Jun 20, 2013

Why are there drilling teams in Erie County?

While driving on Ohio 4 and Patten Tract Road on Wednesday morning, I saw a drilling team by farms laying down gravel near power lines. I also saw the same thing later on in the day near a tall electrical tower by Back to the Wild on Bardshar Road. What are they doing? Elizabeth on Ohio 99

FirstEnergy spokesman Mark Durbin provided the following answer:

"The locations the reader is referring to are being used as part of the construction project now underway to add a new transmission line to existing towers in the area."

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I recall reading something about that project awhile ago in the paper

County Resident

Living on RT4 south of RT2 - Does anyone know where (or if) the substation location has been determined??

West 99

Power Company is putting lines on north side of towers- there was only power lines on south side of towers


Like I said , I am not sure if I seen it in the paper or on here . But I know I seen something about that , cause a lot of people were not to happy about the lines crossing there property .