Jun 21, 2013

What's going on with courtroom renovation?

How is the remodel of Judge Binette's courtroom coming? How much is this costing taxpayers? Stacey on Wayne Street

Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette is remodeling his courtroom primarily to provide better security for him and his staff.

For instance, the judge's and magistrate's back is to an open window. That window is not a bulletproof window.

The renovations total about $118,000 from money. About half the money is coming from the judge's savings account generated through surpluses. The other half derives from a bond taken out with the county's treasurer's office.

The upgrades began earlier this month and should be completed by early July.

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is this the same fund that held peoples millions because the last clerk didn't do her job?

Julie R.

Funny, but that's the first thing I thought. You can bet they all got a share of that 3 million account at Citizens Bank that they claim belongs to attorneys ..... that they also claim none of the other public officials knew about but Barb Johnson. As I said many times before --- Johnson wasn't even in the office very much for the last ten years of her life so it stands to reason if that were true there couldn't have been any deposits made into it during those last ten years --- but I know for a fact there was.

The sheep in Erie County will believe anything.

Julie R.

I thought when Eeerie County claimed they needed another judge so badly to handle the back-log of cases left behind by Maschari that they also said it wasn't going to cost the taxpayers anything? Didn't they also say that Binette and Tone were going to share the same court? That sure turned out to be a lie. Binette right off the bat got the court on the 2nd floor along with 2 magistrates and Tone got the Clerk of Court's office on the 3rd floor. Isn't that when the clerk's office was moved to that little office on the first floor? Yet Johnson got crucified because there was no room and records had to be stored in another building. I'm also curious if Johnson was even there when that move took place. Wasn't she on a family leave or something to take care of her elderly mother and after her mother died she started battling a serious illness of her own? Wasn't she even in a nursing home for awhile?

I also think that removejohnson blog was a set-up to discredit Johnson before they came out with the "news" of the 3 million dollar account at Citizens Bank along with the claim that nobody knew about it but Barb Johnson --- the 3 million that supposedly belongs to attorneys.


If it comes down to his personal safety or saving the people some money, well, money is no object. Wonder where that "surplus" came from? What else has it bought under the cause of security? Will he be mentioning "improved court house security" in his reelection campaign's achomplishments section? Maybe other elected public officals should start treating their offices like small businesses.

J Cooper

Just a matter of time for them to come out on this one.


In Ohio, the Common Pleas Court judge is the "only" county expense which is solely controlled by the judge. He can demand any amount of tax money and the county commissioners are at his mercy.

The judge can even reprimand the commissions if they try to refuse his"project."


I found this out a couple of years ago, but if the public knew of all the things that the government can do legally, they would be surprised. I wondered why they didn't just move the bench against another wall, and put in a bullet proof window.I don't think it would cost $118,000.

Julie R.

I thought they already had security at the courthouse --- so why do they need more? Bulletproof windows on the 2nd floor? Geez, are these judges and their staff paranoid or what? But then considering the more than dirty, unethical, and illegal crap they pull off at that courthouse ~ they even flaunt right in your face how they don't have to follow the law ~ could be why they're all so paranoid.

2cents's picture

Why can you carry a cell phone into the federal building in Cleveland and use a cell phone outside the court room, but you can not even poses one in little old Erie county at all?

J Cooper

"Paranoid" People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?

Julie R.

Maybe the common pleas court needs all this security because of the idiot unlawful intimidation tactics that they are well-known for --- like the one 3 days after complaints were filed in the Erie County probate court against attorneys and other dirt-bags. (all from Huron with the exception of a Lorain County attorney) Like making the idiot claim that it's a "criminal offense" and threatening to throw the complaintant in jail for requesting records from a Huron insurance agent/insurance company after the agent tried to say "all of his deceased client's 9 contracts, including everything for her grandson, had been cancelled due to lack of payment during the 11 months she was in a nursing home."

Julie R.

Gee, the way the Eeeerie County courts are helping their attorney friends and financial institutions get away with criminally defrauding the elderly, I'm surprised the snake attorneys and financial institutions aren't putting in bulletproof windows, too!

Julie R.

I see an audit done by the new Clerk of Court in Cuyahoga County found 23 million in unclaimed funds belonging to tens of thousands of people in 172,000 cases dating back to 1986. The refunds owed are for fees and bond payments made on behalf of parties in civil and criminal cases that were left unclaimed for years and they range between $10.00 to $1,000.00. The new clerk said in most cases people were given receipts for other fees or bond payments and instructed to return for possible refunds and she suspected that after their cases concluded most people just forgot about it. She also said the list of the people that are owed refunds is going to be posted online in the next few months and the list will also be posted in her office. Also said ---- the people that are owed refunds will have 5 years after it's posted to claim their money.

So isn't this the EXACT same thing that Barb Johnson got crucified for? If so, why isn't Cuyahoga County blaming the long-time former Cuyahoga County Clerk of Court Gerald Fuerst? According to him, it wasn't the clerk of court's job to chase after people that were owed money and refund it --- he said he didn't have the staff to do that. Also, the new Cuyahoga County clerk isn't saying that the money is owed to attorneys, so why is Erie County?

Julie R.

Gee, come to think of it ....... I had a snake attorney that bilked me out of a lot of money only to work against me right from the start with the courts and the snake attorneys on the other side. (a.k.a. theft of a client's fees) One of the things the snake did ---- he filed and dismissed a bogus sham lawsuit on my behalf without my knowledge in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County --- a jurisdiction that had nothing to do with the Erie County probate estates of my mother and stepfather, who were life-long Erie County residents.

So does mean my name just might be included in on the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Court's list of parties in cases that are owed refunds?

Julie R.

Hey Nemesis, considering how you called me a liar ...........

I contacted the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts the other day about the 23 million of unclaimed funds found during an audit belonging to people in court cases that weren't aware they were owed refunds after the conclusion of their cases. I didn't have the case number on hand so I gave them as much information as I could. I told them how the attorney I had worked against me right from the start in collusion with the Erie County courts and the attorneys on the other side, including the goon Chicago attorneys for a Huron insurance agent and his insurance company .... and how without my knowledge the snake filed and dismissed a bogus sham lawsuit in Cuyahoga County ~ a jurisdiction that had nothing to do with the Erie County probate estates of my mother or a stepfather, who were life-long Erie County residents. I also told them before the snake dismissed the bogus lawsuit I even found out that he added on the name of another family member ~ a NON-CLIENT ~ and dismissed it on his behalf, too.

It only took them about 30 seconds to find the case (#CV04550327) and they then told me something else. They said that 13 months after that 1st (bogus) lawsuit, another attorney from the same law firm (who sure wasn't my attorney) filed and dismissed yet ANOTHER lawsuit on my behalf and on behalf of the other non-client family member. I said you have got to be kidding me ---- but they weren't, of course. They then said there was almost $500 of court costs for that 2nd (bogus) lawsuit owed that was never paid and they turned it over to collections.(wow ..... the Cuyahoga County courts are knowingly allowing attorneys to file bogus lawsuits pertaining to Erie County probate estates that they know can't be filed in the jurisdiction of their county ~ there are never any hearings or anything on the scams ~ yet they charge $500 for court costs? What a racket!)

I then asked who the court costs in both of the sham lawsuits were assessed to ~ and I mentioned that it better not be me (or the other non-client) or I would be down at the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's office before the week was over. They then gave me the name of the person who the court costs were charged to and it was (surprise, surprise) one of the fraud power of attorney Huronites who was "appointed" by Beverly McGookey over my objections to be the joke executor of my mother's probate estate six years AFTER her death under that joke FORGED Will that was filed two years after her death by her Huron attorneys.