Jun 13, 2013

Did Huron's Discount Drug Mart get robbed?

Any news on the store getting robbed this past Friday? Mary in Huron

A robbery didn't actually occur — even though a dispatcher treated it as such, Huron police Chief Robert Lippert said.

"It turned out to be a disturbance," Lippert said. "One individual was charged with aggravated menacing when he produced a knife."

Michael Werner allegedly made threats to the store's customers when he waited to receive his prescription.

"Mr. Werner made statements regarding how he would put (a customer) in a grave and made threats of physical harm with a .45-caliber," according to a related police report.

See the attachment to view the full police report.

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My question is.. If Mr. Taubennestler, had a problem with his insurance. Why didn't he park his car in the lot and just go inside? Instead of holding things up at the drive thru window? I would think, that would have been the appropriate thing to do.


Interesting article. In the 2nd paragraph, it was a knife. By the 4th paragraph, it was a .45 caliber. I've never heard of a .45 caliber knife before. It only makes sense when you read the attached report.


A ".45 caliber knife " LOL !


People don't do the appropriate thing. They do what suits them. They hold up lines at banks, stores, gas stations because they don't care if you have to wait. They only care if they are left waiting. Being considerate is almost a thing of the past. I don't know how many times I've had to wait in line at Walmart because the people in front of me had to have separate orders or talk about their grandkids or vacation or talk on the phone. Most people are just plain rude but don't you dare try to be rude to them.


I totally agree with you. Politeness is a thing of the past. I was in Sam's Club trying to develope some pictures. There was a couple there already working on their's. We waited 10 minutes and they still weren't done, so my husband and I did some shopping. We came back 30 minutes later and the same couple were still there. We waited again for another 5 minutes. I turned to my husband and said, "Some people are just rude. Lets leave." The man heard me and chased me across the store screaming at me. I told him he was rude by staying there for over 45 minutes taking up the machine so no one else could use it. He didn't agree. The polite thing would have been to give up the machine to the next person in line and get back in line again to finish up whatever they were working on.

In this case, the man in the drive thru line needed to get his butt out of the car and into the pharmacy to deal with the problem one on one.

I don't condone someone then threatening the man, but I certainly understand it.

your master

You'll think twice about opening your mouth to a stranger I see.


So you are saying that YOUR time and pictures are more important that the other couples? Maybe they do not have a computer at home. Maybe they were working on something for a funeral or a graduation. I am sorry I think it was rude of you to think you were entitled to put a time limit on someone. Just because they were not going fast enough.


But it's ok to pull a knife on someone and threaten them with bodily harm because they may have been what you perceive as being rude ? This isn't the wild west you morons ! Too bad Mr. Taubennestler wasn't carring his CCW and dropped this idiot in his tracks !

doggie mom

I would like to know how many of you commenting on if he should have moved or not gone thru a fast food line and ordered something special or a large order? The world has become lazy, hat is why there is a drive thru lane for everything now...People don't care about others and the people that say they do are just lying because when it is finally their turn they forget about how long they were holding others up. I used to work fast food...People would come thru drive-thru and get $40 orders and then complain that it took so long while the person behind them got a cup of coffee.


I think Mr. Werner was making reference to a .45 caliber gun, not that he had one with him. Since when does going through a drive through mean faster service? It's just a convenience of not getting out of a car and going inside. It might have been nice if Mr. Taubennestler pulled out of line and went inside but he had just as much right to use the drive thru service as anyone else.


Werner has a history of his mouth. His brother did time also. Nice tree in that family.

Mama T.

I am the Mrs. Taubennestler the story isn't correct. I will tell you all exactly what happened. My daughter and I had dropped off the prescption at DM earlier that day and in the evening my husband and I went to pick it up. When we pulled in the drive thru noone was behind us we sent in our insurance card through the shoot and the lady told us to hold on she will be back we said that's fine. Then 2 cars pulled up behind us the man was in the second car behind us then not even 2 minutes after they pulled up he approached our car. The man said very rudely what the hell is going on here! My husband said I am just waiting for my script. The man then proceeds to start hitting the call button for the pharmacy lady she said can I help you then I said "Why don't you go back to you f'n car, know I shouldn't have said that but at that point I was like what the heck is going on" he then proceeds to call me a few choice names and my husband said don't talk to my wife like that. The man then reaches in his pocket and pulls out a knife, my husband said are you trying to strong arm me and the man said get out of the car and I am going to put you in a box so my husband got out of the car and he ran to his vechicle and said keep coming at my car and your going to meet my 45. Then he takes off so fast he almost flipped his jeep in the parking lot. So all you people out there that said we r rude, you don't know us!!! We are very good people that never get into trouble with the law.

