Jun 19, 2013

What happened to I-5's Bar and Grill in Huron?

I remember reading something in the paper a while back that I-5's in Huron would be closing for the winter months but that it would reopen in April. I haven’t seen anything about it reopening back up and I’ve heard a nasty rumor that it may not reopen. Please tell me this isn’t true! My family loves that place. Leann in Sandusky

The restaurant's been closed for several months and won't open for the foreseeable future.

Sheila Ehrhardt, Huron Chamber of Commerce director, said the closing resulted from the owners divorcing.

Lighthouse Realty lists the building at $550,000 to own.


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I heard a cleats is going in that location?

Erie County Resident

So now where are they going to go for bar fights with the tourist vs. locals?


I can make it go. Who's interested in parting with $550k?


Keep the fighting west of Rye Beach Road please.