Jun 12, 2013

When will the city cut down an overgrown lawn?

When is Sandusky going to cut down the overgrown weeds and grass at the old GNC Factory site on Monroe Steet? It is becoming a real eyesore? Sue in Sandusky.

Your best bet to get the lawn cut is to report the problem yourself.

Calling Sandusky's code enforcement department at 419-627-5913 is the fastest way of getting the lawn mowed.

To further expedite the process, Sandusky officials recently contracted with Goodwill Industries of Erie, Huron, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties. Goodwil workers recently began cutting nuisance properties, which now also frees up city workers to take care of other tasks.

Update on Warren Street property

About a week ago, Fifth Street resident Andrea asked the Mailbag about why a messy lawn on Warren Street near East Monroe Street wasn't cut.

Well, Andrea, your gripe has been solved — for now. The lawn has recently been trimmed. Earlier this week, the weeds sprouted several feet high.

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44870 South

Thanks Sue for bringing this up! I totally agree!! What say you City of Sandusky???


How bout the "commisioner" that was elected for being arrested for cutting the "city's" grass..let him do it perhaps?? LOL


Goodwill has mowed this once already, about three weeks ago. Hopefully, they will continue to keep it up.


Is this city owned property? if so, there's no excuse for letting it get overgrown. If it's private land, hold the owner to the law, or seize it and sell it. It's not the city's business to cut others' grass, but to enforce the law.

Just Sayin IMHO

It becomes the city's business when they make $100 for cutting it. Makes them BIG business.


I think the answer to your question is, "Never!" There's a property on the northwest corner of Washington and Lawrence that was posted a couple of weeks ago. The grass is STILL a virtual forest!


I used to enjoy your comments Sam. More and more you are becoming just another "City" basher. Can't wait for you to start referring to the City as Sindumpy like most other nudniks on here.


I won't be calling it "sindumpy" anytime soon. There are too many residents who DO take a little pride in where they live! Yards are nice, flowers are pretty, kids aren't destructive, everyone's friendly...

That, however, has zero to do with the City Commission or the rest of the City administrators. They're the problem, not the majority of people who live here. (Though come to think of it, that majority does deserve SOME blame seeing as how they voted...)


keep Sandusky beautiful, its where we live.


Nobody wants to pay the people that do the actual WORK~anywhere~without workers things will never be done no matter where. BUT..............we have the big dogs and plenty of them!


hey why not let those personnel that are on paid administrative leave cut grass like rotencrotch? we are paying them to stay home so why cannot they get paid to cut grass shovel snow let them work for their pay...