Mama T.

At Morning breezes1 the lady never told us she was having problems with the insurance if you really want to know :)


According to the Huron Police report the comment was made " The employees said there was an insurance issue
with the Taubennestler prescription which caused for a delay" So.... who should we believe? You or the Huron Polie officer that made the report?

Mama T.

They may have to the police that they were having problems but not once did they tell us. I am not here to argue with you, you weren't there to know what happened.

Dwight K.

Yeah you tell em Mama T.

Dwight K.

If they were having problems with the insurance or whatever , people would also have to wait inside so what's the big deal? Is everyone in a freaking hurry nowadays? I think they did nothing wrong


Personally.I don't see the need in the first place to explain anything. It's not being rude to wait for something that you are paying for. My money is just as good as anyone else and if I'm in the drive thru purchasing something and it takes too long for you, then too effing bad. Get out of your car and walk inside. The drivethru window is a CONVENIENCE- not a constitutional right. How are some of you snapping on the Taubennestlers for being a consumer and waiting for their prescription? As for the crazy a** that decided to act like he's a bada**, he's damn lucky it wasn't me in the car. I come from a long line of bipolar hillbillies and he wouldn't have been happy with my reaction,that's for sure! Did any of you think maybe just maybe the Taubennestlers were probably not too happy sitting there either? In my eyes, all of you are the discourteous,inconsiderate and rude ones. The world doesn't revolve around you or your time schedule! If anyone should be blamed, maybe the pharmacy employees who had that prescription,didn't attempt to fill it before they got there and if they did, should have called them to let them know there was a problem. My pharmacy has done that for me quite a few times.


hahahahaha! love it!!

yea right

Actually the problem lies with drug mart. They are slow rude inconsiderate and EXPENSIVE. If you are within 5 feet of the door with an item they will say you are robbing the place and then extort money from you. The pharmacy has 10 ppl and are slower then molasses on a cold winter day in Vermont.


It's up to the person working a drive-thru - whether drug store, fast food, or bank - to tell you when they need you to pull aside. If you randomly drive out and pull aside because you think it's been a long time, you can mess up the entire process that's in place and make things worse.


wjs... I agree that moving can mess up the whole order of things. What I was saying is that , IF the Taubennestlers knew of the Insurance problem. Mr T could have told the clerk, that he would be in to find out what was going on. Being they were holding up traffic. I in no way condon what Mr. Werner did. As the old saying goes.. you can catch more flys with honey that you can with ....
I get my scripts at Drug Mart. And there have been several times through the years that they have told me, that I had a problem with the insurance when I got there. And there was 1 time , I was at the drive thru, and told the clerk, that being I have traffic behind me, I'll come in. It's called "common courtesy"


Comman Curtesy ? Sweet Jesus you need more than just your scripts filled !


And maybe you need some little blue pills That mellow you out.


If you had any COMMAN CURTESY you would share the ones you have ;)

Tsu Dho Nimh



Should the pharmacy have requested they move, should the Taubennestlers moved on their own, should the pharmacy have called...how does any of this justify Mr. Werner's actions? He's a grown man and is the only one responsible for his actions ! He was out of line.

yea right



I got robbed at the gas pump.

Darwin's choice

Thank You Obama!


Oh really? Proof?


This guy certainly had a bad day. These comments make me shake my head. It's not hard to spend $40 at fast food joints-who give a sh$& if I order that much through the drive thru? Also, who cares how long Mr and Mrs T were waiting and "holding-up" the line. Lady with the pictures at Sams club-you can print your pics out at Walmart and other various places around town, too! Wait your turn people and for Gods sake, get some MANNERS.