Jun 3, 2013

Who's playing at this year's Tiffin Music and Art Festival?

What bands will be playing at this festival and how much is it to get in? Jean in Perkins Township

Click here to view a full listing of bands scheduled to play, beginning June 7.

For entrance into the Main Amphitheater Stage Beer Garden area, you must be 21 years old and show a valid identification. A $5 entrance fee can be waved if you donate a canned or nonperishable good item.

If you don't want to pay, there is bleacher seating available next to the beer garden area, where you can view and hear the bands on the main stage from a safe listening distance.

The event's located at the Hedges-Boyer Park in Tiffin.

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Why couldn't you just say who is playing there?

Intelligent Citizen

Check the link and maybe you'll understand why.


Thanks! I had absolutely no idea there were that many! It sounds like the place to go to hear some good music.


Tropidelic is a great band! I just saw them play this past weekend.