Jul 11, 2013

Do any local government agencies help people find work?

I'm a single parent struggling to make ends meet. I'm in between jobs right now and don't know where to go for help. Any suggestions? John in Sandusky

Erie County Job and Family Services, located on West Parish Street off Columbus Avenue near Sandusky's U.S. Post Office, offers the Your Job Store — a vehicle streamlining the process to get the unemployed hired.

Despite a turbulent economy and job market, agency workers managed to find work for more than 15,000 people between January 2011 and March 2012.

Job store workers also help people with interviewing skills, provide tips for success and also help people pursue a GED or diploma if they need one.

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rain man


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Do any local government agencies help people find work?

rain man

Headline of story isn't necessarily part of the mans question. Flex-temp, factory job no experience needed and unless your a worthless worker, you will get a permanent spot. Eventually. Even though many get hired anyway.

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This is what I recommend to the people in my community who are looking for jobs beyond the resource provided here:
1. monster.com
2. careerbuilder.com
3. http://ohiomeansjobs.com/omj/
4. Look in the online classifieds here or in the physical paper. You can also try the Lorain Morning Journal since they distribute out this way.
5. Kelley Services 1604 E Perkins Ave #109 (419) 626-0102
6. There are many people still hiring and will just put signs out. I saw Aldi's on 250 is looking to hire managers at $13.50/hour. Most service industries are still needing people for hotels, restaurants, etc.

Just Sayin IMHO

Indeed.com, also.


There are jobs out there, just look for them. Everyone thinks that someone else should be looking for them. Get out and beat the pavement. Take a stack of resumes and go to it. If you are a good worker and show up on time, there will be no problem finding a job.


To many times employers will not take applications at the place of business. They will only take applicants from temp services or you have to go thru the unemployment office.


A lot of companies will accept resumes on their websites. Visit their website and check if there is a place to upload your resume.


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You can also go to the Erie County site, Resident Resources, Ohio Means Jobs. I am always shopping around even though I have a couple seasonal gigs. It's hard to make ends meet. I think a lot of them that are on there may just be gearing up for hiring or keeping a stash of resumes. I have seen some of the same ones on there for a long time. But it's worth a try. And if I don't recognize a company name, I google it to find out if it's legit. Good luck.

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The Hero Zone

That is the wise thing to do, LadyC! To that extent Craigslist(.org) is a possible source for leads but you have to be SUPER DUPER CAREFUL. Double check company names and drive by their address in addition to calling the provided number to check it out for yourself. If it is a shady listing, don't go for it. Even if the job is for Kroger, if they can't do a proper listing then that can speak to poor managerial/human resource skills.


John, I know it is tougher to find a job then some people seem to think. I wish you luck and hope you find one soon.

Eph 2 8-10

Looking for a job is now you're new job. Work at it eight hours a day just like you were working for an employer.....but now you are the "employer". An "employer" looking for a job. God bless, and I wish you well.


Good luck to you John. Ohio Job Services did help some. Here are a few jobs that you might want to try. Welder, 18Wheel Operator (Semi-driver/CDL Dump Truck), Barber, Tech/Engine Mechanic. While you might not have those skills, some organizations are willing to assist you in getting qualified. Contact Don Hawkins @ Norwalk's Ohio Job Service. He's willing to help. Again good luck to you.


The job store will also help you "professionalize" your résumé, and print you off copies of it. In my case, once I found a job, they helped me with gas cards until I got my first pay! They are lifesavers up there! Good luck to you!


If you can sling bags of feed, check out Quality Farm and Fleet. They had a sign on their door for Help Wanted, and I asked about it, last week. Sadly, I don't think I'm quite cut out for slinging 50 lb. bags. Maybe you could call first to see if they still need someone. I like it when places put a sign up, or identify themselves in the paper or online. It seems like so many of them play games. They could save our time and theirs, if they would just identify themselves and say what they are paying, hours, etc.



It depends on what kind of job you are WILLING to do and what pay you are willing to take.

Some people refuse to work for $13 an hour, which is better than nothing, and compared to what I used to work at minimum wage (under $3) ... just saying and good luck