Jun 17, 2013

Who won this year's Duck Derby prizes?

Can you tell me who won the Duck Derby prizes? Linda on Main Street.

Pam Brumbaugh, United Way of Erie County executive director, provided the following names of this year's Duck Derby winners. Prizes are in italics

• First place: Lizabeth Fresch from Sandusky. Two-year lease on 2013 Toyota Carolla or a $1,000 cash reward.

• Second place: Danny Wilson of Willard. Two all ports season passes aboard the Jet Express.

• Third place: Josh Heilman of Sandusky. Two-night, three-day stay at Kalahari Resort. 

• Fourth place: Bev Hills of Huron. $1,000 Sandusky Mall gift package.

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Just Saying

Bought tickets at the Mall for Xmas stockings - never heard word one about numbers, winners - ie. Poor.


That's why we stopped buying them. They used to be good at posting it but not anymore.


Its a fundraiser! If it is that important to you who wins then show up.


We are not from the area but liked to support this project. If it's too much to announce the winners then don't tell people that you will, and yes I specifically asked each time because I do want to know who won.