'm quite certain that they aren't living on lobster. And no, I won't divulge their names.

For the scammers and people who play the system. By having baby after baby ... You bet, I would turn them in and have on two past occasions. Those are the people whom I wished would have their names revealed but because of laws. It won't. Not that they would feel any shame or guilt.


Good Luck on your leg surgeries.


NOW, this is what I am talking about. A person who NEEDS help AND would work if he could. I don't mind helping someone like this out. I mind the ones who have 4 kids and keep on producing more and has had been given jobs but quits.


you are the first post that I have seen that gets it. you are right the formula for assistance does off set programs. if you get metro foodstamps are considered INCOME. family of 2,working mother minimum wage job and 1 child, drawing 280 dollars per month for foodstamps will get 215 dollars from metro.


coasterfan writes:

"I can partially excuse them from being hypocrites for the simple reason that most of them don't have any idea what socialism really is."

I've asked you SEVERAL times before without a response:

So which of the tenets of the Communist Manifesto do you disagree?

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ll-1, ll-5, lV.


HOW many BUSINESSES are being SUBSIDIZED, UAW took money from Bush/Obama hand outs, Ford General motors also took money from Bush/Obama hand outs, IF you think for ONE reason YOUR not being SUBSIDIZED you are a fool, If YOU think they can deliver a gallon of gas to SANDUSKY and Toledo then sell it for the SAME price, your a fool, IF you think McDonalds can sell a big mac for the same price as where it is made, you again are mistaken. For the SMALL welfare RECIPIENT that there is NO good paying JOBS, well RAISE minimum wage if you don't want to support them, so people can support themselves, $21.oo per hour. BECAUSE either way you go, your still paying for these people.


Raising the minimum wage wont fix the problem because the price of consumer goods will just rise in order to pay it. You will be making more, but the cost of goods and services will rise so you likely will not have much more buying power.

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Same excuse right wingers have for not taxing the rich.




obviously you two cannot do simple math. Wow, surpriseeeeeeeeee


just wait till the right wingers are out of money then we'll see who gets what

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We're already supporting the right wingers in the trailer parks.


Funny, I don't know any right wingers who live in trailer parks. I do know plenty of blue haired dems down in Florida who do :)