Jul 5, 2013

How many people are on welfare?

How do I find out how many people in the city of Sandusky are on welfare? Is a list of these folks available? How much of our taxes cover this as citizens? John on Wayne St.

A June 21 Register story indicated about $9 million has been spent on welfare from 2008 through 2012. The figures came from Erie County Job and Family Services.

Erie County Job and Family Services is mostly funded through state tax money but also receives local taxes for operations as well.

About 250 Erie County residents receive welfare. Department workers are prohibited from indicating exactly who receives welfare or what communities — Erie County's cities, townships and villages — these funds go to.

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That's 250 county residents, not just city. Why do you need to know who? Are you going to offer them a job? Get a life JOHN!


I think we need to define welfare. In this case, the 250 residents receive cash payments, probably TANF. This number does not reflect recipients of social security disability, WIC, school lunch, food stamp, medicaid, utility bill assistance, HAMP (mortgage assistance), childcare, which many people consider to be welfare. A more meaningful number is the percentage of citizens receiving any type of tax-payer funded support, called "Rate of Dependency on Income Supports," which in Erie County is 23.5%. (See page 2 of this doc: http://jfs.ohio.gov/county/cntyp... )As a nation, we should be ashamed that this many of our citizens cannot experience the joy of being part of a self-sufficient family unit.


Thank you MissPatti. About 13,000 people in Erie Country receive assistance under the following programs: Ohio Work First, Disability Financial Assistance, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. How could the Register be SO FAR OFF?! See page 31 at: http://jfs.ohio.gov/pams/Reports....

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Another right winger with to much time on his hands. Do some community work john.

Darwin's choice

People on assistance nationally is up 158% since Obama was elected. 47 million+. How about you doing something besides barking about anything Obama? No matter who says, or whats said, local welfare is going up....


Nice try, Darwin, but I think we all know that the reason more people are on welfare and/or food stamps is because of the double-digit unemployment that was a direct result of the Bush Recession of 2007-2008. Thankfully, unemployment has continued to go down month by month under Obama, albeit slowly. We still have a ways to go, but anyone who doesn't think that the country is in better shape today than it was in late 2008 - at the end of the worst recession in 80 years - has some issues with reality...

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Nice try Coasterfan, but the more gravy you try to put on the burned roast(Obama), the further from reality you seem to be! Obama's failure's are monumental, including the unemployment freefall. The true reason for the numbers going down is simply because people have given up looking! Your continued blathering about Obama's greatness shows a severe issue with reality.....!

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durwood, what was the Repub plan to get us out of the mess they created in 2008?

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What's Obama's? He is currently clueless, with all his previous business experience......

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And, yet again, the Big Dog and pony show. No answers, just gravy on the burned roast!

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But, at least Coasterfan admitted above that the current number of people on assistance is higher than anytime in history, and climbing. Obama fail.

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Just as I thought, no answer.

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So, let me get this straight, you want me to answer what the republican plan is to save us? Well, first priority should be to get rid of the blamer in chief.........

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I'm waiting.


We have the distinction of being one of 11 states that have more people on welfare than working !

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kassick, a Repub is Governor. What are you trying to say?


We elected Bozo.Did you hear we are spending 100mil to send him to Africa and then stupid enough to bring him back !We are nuts !


Darwin killing the pooch once again.


The recession has a lot more to do with policies and decisions long before Bush (Reagan Administration borrowing from social security). Also, there is a student loan crisis, a credit crisis and housing crisis. This is the results of 'the people' making poor decisions in purchasing and creditors making poor decisions in forking out loans. Bush's wars did not help, but neither policies by Clinton, George Sr. or Reagan. All of them have ignored the debt crisis. Also, in 1970 a student could pay for their tuition on a minimum wage job at 10-hours-per-week. You couldn't pay tuition/Room and Board at most universities today at $20k-per-year. Policymakers have been crappy for a lot longer than George Jr.



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Why would we expect the Repubs to take ownership of the Great Recession of 2008? They have never taken ownership of the Great Depression of 1932.


As is said:

As long as the govt. can rob Peter to pay Paul, it will always have the support of Paul.

i.e.: Building the Democrat Party constituency one check at a time.


250 checks

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How about Peter robbing Paul the last 30+ plus years. Wages, benefits.


Re: "Wages, benefits."

Not to worry DERPY, under your socialism eventually no one will have to work and EVERYTHING will be FREE.

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You said 5 years ago we would be a Socialist/Communist country within a year of Obama being elected. When's it going to happen derp? All the right wing media also said this. Why haven't you questioned faux news and rush about that?


Re: "When's it going to happen?"

Make up your mind DERPY.

Either you hate capitalism and love socialism or NOT. SHEESH!


Contango: although Republicans tend to see most things in black & white fashion, it's not that simple. I would contend that most Republicans do like receiving Social Security checks, do like having their streets snowplowed, do like having Medicare help pay their medical bills when they are retired, do like having their streets paved/repaired, do like it when streetlights and traffic lights work.

Guess what: all of the above are examples of socialism: we pay into a collective pot and the money is used for the common good. The sad part, of course, is that Republicans grouse when they have to pay into the pot for other people (see 47% comment), but have no problem accepting money from the socialistic purse when the hurricane/tornado hits their house, or (gasp) when they become unemployed.

I can partially excuse them from being hypocrites for the simple reason that most of them don't have any idea what socialism really is. They just lump it in with all the other "isms", not realizing that they have benefitted from socialist things since they were born.


Re: "Republicans tend to see most things in black & white fashion,"

As do the Progressive-Fabian Socialists i.e. Democrats.

"it's not that simple."

You don't say? :)


Re: Coasterfan

Can you really be that ignorant? You only get Social Security checks IF and ONLY IF you put money into the pot through your payroll deduction for FICA. If you didn't put in any money you cannot draw social security, it is not a benefit it is a partial refund for "loaning the government" money throughout your working career. BTW, unless you live until over 100 you never receive back all the money you put in and your employer put into the social security program. Medicare is the same way, you paid for it through payroll deduction. Did you ever work? Why don't you load your brain before you fire your mouth...but then you wouldn't qualify as a card carrying liberal!!!!