Jun 13, 2013

Did Huron's Discount Drug Mart get robbed?

Any news on the store getting robbed this past Friday? Mary in Huron

A robbery didn't actually occur — even though a dispatcher treated it as such, Huron police Chief Robert Lippert said.

"It turned out to be a disturbance," Lippert said. "One individual was charged with aggravated menacing when he produced a knife."

Michael Werner allegedly made threats to the store's customers when he waited to receive his prescription.

"Mr. Werner made statements regarding how he would put (a customer) in a grave and made threats of physical harm with a .45-caliber," according to a related police report.

See the attachment to view the full police report.

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Oh really? Proof?


This guy certainly had a bad day. These comments make me shake my head. It's not hard to spend $40 at fast food joints-who give a sh$& if I order that much through the drive thru? Also, who cares how long Mr and Mrs T were waiting and "holding-up" the line. Lady with the pictures at Sams club-you can print your pics out at Walmart and other various places around town, too! Wait your turn people and for Gods sake, get some MANNERS.