Jun 14, 2013

Is McDonald's 'supersizing' its building?

What is going on behinde the McDonald's on Perkins Avenue? Sibyl from Sandusky

Moguls overseeing Golden Arches activity decided to invest $1 million for upgrades at the fast-food joint located across the street from Sandusky High School.

Timothy Smith, the chain's operator, said the restaurant will have a fresh look with all new colors inside and out.

"There is not one area that will not be touched," Smith said.

Among the features: a bright-colored, music-themed PlayPlace and a double-lane drive-thru.

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Yeah a double lane drive through to price gouge all the tourists faster! I don't eat there in the summer customer I'm not paying 8 bucks for a Burger fries and a coke!


It's not jus tourists they gouge, it's also locals. I like McDonalds but hate that they charge extra if you want extra sauce on your Big Mac or tarter sauce on you fish. They also charge you if you request any sauce on the side. I used to go there once or twice a week, now maybe once a month or 6 weeks just to satisfy my craving for a Big Mac LOL.

God Of Thunder

Million dollar McMakeover... Article in the paper told all about it, or here on the website, or both.


McMakeover-that's a cute one!

I like the double lane drive through in Norwalk. It's so speedy to stop and grab a coffee.

Now, if they could just teach their employees on Perkins ave to be personable and GET THE ORDER RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Talk about rude!


Apparently you've never been to the Milan Road or River Ave locations. You'll thank the Perkins Ave store manager for her efforts on employee attitudes.


Not true. The one on 250 has great employees especially at breakfast and lunch.


I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong.


Unless you replace most of the unruley, unkept, and rude employees there, you can shine that thing up all you want and it will still give the same. Always amazed at the state of Mr Smiths Arches around here. Next time you're traveling a bit in state or even out of state just take a look at one if you stop in. Standard Uniforms, everyone seems nice and friendly. You don't watch you're staff running out back into the dumpsters for a smoke or quick hit. You don't see the staff wearing gym shorts behind the counter, and looking dirtier then the floors themselves. One reason I try an avoid all his Arches around here, just plain sad. It's called pride, and I'm not sure Mr. Smith has it in his locations, or it would show a lot more then it does. Just my opinion


I do not understand the double drive thru lane. It is not faster. You now have 2 sets of orders coming in, twice as many cars trying to get their food/order out of ONE window. They do not add grills, fryers, pop machines, just an extra lane. There is still ONE window the food comes out of! I avoid most drive thru lanes. If you really wanna speed up your order, tell them NO when they ask you to pull forward and they will bring it out to you. Once you are off the "timer" they have no cares of you or your order. Tell them you will wait "right here" and they freak out!


McDonald's food will kill you anyway! Stay away, live longer!


So are they keeping the play area for the kids too or they doing away with it?

2cents's picture

Here is a funny one, first time I saw this was on Oahu when ordering a McSomething.



Chongo"dirtier than the floors themselves." Great 1! Mind if I use it?