Jul 5, 2013

How many people are on welfare?

How do I find out how many people in the city of Sandusky are on welfare? Is a list of these folks available? How much of our taxes cover this as citizens? John on Wayne St.

A June 21 Register story indicated about $9 million has been spent on welfare from 2008 through 2012. The figures came from Erie County Job and Family Services.

Erie County Job and Family Services is mostly funded through state tax money but also receives local taxes for operations as well.

About 250 Erie County residents receive welfare. Department workers are prohibited from indicating exactly who receives welfare or what communities — Erie County's cities, townships and villages — these funds go to.

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The Big Dog's back

I'd rather be a card carrying Liberal than a card carrying maroon.


Well we know you are not a Christian,gun totin redneck,because they don't want them in your Dumacrat Liberal Nazi party !That is according to one of you DNC Delegates,not me.

dorothy gale

If you are disabled, you CAN get SS and SSI even though you've never worked a day in your life. Not enough to live on, but you do get it. Kinda makes me mad but oh well.


Good point, BD. For about 20 years, Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin have been carping about the world "coming to an end as we know it". They are entertainers, to be sure, and not experts, but it does beg the question as to why anyone with any semblance of gray matter would still listen to them...


Since you seem to know what those cats are saying, its pretty obvious you are listening to them. Would that make you a closet Republican?


Gee, I remember Al Gore and Ted Danson saying the world will end if we don't spend trillions to end "Global Warming". We are still here folks.

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Keep your friends close, your enemies even closer.


coaster...for someone who hates Fox News and its counterparts, you sure do have a deep obsession and clear history of watching that station like its your job.



The symbol (WMT) is for Wal-Mart, keep employing the Chinese my friends by shopping there! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, not here!!


It's OK for CORPORATIONS to ROB us Big Dog.....Don't you know? The GOP has DEEMED corporations as PEOPLE....SMDH....John guess what??? MY taxes are PAYING for the SOCIAL SECURITY that you are PROBABLY getting....can I get a list with those names on it?????? GO GET A LIFE WILL YA?!?!?! May you NOR any of your family members EVER be in the situation where they may need a little help from public assistance....wouldn't want you SHAMED by having their names on "THE LIST".......



Don't forget these corps. as well...

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Brick Hamland

250 seems low to me, would have thought it was much more. On my lunch hour i see that many on the streets walking around doing nothing if its sunny out... must be night shift workers


So are you the ONLY person who gets a lunch break???? SMH


Hard to believe that only 250 residents receive welfare in Erie County. What about subsidized housing? What about food stamps? What about WIC?


About 10,000 on SNAP in Erie county 2009, probably double that now.



It's hard to believe because you don't want it to be true. Would you prefer the number be higher? If you have no complaint about the slumlords collecting their big 'ol metro check each month don't complain about the ACTUAL people who need the help.

AJ Oliver

Hey "John on Decatur", while you were not looking (allowing yourself to be manipulated by the 1%) here is what they have done to us since 1980 (ie, Reaganomics) . .

We now rank 27th - behind not only Canada, but Cypres and Taiwan!

You are probably inumerate, so let me explain that what you see below is the destruction of the American working class . . .

Country Median Wealth per Adult

1. Australia $193,653
2. Luxembourg $153,967
3. Japan $141,410
4. Italy $123,710
5. Belgium $119,937
6. United Kingdom $115,245
7. Iceland $ 95,685
8. Singapore $ 95,542 (non-OECD)
9. Switzerland $ 87,137
10. Denmark $ 87,121
11. Austria $ 81,649
12. Canada $ 81,610
13. France $ 81,274
14. Norway $ 79,376
15. Finland $ 73,487
16. New Zealand $ 63,000
17. Netherlands $ 61,880
18. Ireland $ 60,953
19. Qatar $ 57,027 (non-OECD)
20. Spain $ 53,292
21. United Arab Emir. $ 47,998 (non-OECD)
22. Taiwan $ 45,451 (non-OECD)
23. Germany $ 42,222
24. Sweden $ 41,367
25. Cyprus $ 40,535 (non-OECD)
26. Kuwait $ 40,346 (non-OECD)
27. United States $ 38,786


I agree. Anyone who earns less than $250,000 per year who still votes Republican has a really, really short memory....

Darwin's choice

INEPTOCRACY: a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

The current administration.


Re: "Anyone who earns less than $250,000 per year,"

Don't confuse "wealth" with "income."


Don't you confuse it either when it comes to the ACA!


Re: "25. Cyprus $ 40,535 (non-OECD)"

IMO, I'd wait for an "up-date" on Cyprus - will more than likely go LOWER.

Cyprus has lots of wealthy British retirees who were recently raped by the EBC's "bail-in" for anyone with over one million euros in the banks.

The European socialists are busy looking for assets to help prop up their failed economics policies.



These figures are meaningless without norming for other things such as the cost of living. Consider gas prices, for example. In the US, it's far lower than it is in England or Japan. Housing is cheaper here, too (especially when you consider dollars for square feet — living space in some places around the world makes New York City look almost reasonable). While healthcare and schooling may be cheaper (or free) in some parts of the world, tax rates are sky high to pay for them.

Bottom line: When you consider how much a dollar will buy, and how many of those dollars are actually yours to spend after earning them, the income disparities are nowhere NEAR what this chart "shows."

The Big Dog's back

Oh, why of course sam. How dare they conflict with your way of thinking. For shame. Bad, bad, bad.


It's not anybody's "way of thinking." It's simple fact. Comparing incomes in THIS country would be closer to the mark, but still wouldn't get you there. For example, an apartment that rents for $500 a month in Sandusky, Ohio would likely rent for $2,000 (or more) a month in New York City. That's a 200% difference. So a person making $35,000 a year in Sandusky would need to make $140,000 a year in NYC just to maintain a modest middle class lifestyle as s/he does here.

Yes, $140,000 a year sounds like a lot of money. And it's certainly a lot more than $35,000 a year! But is it REALLY when reality is taken into consideration?

Once again, since you seem incapable of grasping even the simplest facts: Income comparisons are immaterial unless you "norm" them against obvious factors. $15,000 a year would be RICH in some places in Africa; $50,000 a year would be POOR in some places in Europe, or even America.

Stop pretending all other things are equal. They're not. And A.J. Oliver's attempt to present it as such is disingenuous at BEST, and is certainly an outright attempt to misdirect and manipulate those who, with the simplest of math, ought to know better.

The Big Dog's back

Whatever sam. No penetrating that right wing bubble you live in.


Your point is MOOT Sam because the people in your example would not qualify for ANY help!


My point stands. It wasn't in response to the income level designated as qualifying for any help of any kind. It was in response to a list of average annual incomes in various and sundry countries around the world which, as a stand alone figure, is meaningless in ANY context.