Jun 4, 2013

Will Sandusky City Hall move into an Erie County building?

Did the city ever provide any response to the offer from Erie County commissioners to talk about moving City Hall to the Erie County Office Building in downtown Sandusky? Did the city ever respond to the letter? Matt on the west side.

Sandusky officials, namely city manager Nicole Ard and the seven elected commissioners, effectively ignored a proposal from Erie County commissioners to relocate portions of City Hall into the Erie County Office Building.

It's not exactly known why the offer wasn't seriously considered by city officials, considering county commissioners would've offered the space at little to no cost.

Had city commissioners accepted the offer, it would've solved a huge problem plaguing past and present Sandusky officials.

For 25 years, city commissioners debated leaving City Hall, the 57-year-old headquarters at 222 Meigs St. The building's sorely outdated, with antiquated police and municipal court operations.

Comment below about your opinions regarding City Hall's condition and the offer Erie County commissioners proposed.

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Was pat Shenigo's proposal even presented to the other elected county officials? NO! It's not his building to rent! Shame on you President Shenigo!


LuvsPlant, lets take a moment to educate you. The county commissioners (notice there is a "s" on the end of commissioners, which means more than one!)proposed this. That was all it was, a proposal. County commissioners by definition are the governing body for the county, got it? This was not something that Pat Shenigo just "cooked up" on his own without discussion or knowledge of anyone else. As with all things that Pat tries to do, it represents an alternative made by Erie County to resolve a problem facing a community within the county. We need more of these "makes sense" proposals without all of the finger pointing!


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The register's response reads like a scathing opinion piece...not actual reporting.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment, Gramlamb

'Mailbag" is technically a 'blog' and therefore might at times reflect an opinion. I don't think it does here, though.

The question simply sought to determine who made the decision to ignore the county's proposal and how that decision was made. It doesn't appear the response from city commission and officials addresses it. 

That kind of non-responsiveness is, unfortunately, too prevalent when reporters ask specific questions. It's also difficult to report non-responsiveness. In this instance, 'Mailbag' successfully described it.


The response is full of loaded language, Matt. You're wrong about what the question was, too. The writer wanted to know IF a response was provided to the county commissioners. If so, WHAT was the reason the space was declined.
The answer could have been, "No, we have no update since the May 31 article". Instead, the "blogger" used loaded words to (figuratively) throw his arms up in the air and declare "I don't know why we don't have answers". It is my understanding that the mailbag (blog or not) is there to answer questions.

J Cooper

This plan was never feasible, it was an opportunity to make two county commissioners look good at no cost to them and make the city look bad with no options. There was never enough available space in the building, it would have forced the city departments to scatter to various locations and the police department moved to Perkins Township.


If I were Perkins I would never let Sandusky Police come out there ,
The police in Sandusky are Sandusky police and need to stay in the city where the response time can be better then out in Perkins .
It they want to move somewhere , let them move to a more central location within the borders of Sandusky


Now here is a novel idea.

Looking at the City Hall design, the Police and City Offices are, from what I can see, in separate wings of the building joined by a common hallway. If security is the true issue, why not seal off the hallway between the north and south wing. The north wing will still have two exits. A second exit may be needed for the police department separating criminals and fine payers from office workers and the general public.

From the Police Department tour last year, the department garages are not being utilized leaving room for police, court or other needed expansion.

Ooops too easy and money saving


The "city manager" if that is what you call her, is too transparent to the people. End of story..

J Cooper

A presumption that the three county commissioners consult each other, is just that a presumption, not a fact. Good reporting would include asking the other two commissioners when they first had knowledge of this proposal.


What the Register would like to know is how does the commission come together and make a decision to ignore a piece of correspondence sent by the county or even have someone reply to the letter the county sent. An order should have been given to the city manager to at least respond with common courtesy.

J Cooper

Was the proposal detailed, what did they offer, was rent, terms, responsibility, liability explained or was it just a general "how about this" and how could you reply without at least minimum general terms proposed.

As I follow any news involving Erie County and the City of Sandusky its clear that from the standpoint of the newspaper at least one county commissioner can walk on water, while he carries another commissioner, ignores the third commissioner and then will blame the city for not building a bridge.