Jun 18, 2013

Is there a new restaurant at the South Shore Inn?

I've seen people going in and out of Siam Orchid and the for rent sign is down. Did they reopen this Summer after taking a year off? Chris in Sandusky

A new restaurant recently opened inside the South Shore Inn where Siam Orchid previously operated from.

It's called Calixto Restaurant and Bar, primarily serving Mexican-style food.

The restaurant is open everyday and will remain that way until the hotel shuts down in October.

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xdefiance's picture

Are they hiring? I need a job. Some contact info would be nice.


Here's a thought...go in person and nicely ask if they are hiring. Duh.

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yeah I will do that as soon as I find transportation. Would be nice to call ahead and even see if they are hiring.

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I guess I could use a phone book though also or possibly google but all of this would have been solved earlier if the register had posted contact info.

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I used to work at the South Shore Inn actually.. about 5 years ago. One of my first jobs.

doggie mom

Good luck to the restaurant but really another Mexican restaurant?


Could be worse. What we really need is another pizza joint!!!


All the mexican restaurants around here are garage grease pits. The most unhealthy mess I've ever seen.


I've eaten at a few of them and that's not accurate