Jul 2, 2013

What happened to the geese at the Ohio Veterans Home?

I'm used to seeing so many geese around the Ohio Veterans Home but strangely haven't seen one in quite a while. What gives? David in Sandusky

Geese are no longer welcomed at the Ohio Veterans Home.

A Sunday Register story first reported on administrators hiring personnel to scare the geese off the grounds.

Mike McKinney, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Veterans Affairs, provided the following answer:

The geese at the Ohio Veterans Home (OVH) posed a significant health hazard to residents. Droppings from the geese were regularly tracked into the facility from wheel chairs and the soles of shoes.

For this reason, OVH contracted with a Licensed Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operator to get rid of the geese.

The Wild Animal Control Operator, who obtained a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), uses various legal and non-lethal methods to scare away the geese without causing them any harm, such as a laser light, a buoy attached to a rope, and wearing bright colored clothes. These efforts have resulted in the geese being driven away from the property, resulting in a healthier environment for residents.

A story about this topic appeared in Sunday's Register. To read the article, subscribe here

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Geese are pretty but nasty birds. Ask anyone in Castailia or Greensprings on how they feel about geese. Obviously, now Sandtown, too.


I remember years ago when it was a mortal sin to harass or injure one of those geese. They must have been a protected specie at the time. But fear not, they ran them off to Mills Golf course, and Shoreline Park.


Re: "What happened to the geese,"

Hopefully, dinner for the coyotes. :)


The early limit in Ohio used to be 5 geese lowered to 4 and 3 the last I hunted. The wild life authorities are paid to "shake" the eggs, hence the Hen sits on dead eggs and will not lat anymore. Simply remove the eggs and she'll lay more. The state bought small boats for Resthaven and the Sanduskt shoreline. I called Ducks Unlimited in Tennessee and they said this was a Fderally approved method to control goose populations, I dropped out of Ducks Unlimited. Geese carry "6" types of Flu Virus that aren't dangerous to geese but affect Humans. Chasing geese away moves the problem to another location, hunting eliminates the problem at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Pterocarya frax...

Yeah...we should have a bunch of yous guys sitting at the Veteran's Home and Mills Golf Course and Castalia, just blasting away at these vermin. Look how much money we will save!


This was exactly what I was thinking!! Elmer Fudd

I wish I could add a picture to this post. Does anyone know how?


Milemark think that was 1961 they gained that status.


I see all the guys seem to have their Big Boy Pants on today! Why do men hate so badly? ;)


Margaretta has coyote decoys on the football field and they are working great

Good 2 B Me

Is it just the Geese or did they scare the Ducks and Peacocks off too?

Eph 2 8-10

Ducks and peacocks are still there.