Jul 5, 2013

How many people are on welfare?

How do I find out how many people in the city of Sandusky are on welfare? Is a list of these folks available? How much of our taxes cover this as citizens? John on Wayne St.

A June 21 Register story indicated about $9 million has been spent on welfare from 2008 through 2012. The figures came from Erie County Job and Family Services.

Erie County Job and Family Services is mostly funded through state tax money but also receives local taxes for operations as well.

About 250 Erie County residents receive welfare. Department workers are prohibited from indicating exactly who receives welfare or what communities — Erie County's cities, townships and villages — these funds go to.

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I'm sure the 250 meant ADC cash payment only which in order to get you must work for or else you are taken off. Shame on those of you who are so misguided regarding "welfare". I have seen men come back from after serving this country in war time resort to food stamps until they found employment. Being on assistance does not automatically make you lazy. Just remember you holier-than-thou types the adage "There but for the grace of god go I"...or for myself and other atheists, "Like is like a box of choco..... you know the rest of the saying...


Perfect comment!!!!


Re: "Like is like..."?

What the h*ll does that mean?

Can't wait for Democrat-Progressive style socialism, where no one works and it's all FREE.

Watching this economic and political nonsense collapse in Europe, but the U.S. can SUCCEED where they are FAILING! :)