Jul 9, 2013

Do city officials have plans for Tiffin Avenue property?

What are the city's plans for the recent $1.8 million land sale on Tiffin Avenue? Rob on Perkins Avenue

We posed the question to Sandusky's chief building official George Poulos, who has no idea what's going on with this property.

"Must be a secret," Poulos said.

If anyone has an inkling about the property, let us know in the comment sections below.

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the government should own no lands or property, unless they back pay taxes to the people.


Let's be a little more specific...How about a parcel number to begin with?


Is this the property you're talking about?


"We posed the question to Sandusky's chief building official George Poulos, who has no idea what's going on with this property.

"Must be a secret," Poulos said."

LOTS of secrets in Erie County, Ohio.

TigerDad, that must be the correct parcel that recently sold for a little over $1.8 million.

Parcel 58-02567.000

Sales: 5/9/2013 $1,848,493.00

Valuation for taxes: $182,610.00 (100%)

Somebody got a great deal on property taxes.





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The somebody that got a great deal on property taxes is Wallstreet.


Is this the property you're talking about?


Where on Tiffin Ave are we talking about?

Dude i Roc

I don't know exactly where this is but I wish they would build a new Kroger store. That probably won't happen though as they are planning a remodel of the Perkins Ave store. I think I'm not going to like navigating an exit as they are building a Speedway on the Campbell St corner. I would so like to see a new full service grocery nearer to the west end of Sandusky...


The gentleman asking the question wants to know what the city's plans are, yet the property is not owned by the city. It is amazing how many people think that the government is the one that calls the shots on this, and not private business.


Rob it's my understanding that if you want to know what's going on in Sandusky, you have to go to Jeff Smiths Facebook page. As neither the city administration or council communicate with the news media.

Matt Westerhold

Here's a link to a previous article with an aerial photo of the property. This property is on the west side of Sandusky and sits behind the former Sunoco gas station at Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road, across from Calvary Cemetery at Mills Creek golf course.

Also, here is a link to previous articles related to the property.

The question from the reader perhaps could have been worded differently. The property, I believe, is still mired in a bankruptcy proceeding. Poulas indicates there have been no plans submitted to the city he knows of or discussions about future development at the site. 


The article mentions a sale at $1.8 mill. The only property listed at that price is the new Dollar General lot.


matt westerhold: None of this makes sense. First of all, the city of Sandusky hasn't recently purchased any land(according to the auditor) The link you provided is the trailer park property that is to be torn down, the city does not own this(yet). pavedparadise comment is correct about the $1.8 mil and Dollar General corp. owning that. So, what gives here??

Matt Westerhold

The question from a reader seems to suggest the reason the trailer park is being cleared out is because there's someone interested in purchasing the property for development. That speculation has occurred since the decision was made to shut off the water to the trailer park for nonpayment from the property owner, Joe Yost through a management company he owns.The unpaid water bill owed to the city is about $250,000. It does not seem likely there could be a development plan for the property given the bankruptcy and ownership issues. Poulas stated there have been no plans submitted to the city for any development at the property. Click the link for previous articles about the Hoppers trailer park property. Hope this helps.


I know all about Yost and the trailer park, etc. You stated the property in question in behind the old Sunoco station. Then that WOULD be Hoppers. But, the only 'recent' sales in that area is the DG property.


Maybe the bankruptcy is coming to an end? Something is definitely going on with the corner. The city is in a hurry to get these people off the land. Does anyone know how long the bankruptcy has been going on and how much longer it is expected to be prolonged?


Very confusing...I know a little bit about some of the nearby parcels in question, but until we have an actual parcel number that identifies the subject property, this is just a guessing game. There has been some interest in the Westgate Centre that adjoins the Hopper's Trailer Park. $1,658,390.00 is the current Auditor tax value.


I know where they can get $127,000 for the project. You guessed it! Arden's paycheck

Amerian Dad

Why doesn't the City put a lien on any/all of Yost's properties to prevent sales until he pays what he owes the city for the water issue and the Cold Creek fiasco?


there are several pieces of property that are in question around the area in the venice road area. There is a trailer park behind the old sunoco gas station that has been vacated almost completely and some of the trailers have been torn down. I don't know what the disposition of that land is. There is a house that is for sale back there as well. Then there is an almost completely vacated westgate mall where CVS pharmacy is. They are the only hold out in that building. Everything else in that building has gone. It needs to be torn down. NONE of it is owned by the city. On the other side of the street there is a great deal of land that could be used and it could be used by the rail road on both side of the tracks. The rail road is laying new track near the Bogart Road area as it is.

I don't think the City has any plans for any of the land out by Venice Road at all as all the land out there is privately owned and there isn't any new businesses coming into the area.


Neighborhood gossip is they will be tearing down the building that used to host Dollar General and still hosts CVS pharmacy and the trailer park and the old Sunoco gas station and are building a hotel/restaurant. If you notice, they started demo-ing the former Martin Motors/and his house next door. They tore the garage down yesterday, house today? Not sure what is going on but I'm personally not sure a hotel/restaurant would survive the winter in the West End. Certainly LOTS of construction and destruction going on at that end of Venice Road. If anyone hears anything different, please voice it.


AVI Vending is still in the back of that building that hosts CVS......


I think TigerDad is on the right path. Looks like the city sold some land for 1.8 million. I think the Dollar General store was built there. Where did that money go?



The Erie County Auditor's site shows that property being sold at $1.8 million from one Delaware LLC to another Delaware LLC, both looking like they are related to Dollar General. (I am not going to spend my time looking through the maze at the Delaware Secretary of State's office. If I stayed in there long enough to find out who owns which LLC's I probably would never find my way out.)

The City of Sandusky is not listed as a property owner for the parcel in any recent time.


As Matt Westerhold stated previously, the original question could have been worded better. My research tells me that the City doesn't have an interest in the Hopper's/Yost property other than the back water/sewer billing. The county is into the property for years of unpaid property taxes. Classic case for a "Land Bank" acquisition, very similar to the old Ramone's property on Route 6 & 2.