Jun 28, 2013

Is there a new monument at Oakland Cemetery?

Just inside the main entrance to Oakland Cemetery, off Milan Road, there is a new monument dedicated to the descendants of the Mad River Railroad sabotage. I can not find any information on this. Can you help? Walt on Monroe Street

The monument's been there for a couple years now, Oakland Cemetery Dan Hedberg said.

He provided a bit of background and context on the marker as well:

The family member that had that done and asked me if they could have this spot gave me a newspaper article with the family's name and what that is all about. The paper was Monday July 6, 1992. Train in Time. 

Here is little about that:

• At the Mad River Railroad Museum in the front room sits the "Sandusky" or rather a replica of that first locomotive to run the Mad River and Lake Erie line from Sandusky to Dayton, starting in 1837.

• The "Sandusky" and a fateful trip it took, played a big part in the Scheufler family history. The Sandusky could have been the locomotive that brothers Conrad and Conrad Charles Scheufler- great great great uncles operated on the night of Oct. 19, 1870. With a few newspaper clippings from the time, Ron and Richard contend that it was The Sandusky that was sabotaged and killed their uncles.

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