Jun 25, 2013

What ever happened to Kevin Randleman's bicycle?

I'm interested to know what local law enforcers did with Kevin Randleman's bicycle? Did they donate it? Sell it? Kept it in evidence? Tyler on East Strub Road.

Kevin Randleman killed Sandusky police Officer Andrew Dunn during a March 2011 shoot out near Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Randleman pleaded guilty in August 2012 to fatally shooting Dunn. In October 2012, a judge sentenced him to life in prison. 

Dunn stopped Randleman while he rode the bicycle.

Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver provided the following response regarding the bike's whereabouts:

"The bicycle that Kevin Randleman was riding before being stopped by Officer Dunn has been held as evidence since the incident. The bicycle will remain secured in our evidence room pursuant to the statutory requirement of DNA evidence."

DNA evidence in murder cases must be kept for at least 30 years. 

The red and black bicycle is a 21-speed MGX model mountain bike.

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Why do you even care?


Isn't it obvious? He's got a thing for collecting morbid artifacts.


Why would anyone care about this? Really people...I barely find time to read the newspaper once a day let alone think about some a** that murdered a cop, thats gonna rot in prison...then to think about his bicycle and where it is...then take time to email the SR about it. Man I wish I had time like Tyler on E. Strub does. Just typing this I'm wondering why I am even taking the time to comment.


30 years? How big is this room and how much misc. crap is in there?


yea and what are they going to do with it all when and if they move city hall? not just the bike but everything in the evidence room
I sure wouldnt want to be the one that has to move all that crap


I'm guessing gene, the bike is being held at the county since they are the ones who handled the investigation...so if they move city hall this wont matter genius


again the register tops it's most stupid story 60 weeks in a row

Darwin's choice

It was probably stolen anyway....






That was a really stupid question to post here! And only a moron would ask it!


I wonder what it will go for at auction in 30 years


Where is Andy's cruiser now that it's decommissioned?


I would assume too that Officer Dunn's pistol is in the evidence room as well. In a way seems wasteful the City of Sandusky would have to purchase another police revolver and not use Officer Dunn but can see the reason for evidence.

My greater concern would not be Randleman's bike but to me why the City of Sandusky has not done something to honor Officer Dunn. This man laid his life down for the city and granted the city commissioners are a rather strange bunch when it comes to city governing BUT would you not think they could at lease together find a way to hone Officer Dunn. For my park we have several city parks, the new overpass on west side of town, maybe Route 250 into the city etc. Personally, I think it's a shame our city fathers have not moved on naming something significant in honor of Officer Dunn.

I think it is a shame too that Firelands Hospital has not marked etc the front of the building where Officer Dunn was killed. There should be something there: plaque, garden, marker, etc. Firelands Hospital seems to have no problem giving out thousands of dollars for Perkins Stadium or paying their CEO several hundred thousand $$$ in salary so it can't be they have not done it for shortage of money.


well I guess I can complain also why isn't the city doing anything to honor Charles E Odums II he gave his life for our country lets honor him. the city has a plaque in city hall. no one has ever done anything for this family no fund raisers or honors. is this because this man is of color? I believe the city should name the new overpass in his and his family's honor

2cents's picture

Maybe Tyler knows something we do not? Is their a bunch of cash or drugs stashed in the frame?