Jun 11, 2013

Do we have good diagnostic family doctors here?

Are there any good diagnostic family doctors in our area that charge a reasonable fee for people without insurance and really care for their patients? Also, is there anyplace local that may offer assistance of any kind? I am disabled but not Medicaid, Don in Sandusky

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Among those responding included local government officials: "The Erie County Community Health Center here at the health department (420 Superior St. in Sandusky) is a Federeally Qualified Health Center "look alike," which provides health services for all ages, birth through senior years. Services are available for those with insurance,  those individuals who are underinsured or uninsured. Please call or refer others to call 419-626-5623 extension 174 for more information or to make an appointment.

Here is what our readers had to offer (feel free to comment below if you'd like to chime in):

• Jill Hire: I would look into the Mercy systems or nonprofit-hospital-affiliated doctors. For example, if (you're) from Sandusky, try the Firelands Physician group. Or here in Willard, the Mercy doctors. They will go by income.

• Connie Slaughter: The NOMS doctors are very good.

• Beverly Neely: It is so hard not being able to afford a doctor or medicine on disability. That's why a lot of people don't go to the doctor.

• Cheryl Miller: Community Health in Fremont is based on income even if you don't have Medicaid.

• Shari Veleba: Doesn't the Erie County area have a community health center? Those establishments have quality doctors and charge on a sliding-fee scale, according to income. You might have to be a Sandusky County resident to access Community Health services in Fremont. Call ahead and ask what financial proof you need to bring.

• Melinda Murray Martin: Fremont has Community Health. Sliding scale for doctor fees. They are on Birchard Avenue.

• Mary Jo Forgatsch: Bellevue Hospital has a clinic in Clyde and charge (a) sliding fee and are great.

• Alice Meter Loyer: I've been trying for almost five years to get some help. If anyone gets an answer to this question, please let me now. You can not go to a doctor to lower his rates or donate his services. Believe me, I've tried everywhere from Toledo to Cleveland. I need a hip replacement, $20,000 easy without complications.

• Stephanie Cromley King: The health department and Family Health Services on Hayes Avenue (old Providence Hospital) both do sliding-fee scales. My family ended up at Family Health Services. The doctors are medical school residents, so there are definite pros and cons. But they are still technically in school, so they are constantly reading and learning so they're up to date. Plus, they're monitored by established physicians.

• Amanda Lilje: You can also call 211. This is a United Way services that keeps a list of resources for any type of help that could possibly be needed. It's a free call and I have used it to get great (and) varied information.

• Andrew Zucker: (Family Health Services) is some of the best quality health care in the area, and your frees are calculated based on your income.

• Genny Cochrane: Check out Dr. Cooper on Ohio 4.

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You can go talk to the financial department at Firelands regional med Center for out patient services. The health department is very good also.


Family Health in the old Providence Hospital. 419-557-7189

Whiskey Tango F...

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Lol whiskey, but in reference to the question, he is not interested in "medicaid" or "Obamacare"...just sayin


Great question. What about Doctors that are NOT affiliated with a Group, and you can just pay set "cash" price for visits ? I used to know a family that no longer lives here. They had a local Dr that only charged $50 or 60 for an office visit, but I forgot who...


I am also in the market for a new PCP, as ours has proven to be nothing but a good-looking, charming waste of time & money.

nothing new

Family Health services of Erie County located at the old Prov--FRMC S. campus--is not taking new patients there is up to a 90 day wait.(At least the last I heard) But they will base your bills on your income if you are un insured. FRMC hospital has a financial program but it does NOT cover their physician offices. Erie County Health Departments Community Health Center has a family practice, and if you are uninsured, they bill based on your income. They only ask for a $15 copay. They even help get you get hooked up with pharmaceutical companies med assistance if needed.


Yes, we do.


May I ask for your suggestions? Thanks