May 29, 2013

What's going on with the Jacob Limberios case?

I've been somewhat keeping up with the events involving the Limberios family, but what are the newest details in this saga? Brenda in Sandusky.

The most recent events unfolding in the Jacob Limberios case occurred Tuesday when a visiting judge overseeing the case fired special criminal prosecutor Dean Henry.

Henry's a Tiffin-based attorney previously assigned as the special prosecutor in a criminal investigation revolving around the killing of Jacob Limberios in March 2012.

Henry's exit comes just days after Sandusky County Common Pleas Court Judge John Dewey removed himself from the case. Dewey's the second judge to step aside in this case, joining Sandusky County Common Pleas Court Barbara Ansted.

All three have refused to respond to numerous inquiries about the conflicts of their involvement.

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie originally ruled Limberios' death as a suicide — even though he never visited the scene of the York Township crime — after a bullet penetrated through his skull. Three witnesses at the scene said Jacob accidentally shot himself in the head with his own .357 Magnum.

The explanation didn't make sense to Jacob's family members, who pushed Sandusky County officials to reopen the investigation to figure out what actually happened. 

Jacob's parents then exhumed his body in September for an independent autopsy — which concluded Jacob didn't kill himself —  and filed a civil lawsuit against Wukie to change his ruling in the death. 

In early May, Sandusky County officials ordered another autopsy — two in total on Jacob's body — performed by the Lucas County coroner's office, who upheld Wukie's original suicide ruling.

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Really? You have to ask this question? If you read the SR on a daily basis you would know when someone in the family farts.

BlueAngel you have to be so mean/rude? I read the paper daily and I am not up all the latest news... stop being such a meanie!! she only asked a question whether she does or does not read daily..


They also dont publish all that is going on. Mrite is just sour about this in some way. He's been compllaining on EVERY article about the case for a few weeks now. He is a relative of someone involved. And i'm sorry that his relative didn't do their job

sandtown born a...

I agree 100% mrite has had nothing but negative comments concerning this case,unless its in support of the SC officials then he is on the side of SC style justice


So, my comments are construed as negative? I have said all along that this is a tragic event. However, one MUST let LE and Prosecutors do their jobs. Once final results have been released is then the time to judge. Thats negative??


I was thinking the same thing. How can you NOT know what is going on. There is at least ONE story a day....sometimes numerous stories.

Baba Booey

The answer to this question should of been "See the magnifying glass symbol on the top right corner by your screen name. Type Jacob or Limberios in that search bar and you will find your answer." Followed by a thump on the head. Is the Sandusky Register afraid to answer serous questions sent in or is it just me. All the questions they answer from the mailbag are jokes.


or for the lazy reader who doesnt like to type.. I've provided a link for you


you know there are some people out there at work a lot do not have time to read the newspaper you keep up to date on theJacob limberios case. so you people making your smart comments must not be working a lot and have time to read the newspaper all the time.not everybody is like us have the time to read the paper

Baba Booey

Wow you really lost the point of the argument there. It's not about having the time to keep up with the story. What were saying is this whole "saga" as the SR has called is in the newspaper and online everyday. It's readily available right in front of your face. You don't need to waste time asking for it. And the fact that the SR answered it is moronic.


Seriously, Brenda .... what with ALL the articles printed lately about it - how could you not see them?...especially the ones with Anonymous who has a d-bag dressed in an Insane Clown Posse mask.

Or go to Fremont Messenger.


The even MORE appropriate question is to ask, "Why are you not releasing EVERY police report related to this case?" Cover up is not secluded to Sandusky County if that is your belief! Believe ME SR has MUCH MUCH more..but it doesn't serve SOMEONE'S purpose!!


Who is the 'someone' you are referring to?


Seriously, Starryeyes83... If you have no idea of what you are speaking of, then don't open your mouth about it. The Anonymous video shows someone wearing a mask of Guy Fawkes, a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a mask also used in the movie V for Vendetta... Neither of which have anything to do with Insane Clown Posse. They don't even remotely look alike. Your ignorance and stupidity astound me. Better to be remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt


to remove ALL doubt...IT IS NOT ANONYMOUS!!


and the one person issuing threats on here was NOT from Anonymous, but you must be dense to not have seen the thousands of tweets sent by the real Anonymous twitter with the #OpJusticeForJake tag on it..... are you really that stupid? i have to know


Wow ! a history lesson of which I was already aware of. Am I supposed to be impressed by that? This group has admitted to hacking into how many credit card accounts? What, do they have a vendetta against all credit card holders? What's next ? mortgage holders?

Does that mean you condone their illegal activites? If so, maybe you'll get your accounts hacked into one of these days. Just for being so ignorant yourself.

As for my ICP remark -- don't TAKE everything so literally.

Your lack of humor astounds me . You must be one of those "You're so smart that you're stupid " idiots.


Not once in my post did i defend the statements or actions of Anonymous, and for you to imply such is an assumption. Furthermore, it is not a lack of a sense of humor on my part, it is a lack of respect on your part. Grow up, get a life, and have a good day sir


Sir? And you would know that because why? tsk tsk That would be ASSuming on your part, would it not?

BTW: respect has to be earned and you where the one who attacked me.


I attacked no one. I simply pointed out the inaccuracies of your statement. if you take being corrected as being attacked, then you need to be re-educated on the definitions of the two words. an attack would be saying something derogatory about you, not pointing out flaws in the facts or lack of in your statements. not attacking you, just correcting your ignorance


Backpeddling much?


Where are ALL the police reports related to this story??????????


Sandusky Register has ALL the reports about the threats and phone wiping and a lot more!!!! Why are you NOT reporting that??


How about the police reports related to this blog?


There are police reports related to this blog?




You say to ask the people who know....but then when people ask questions you don't answer or tell them to not comment. Odd


The people tha I am commenting to KNOW who they are! But thanks for taking up space!!

That is all's picture
That is all

asitwasstated, starryeyes83, mrite... I sureeee hope you idiots did not use your real identity to make your SR account :)

#ChopChop #TickTock


Why, moron ? IS that a threat? What's the big bad SR gonna do slap my wrist send me to bed without supper?

You are an idiot if you think every commentor ( not blogger) on here has a personal stake in this story. Personally, I do not. I' m just damn sick and tired of reading this story and wasting my subscription money to this paper.

Subscription? Do you know what that is? I PAY to receive the hard copy and have for many years.

Now, I am rethinking that decision. If The SR spent half as much time on Erie County as they do on a Sand. CO. story I may decide to keep it.

This "saga" is tiresome.